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  1. ((Apologize for any typos. The Tonberry's Lantern has fallen on hard times and can't afford good editors >.> . Text only version below image if unable to enlarge to read. )) TEXT ONLY: Cartius Felstar Passes, End of an Era? By: Marybeth Zofan 26th Sun of the 4th Moon Former patriarch of House Felstar, and House Mavanix pre-Calamity, has passed away as of yestersun. The powerful aristocrat was well known in both Ul'dah and Ishgard both for his savvy and aggressive business practices, along with a host of crimes that didn't come to light
  2. Present day... Zacriel smirked to himself as he slipped the vial of liquid into a glass of wine before turning and taking the two glasses to the nearby table, where a similarly aged miqo'te man sat waiting. Sliding the drugged glass to the miqo'te, Zacriel took a seat opposite the man. The midlander's red shirt was partially open at the top center of the chest, teasingly revealing part of a black tattoo across the top of his tanned skin. He brushed his crimson bangs away from his emerald eyes, another tattoo on the left side of his face in the shape of a fancy lightning bolt.
  3. Approximately 10 years ago... "Mommy, I want my fortune told!" The hyuran child tugged at her mother's hand anxiously, her little blonde pigtails bouncing to and fro as she did. The mother gave a soft haughty laugh as she gently tugged her hand back, adjusting the azure colored brooch fastened to her lower sleeve. "There's plenty of time for that darling. But first, I thought you'd want to see the magic show!" The girl made an audible gasp in surprise and nodded in further excitement before following her mother through the crowd toward a large stage.
  4. Approximately 160 years ago, somewhere beyond Aldenard. A hyur man, dressed in fine white velvet clothing and appearing in his late thirties, sat on the edge of a luxurious bed in the massive bed chamber. He was quietly reading from a tome titled "Basic Properties of Magic." An elegant feathered beret covered his neatly groomed brown hair. The room around him was mostly dark, save for a few lit candles and the moonlight shining in through the large open balcony window where the breeze gently blew the expensive looking curtains to and fro. The sound of a door ope
  5. Stormguard will be temporarily opening recruitment on a selective basis. Feel free to submit an application on the site and/or contact us for further information if you're at all interested. By "selective basis," we basically mean we'll be a bit cautious with who we let in. It's preferred that you know someone in the group or they know of you, but this isn't an absolute requirement.
  6. While we are still not officially 'off the ground' yet, I decided to at least reveal the forums for potential interested parties to glance over. Please feel free to look at the "About Us" tab, the first couple pieces of lore, register, and so on! Please keep in mind that some glitches/bugs may still exist (particularly in the user profiles...). (Re)Launch date is currently set at an ETA of 6/22. Please feel free to reach out with any questions in the meantime! URL to the site is below. https://stormguard-rp.com/
  7. The miqo'te man entered the small hay-filled barn and closed the door behind him before casually removing the turban and mask that hid his face. He had a tan complexion, much moreso than most Keepers of the Moon. His forest green eyes almost matched his outfit perfectly, a green colored Ala Mhigan outfit. His short white hair was kept nicely and his myriad of facial tattoos only seemed to compliment his features further rather than distract from them. The man smiled warmly at the single yellow chocobo in the barn, walking up to it and scratching the tamed beast under the chin. The chocobo l
  8. The light and sound of the outside world were drowned out by the thick stone walls, no window in sight. Only a handful of candles adorning the massive ornamental table in the center of the chamber barely lit the immediate area. From the shadowy edges of the room, several hooded figures quietly made their way to the table, each taking a seat without a single word. Silence remained the game for several minutes, until the hooded figure sitting at the end of the table finally spoke up, his male voice echoing off the seemingly impenetrable walls. "It has been too long. If on
  9. Hi all. Some may or may not recognize my name. I've been around since the dawn of FFXIV, and despite my occasional retreat into the shadows, I've actually never left the game (at least not longer than a month at a time). That's right. I've been around, even if on other characters, since 2010. Insanity or just insane dedication? >.> I have, however, become increasingly distant to the RP community at large. I admit, I've been struggling to find an 'in' of any sort and feel a bit displaced. Tis probably a natural thing for someone who is technically considered part of the 'old g
  10. The soft crashing of waves against the docks of Vesper Bay didn't slow the large private ship's docking in the slightest. A couple of the dock workers shouted random insults to one another, none the wiser that the gloomy skies above were potentially a sign from the Twelve of bad things to come from the arriving ship. A well dressed elder midlander man waited patiently as the ship finished its final preparations. After several seemingly long moments, a lone passenger descended the ramp of the ship. The feminine figure wore a dazzling white and gold robe, with an equally elegant hood
  11. Dying? Not even close. Less accessible? Definitely. More and more RP has withdrawn into player housing and away from the open world. Running across random adventurers IC at camps and whatnot is more challenging than it once was (and 'stalking' people for RP encounters in the wild is just as hard >.>). Looking at all of the scheduled events up on the calendar right now, an alarming amount of them take place in houses. Some players (myself included probably) are just super 'old school' and it's tougher for us to follow suit in walling ourselves up like that. That said, I also d
  12. 100% agree with many of the points made already. Mateus, as a community, is (and has for awhile) passing up huge opportunities by neglecting this site almost entirely. When the community was first budding, I tried to push the RPC as much as possible, but just got tired of fighting a seemingly losing battle. To play devil's advocate, they don't really NEED to advertise themselves much these days. Mateus is the de facto secondary NA RP server and it's pretty common knowledge. I think there's also lingering bad feelings toward the vocal minorities that constantly made "jabs" (for lack of a
  13. Isn't the Makai stuff resold by the Calamity Salvager? They did say Armoire items also can't be used in the new system, which makes me think the current isn't going to be going away. ...but a commode can at least hold those items we kept -only- for glamour like dungeon drops for roles/classes we've long out-geared. The ones available from GS cannot be dyed, so I wouldn't want those necessarily. I haven't/hadn't done the PvP to get the fancy ones, but I thought those were the ones in the Salvager since Gold Saucer NPC appears to still be there? Someone with the gear would
  14. Mateus DOES rival Balmung in RP population. Also, a few people regretting their decision does not equate to "many." Based on my own independent study between RP activity on both servers, Balmung as a whole still has a slightly larger active RP population than Mateus, but not by much. Based on daily glances at all players utilizing the RP tag, along with activity in hot spots like the Quicksand, RP on Mateus is almost equal (and some days greater than) Balmung. Their biggest problem in showcasing that is not utilizing the RPC to show the myriad of events (or really for anything else either
  15. The process in detail, after much preliminary discussion on other RPC topics: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=445 The actual vote: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=513
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