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  1. I just saw the screenshots on the screenshot thread you posted the other day. They are fantastic! I really like them all, and your forum signature rocks too! Making cool well-composed screenshots is a talent, and you've totally got it! :thumbsup:
  2. My problem with Amnesia is that it kind of just becomes central to the character, which isn't great. It's okay, but when you ever RP with a person using the amnesia thing, most of the time it just comes up so often, you know? It's kind of like... in your face all the time "I can't do this because of amnesia. I don't know that because of amnesia. I can't remember that thing because of amnesia." It's often almost tiring to RP with those types of people. It just sort of becomes that character's one single defining characteristic. That's not to say that I don't think it can be done well, but I've yet to experience a truly compelling amnesia story. I think that if you really want a character that doesn't really know much about Eorzea because OOCly, you're not familiar with the lore. I think you should just go ahead and do that. Have them grow up in a secluded village and venturing out into the wider world for the first time. Most of the time amnesia is tried it just feels lazy to me.
  3. I know you said that you couldn't really find an FC or LS that would be fitting, but in my experience, it's still your best bet at finding longer term RP partners. I mean, they are literally groups designed to foster RP. I would recommend looking at Free Companies and Link Shells that you might be even the tiniest bit interested in, even if it doesn't seem like a perfect fit, and reaching out to them (either by making a post on the FC page or by directly messaging one of the officers, who you can usually pick out pretty easily. I'd message them both on the RPC site and their FC or LS website if you're able). Maybe see if you can show up at one of their events or RP with one or more of their members as a sort of test run to see how it goes. If it doesn't work out, you haven't really lost anything, and if it does, well then problem solved! The even better news is that joining an FC or LS doesn't mean you're restricted to RP with just them. You can -also- try other options that people are suggesting like doing a making connections post, showing up to events like the ones you can find on this calendar, or just trying random RP at places like the Quicksand. All of those things foster even more RP outside your chosen group, while the group itself gives you a sort of home base or core group to fall back on. Just being curious, what sort of FC or LS were you looking for? Maybe someone here can help you pick out some potential candidates?
  4. Hi there! I'm not really looking to sell you on the FC that I'm in, but the Knights of Eorzea (link in my signature) is kind of a do-gooder group that you might be interested in. I've also heard really good things about the Hydaelyn Protectors LS that fall kind of in that same group, so they might be worth a look too. If you have any further questions about Knights of Eorzea, you can pm me I hope you find what you're looking for! Good luck!
  5. Hi there and welcome aboard! We're glad to have you! If you need anything or have any questions just ask! :thumbsup:
  6. Well, there is actually a Sky Pirates themed Linkshell in the Linkshell hall called Skywardens. I have no idea how active it is or what they're doing, but it might be a good place to start looking. Surely someone there knows something about Sky Pirates, right?
  7. Hatred and prejudice are at least partially borne out of the need to place blame on someone or something for things that have happened. An obvious example would be the Garlean occupation of Ala Mhigo. Even if your character had nothing to do with it, they could still probably go to, either Little Ala Mhigo or even the outskirts of Ul'dah, see the refugees basically living in squalor, and thinking: "Man, those Garlean guys must really suck if they caused this to happen." The interesting thing about it is that you're right about . It's kind of a faceless foe that gets morphed into the idea that all Garleans must be at least a little evil if they aren't trying to stop what's happening. It's interesting, because we rarely see the Garlean point of view since just about everyone is Eorzean in the game. Anyways, the TL;DR about prejudice is that it doesn't really even take much to build. It could be built just because people that your character knows are prejudiced, even if your character hasn't even had any contact personally. Hatred is one step up from that, and is typically happening when a person or group have significantly wronged your character or someone they care about. In your case, finding out that Garleans did horrible things to someone your character was close to pretty much fits the bill for that. Yeah, the Garleans might be evil and oppressing people and whatever, but once it affect my friends and family, now it's personal. I don't even really think it needs that much time to build up. It could just be a single action like, say "this person hurt my friend, so now I'm going to go hurt them" kind of thing. How each character deals with being wronged can be entirely different too. Some might be more forgiving than others. I think that it's important to keep your character's background of things that have happened to them and whose fault they perceive those things to be in mind with the caveat that people and situations can change. Forgiveness and reconciliation is a thing, but sometimes, you just have to go on a giant, bloody vendetta for revenge, you know? It just depends on your character.
  8. If he needs a fishing buddy, I could send Avelyn your way Feel free to message me, and we can set something up. Otherwise, I'd take a good, hard look at the list of FCs and see if there is one that he would have even a remote chance of fitting in. That's how I've always gone about finding my RP buddies in the past. The worst thing that could happen is that he doesn't really fit in, and then you can just try a different one. Best of luck!
  9. Personally, I'll typically explore both sides of stereotypes within any given universe. I'll typically make my initial "main" character a pretty simple, prototypical protagonist (leaning towards lawful good) that doesn't stray particularly far from what you might expect from them in regards to race, class, social status, etc. The good thing about using stereotypes in character creation is that your character really feels like it belongs in the world. I'm not advocating making the blandest character possible (because you can make a really unique, compelling character, while still falling into the stereotypical character), but I like making a character that I feel won't have any problems fitting in. The other good thing about sticking "inside the lines" is that you rarely have to worry about stepping on people's toes and getting anyone riled up, which can happen if you're RPing anything that's too weird. I typically use that first more stereotypical character to learn as much as I can about the world so that when I'm ready to start bending and breaking stereotypes with a later alt character that I make, I can do it in an intelligent way that makes sense. As a side note, I like to also always have one alt that's basically just a fun, silly comic relief character. Playing a super serious do-gooder or do-evil...er(?) can get kind of tiresome, and so when I feel like I'm in a rut, I can just blow off some steam and have fun with my silly character.
  10. I think this sounds like an awful lot of silly fun Are you planning to organize it with a Linkshell or Free Company? Any ideas on where it will be held? Will it be on the Balmung server?
  11. Not really looking to sell you on any FC, but If you're looking to be on the more lawful good side of things, you might check out the Knights of Eorzea, though if you're looking at a more hired gun/crime oriented guild theme, it might not be a great fit. But, I think it fits your other criteria. Maybe worth a look?
  12. Update! I've successfully made the jump to Balmung and have joined up with the Knights of Eorzea FC. If anyone is interested in RP with any of my characters, just let me know, and we can set something fun up! Hope to see everyone around! :moogle:
  13. Thanks for the heads up! I went ahead and took your advice, but I just found out today that I don't get to make the jump until those 7 alts are 3 days old :frustrated:. Oh well, I'll just wait a few more days. More time to level up a bit. And to everyone else, thanks so much for the welcome!!!
  14. Thanks for the welcome. She's based off one of my favorite D&D characters.
  15. Hello everyone! Downloaded the game just a few days ago and, I'm eager to dive in. I've RP'd for about 4 years in SWTOR and dabbled a bit in GW2 and WoW and played quite a bit of Pathfinder and D&D before that, but I'm excited to be here now. I've heard that the RP community here is great, and I'm looking to confirm that myself . Anyways, I'm brand new to FFXIV lore and Final Fantasy lore in general, except for having played FFX (Blitzballer for life!! 8-)), so I imagine that my lore understanding and character ideas are probly a bit shaky. I've tried my hand at making a fancy wiki page as a base for my first character, and would love any feedback on it if anything looks wildly, or even a lil bit out of place. I'd like to make sure I get a good, solid start! I'll probly be pouring over these forums the next few days creeping on Linkshells and Free Companies for potential connections to get involved. If anyone is interested in RP, just shoot me a line. I may not be amazing at fully grasping the expansive world of Hydaelyn 3 days in, but I'm a quick learner, so bear with me
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