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  1. What with 4.5 coming and the war reigniting, I'm considering talking to my fc mates about ending my character's story through death or other means. How do i start this conversation? I have made other characters, but is there any further advice about going this route?
  2. I'm working on the story of a Hingan samurai instructor who started teaching people outside the country before getting assassinated by ninjas. I had initally though the ninjas would be agents from Hingashi, punishing him for teaching the samurai art abroad, but is that a crime in Hingashi? Should I vary it up a bit?
  3. Is there a skin tone xaela of the kha tribe tend to have, or am i free to choose?
  4. Been looking to expand the number of ways I can have Kall punch and kick something... Recebtly she has been using either gauntlets for soldiers and smaller targets, to jamadhar(those punching swords from heavensward) so I was wondering what sorts of different moves an techniques do other pugilists use? Even weaponless advice would help, since they might apply in some way, like kicks and grapples.
  5. I'd be interested in discussing some potential starting points for RP. I have a certain character in mind that I'd be willing to discuss in PM, but if you want I can stick with Kallera instead.
  6. As far as injuries, I tend to go by how many she's taken. Etoile is a fighter, she would probably be able to take getting shot, but depending on circumstances and shot placement, it could take a lot out of her. One time a poisoned blowdart pretty much took her out of the fight entirely. I tend to take different stuff into account when determining how badly Etoile is injured. How bad I lose the dice roll, the class she is at the time, what is being used. Barring healing, fatigue and resolve start to become a bigger deal when things start piling up, or when she is poisoned or restrained. But she isn't a stranger to getting hurt in general.
  7. I had the feeling that Thordan was supposed to be a tragic character, of someone that knew they were already in too deep with both having to contend a 1000 year war, immortal chessmasters, and the lies that were the foundation of Ishgard's faith. But instead it got bungled into a "popish bad guy". And a corrupt church that likely wasn't going to be fixed any day soon, but is still central to the society. The Heaven's Ward certainly didn't help. Then it got all wrapped up in a bow, with the common people all listening to reason and the complainers being wrong. Maybe it sounds a bit harsh, but the game seems to take a wierdly optimistic approach when it comes to calming down the uneducated masses. I feel like it paints itself into a corner in those moments.
  8. 1. Yes, it comes about in different ways. Not everyone gets a manifestation, muvh like the struggles of every person, the path can take different turns. 2. I'd say it more entices the subject to "let it out." But it is still the user's own mindset doing this, the darkness is not "a will" or something. Whether that leads to evil or not depends on circumstance, and that is the crux of justice, at any rate. 3.a soulstone is based on the mindset of the person, that said, I don't think anything from the soulstone prevents a person from committing evil, or usijg said powers to take their own life. It is not a matter of simply shouting to the heavens "take me, O sweet loving Abyss!", however, that just makes you look silly. 4. No. The process is decribed I think in the machinist storyline, but it doesn't do that, not even the drk one. 5. It's more emotions in general, the negative ones are easier to use, particularly within battle, but i think so. This comes of course at a cost, apart from the increased chance of doing something wrong or causing friendly fire, the energies can cause a backlash in the DRK, basically hurting themselves from overuse. In the 50 fight, if Esteem managed to win, it would essentially be you, and as you, everyone in Whitebrim would have been killed. Evil? Yes. But Esteem sought to leave Eorzea for a freer life, dispensing justice devoid of the chains. (Either that or it was an allergory for suicide, it depends on how you interpret “quitting these lands forever”) I hope this helps!
  9. I can use a hug right now. Tried to draw but just felt unmotivated during the week.
  10. Not a "bad" translation, per say. That's not really how the localization teams work. Each language alters the text somewhat to try to appeal more specifically to their intended audience, so long as the mechanical aspects of the storyline remains intact each team can add their own influence to the telling. I imagine the English localization team wanted to go with a more Fight Club-inspired ambiguity to Fray's realness. Sometimes, though, other translations (usually JP) hit the mark better when the continuation of the storyline is written pulls from aspects of said earlier JP version, whereas in the EN it may come out of left field because that version didn't cover it in as much detail. This is where most localization gripes tend to stem from (eg Midgardsormr's dialogue). Huh. They really do sounds like two different quests altogether. I swear localization sounds more and more like that pic where the person intentionally doesn’t play tic tac toe right.
  11. If its an ingredient in potions, isn't there some proof as to the pieces being rendered to a harmless, edible form?
  12. I guess a annoying darkside would be easier to deal with than a violent darkside.
  13. A solid roadmap...that we cannot see, but its there, don't worry! I'm hoping too, us non balmung rp communities can use the help.
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