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  1. Glad you were able to find some rp, even if on another game. Best to you and yours!
  2. ...just....just bear with me here, are you trying to strike up rp with people standing around the railings in the Quicksand? Because ah, yeah it will be much harder to get rp going with them, because generally they're looking for certain specific erp things. I'd suggest either going to events or reaching out to people oocly to arrange rp. Also, if you haven't already, get into server and cross-server discords -- between here and there you'll get a feel for where the rpers are who are more interested in rp than what's between your character's legs and what lego pieces you want to play with.
  3. I've always been the aggressive one in asking for rp. I usually get what I want. Not because I'm anything special, but because I am tremendously persistent in seeking people out. Kylin posted this wonderful post here, I remember him from way back and never got to rp with him because characters, so I sent him a pm. Now we have rp scheduled. You're not always going to hit it off with people. Your OOC RP philosophy might be different, the characters might not mesh well (and I mean that in a sense that the effort required to arrange situations for them to interact outweighs the fu
  4. I think as long as you're open to receiving suggestions (even if you don't act on them), you'll do well! Some people are more open to lore bending than others, but there is a huge variety of roleplayers on Balmung, and so long as you put yourself out there you'll find your people. Also, don't underestimate the power of building big stories off of small chunks of rp! Me and my main rp partner usually only find time to rp once every week or every other week, but I'd say our stories tend to be big -- just on the slow side. Good luck, have fun, and welcome!
  5. While I'm not rping much outside of my circle these days, I just wanted to encourage you! Putting yourself out there is the first step to beating back those anxiety blues when looking for rp. You might strike out a few times, but you've got yourself a neat character and a good attitude, so as long as you keep trying you're bound to make some awesome connections. Keep at it and I hope you find yourself some great rp partners!
  6. I used to be pretty nitpicky, but then I learned to let it go because everyone makes mistakes, and more than that, some people have learning disabilities or bad teachers or have some things they struggle with (I know a guy who's a journalist who has this issue with like almost all of his new writers, to the point that I'm beginning to wonder if it's probably the school system that's failing). Ask them if they're interested in some grammar/spelling tips. If not, man, learn to let it go. That said, I've rped long enough that I've seen peoples' writing improve just by exposure to ot
  7. I was hoping you were gonna be like some mid fifties person. Ah well, welcome!
  8. For me, in rp, it boils down to this: treat others how they wanna be treated. If for whatever reason you can't or don't want to, then just leave them alone. Whatever you play. Whatever anyone else plays. RP is a personal hobby, and everyone has a different way of enjoying it. What I enjoy, I know a lot of people don't -- and that's okay. I don't expect them to rp with me. I find people who enjoy what I have to offer and actively wanna participate, just like I find people who offer what I enjoy and actively wanna participate in. If everyone was the same and did th
  9. It's always hard for exactly that reason. To me though, when it gets to a point where you are so uncomfortable or feeling off that you go to a greater community for advice, you've already reached the point (or are very close to it) where the threat of that discomfort or things falling apart is starting to outweigh letting things continue as they are without the messy potential conflict from confrontation. Start slow and casual, make an offhand comment, see how he reacts. But there is a point where your discomfort is not worth his comfort, you know?
  10. The way I see it is the only way to fix issues with people when they do things that make you uncomfortable is to have the uncomfortable conversation about it. It's always a risky conversation, because sometimes people take it poorly -- but to my mind the kind of person who isn't willing to take a few lumps in order to resolve misunderstandings/miscommunications/whatever aren't the kind of people who I'd be comfortable rping with longterm. Because RP is, to me, a cooperative thing. Well, in order to cooperate well with someone you gotta put your cards on the table. You can be tac
  11. Yeah, agreed. But that's the obvious biological function of those things. I guess someone could open that can of worms into theoretical territory about biological functioning of this and that, but I'm not learned enough about cat biology to do so. I just go by what makes sense to me -- using what appendages you have to communicate body language, help with better sensing, very basic stuff. But yeah none of my miqo'te lick their hands and wash their faces or other body parts or sleep most of the day in patches of sunlight or chase yarn or that kind of stuff. They're people with minor ca
  12. It's not, if that's your bag. The point I was trying (am trying, and poorly at that) to make is that to me having catlike features like slitted pupils or cat ears or a cat tail isn't synonymous with being a cat. You might do things similarly, but to me the majority of those behaviors are cultural in nature, or else we'd see them blanket-wide across all miqo'te npcs because no matter their upbringing they wouldn't be able to help it. But I'd never be one to witch hunt people for rping what they wanna rp, y'all should know that by now.
  13. I was thinking about the ruff behind the head, so like...head hair.
  14. Having common ancestry with a cat (or a primate, for that matter) doesn't mean you carry over all of the same biological traits. Sure, I imagine some of the reactions to stimuli are similar (ear wobbling, tails for balance)...but to me that doesn't mean that miqo'te have a flehmen response, or that their hair stands up in a ruff when they get startled or scared, or that they bare their teeth and hiss. They're not cats in the same way we're not monkeys, imo. The rest of it is just humor, to me!
  15. There's earth "feline" ... and then there's Hydaelyn "feline." To me, the Hydaelyn "feline" has less to do with earth catlike behaviors, and more to do with social grouping instincts/behaviors that play off in tribal cultures but are socially learned. Y'shtola's (instinctual) behaviors and actions, for example, are nothing that couldn't be found somewhere in our world, by a human and not anything I'd attribute solely to being catlike in the earth sense. So that's how I roll! But people can play whatever they like, yeah. It's all interpretation in the end, and just like I like to del
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