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  1. Stormguard will be temporarily opening recruitment on a selective basis. Feel free to submit an application on the site and/or contact us for further information if you're at all interested. By "selective basis," we basically mean we'll be a bit cautious with who we let in. It's preferred that you know someone in the group or they know of you, but this isn't an absolute requirement.
  2. While we are still not officially 'off the ground' yet, I decided to at least reveal the forums for potential interested parties to glance over. Please feel free to look at the "About Us" tab, the first couple pieces of lore, register, and so on! Please keep in mind that some glitches/bugs may still exist (particularly in the user profiles...). (Re)Launch date is currently set at an ETA of 6/22. Please feel free to reach out with any questions in the meantime! URL to the site is below. https://stormguard-rp.com/
  3. The miqo'te man entered the small hay-filled barn and closed the door behind him before casually removing the turban and mask that hid his face. He had a tan complexion, much moreso than most Keepers of the Moon. His forest green eyes almost matched his outfit perfectly, a green colored Ala Mhigan outfit. His short white hair was kept nicely and his myriad of facial tattoos only seemed to compliment his features further rather than distract from them. The man smiled warmly at the single yellow chocobo in the barn, walking up to it and scratching the tamed beast under the chin. The chocobo let out a single loving wark with a quick flap of its wings to indicate joy. "Such jovial creatures," the male voice sounded from seemingly nowhere, causing the miqo'te to quickly turn around and draw the sheathed blade at his side. From the shadows in the back of the barn, a single hooded figure emerged, his features nearly impossible to discern aside from the hyur like shape of the body. "No need to be defensive. I mean no harm to you or your newfound friend. I've come to simply talk, Malik Ishvari." Knowing the miqo'te's name only seemed to heighten the man's defenses as he gritted his teeth. "Who are you and how do you know who I am?" "I know a bit more than that," the figure stated as he strode a bit closer, keeping his hands visible as if to put Malik's mind at ease. "We have been watching you, and others, for moons now. I know that you just assaulted a merchant who was illegally selling poached goods. I know that you covertly belong to an eco-terrorist group. I know that your love for nature is beyond your love for near anything else. I know that you never learned to read and write, that you live in a small cottage in the Lavender Beds technically owned by one Razaya Raza, that you..." "Enough!" Malik was clearly agitated now. "My apologies," the hooded figure gave a half bow. "I did not mean to alarm you. I assure you that your personal life is of no consequence to me. We all have our own sins that we carry. I am here because of your passion, your ability to lead, your skill on the field, and your unrivaled desire to maintain balance at all costs. I am here on behalf of the Order of the Stormguard." Malik finally sheathed his blade, seeming content that the figure was no immediate threat to him or the also seemingly content chocobo. "Never heard of ya." "Of course not," the figure said with a faint smile showing under the hood. "We exist to protect in the same way that you do, to ensue balance remains in tact and that certain relics of power never reach the wrong hands. I am here to extend an invitation. To allow you the honor of further protecting the world that you care so deeply for. All you need to do is come to a single meeting and see for yourself what we do..." The figure slowly reached into his robe and withdrew a parchment, walking it over to Malik and handing it to him. "Come to marked location on the 22nd sun, at the sixteenth bell. All shall be revealed then. That is, if your desire to protect is as strong as you outwardly claim." Malik unrolled the parchment, glancing at the sketched map and narrowing his eyes slightly. Thankfully, it was a map he could at least understand with no written words. He looked back up from the map and then quickly glanced all around the barn. The hooded figure was gone, just like that. The miqo'te grimaced and looked back to the still unruffled chocobo. "What do you think? Should I go? Even if he's full of it, he does know way too much about me it seems. I may not have much of a choice..." The chocobo let out another quick wark as Malik was left to contemplate his next move.
  4. The light and sound of the outside world were drowned out by the thick stone walls, no window in sight. Only a handful of candles adorning the massive ornamental table in the center of the chamber barely lit the immediate area. From the shadowy edges of the room, several hooded figures quietly made their way to the table, each taking a seat without a single word. Silence remained the game for several minutes, until the hooded figure sitting at the end of the table finally spoke up, his male voice echoing off the seemingly impenetrable walls. "It has been too long. If one were to tell me I'd be here again, I'd have laughed them off." "We have much work to do in a short period of time," another male voice responded. "Let us save the pleasantries for the tavern." "The leadership has time and again failed the cause in recent years," a feminine voice said in quick response. "We all long for what's best, but we are all clearly incapable of providing that. The old guard is unfit. -We- are unfit." "Part of being a leader is knowing when to let go and let the next generation take the reins," responded the first voice. "It seems we are agreed that the time for that is now." "Our secrets shall we pass," sounded a fourth voice. "Our memories shall they inherit. We've all observed potential candidates from afar for some time now. Are we agreed on the initial points of contact then?" There was momentary silence again before several 'ayes' were uttered in quick succession. The figure at the end of the table rose, taking one of the candles in hand with him and turning several steps to the wall behind his chair. Raising the candle up, a massive painted sigil became visible on the stone wall. It was a knotted circle with a lightning bolt down the center of it. The man spoke softly. "Until Halone returns, or until Rhalgr's destruction consumes us all..." In perfect unison, the voices resounded in harmony. "Long live the Order of the Stormguard!"
  5. Hi all. Some may or may not recognize my name. I've been around since the dawn of FFXIV, and despite my occasional retreat into the shadows, I've actually never left the game (at least not longer than a month at a time). That's right. I've been around, even if on other characters, since 2010. Insanity or just insane dedication? >.> I have, however, become increasingly distant to the RP community at large. I admit, I've been struggling to find an 'in' of any sort and feel a bit displaced. Tis probably a natural thing for someone who is technically considered part of the 'old guard.' This will be the third time in the last few years I've attempted a making connections topic like this, and it will admittedly be my last ditch effort to stay active in XIV's RP community, so I'm really hoping for success this go around. But I simply can't do it alone, and am fully willing to admit that after playing solo for about 1-2 years now. Despite my vast history with the RPC, I'm actually not that big of a socialite >.>;. Most/all of my past connections have moved on in some capacity or another, and I'm unfortunately not so good at moving on myself. I'm the type who typically finds something he likes (people/environment/etc) and want to keep that for as long as possible. I also think the culture of the RP community has changed gradually over the years to something that, for me, is very challenging to engage in. So here I be, asking for help in making new connections that can make me comfortable around people and RP again. I'd greatly appreciate any help that can be given. With that said, here's some things I'm looking for! My old characters (Kylin, Elza, and the entire Felstar/Mavanix clans) have been permanently retired. I have no intention of bringing them back, aside from possible cameos or something akin to that if the need arises (unlikely). I'm starting a new character, from the ground up with zero interactions so far. Details of this character can be found on the wiki here: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Malik_Ishvari I'm looking for linkshells, possibly a FC, and connections beyond those to create various types of potentially long term stories and relationships. I prefer heavier RP, moderate lore compliant leanings, stable environments (poofing people/characters has been a massive problem for me over the years), and a healthy balance of slice of life RP and big storylines/action/etc. I love IC drama, as long as it's believable and stays IC. My past characters have been known to do all kinds of things that brought various different RPers together across the board for different reasons (usually dramatic IC scheming fit for soap operas >.>; ). While I may have 'dulled' a bit with age, I still crave some level of those types of interactions. Availability is heavy on weekends (Friday/Saturday being the only days I can stay up as late as necessary). I work early mornings M-F, and can be available in the late afternoons for a few hours at a time. I am on Eastern Standard Time. As the character is an eco-terrorist, the easiest means of interacting would be bonding over mutual love of nature, or doing something that may be perceived as a threat to nature and thus becoming a 'target.' I am open to other methods as well of course. With that wall of text done, please feel free to reply, PM, or tell the linked character in game with any story/RP ideas and invites. I really want to stick around this community and game (there really isn't any other MMO that interests me in the slightest...). I just need some meaningful interactions to get my head back in the game is all. If you actually read all of this, thank you for your time and consideration!
  6. The soft crashing of waves against the docks of Vesper Bay didn't slow the large private ship's docking in the slightest. A couple of the dock workers shouted random insults to one another, none the wiser that the gloomy skies above were potentially a sign from the Twelve of bad things to come from the arriving ship. A well dressed elder midlander man waited patiently as the ship finished its final preparations. After several seemingly long moments, a lone passenger descended the ramp of the ship. The feminine figure wore a dazzling white and gold robe, with an equally elegant hood to hide her features. With the refined elegance of a lady, the woman in white approached the manservant and placed a hand outward with palm facing down. The servant quickly and gently took the hand before kissing the ruby colored ring in a clear sign of subservience. "Welcome back, M'lady. It has been years since you've been to Eorzea, yes?" The woman didn't respond, simply taking in the sights of her surroundings in quiet reflection. "Erm," the elder manservant cleared his throat before continuing and held out a folder of various parchments. "As requested, I have status updates of all the individuals you inquired about. Their current relationships, their current jobs, primary residences, and so on. You should be completely free to roam anywhere of your choosing. That being said, I do advise that you stay away from Gridania and the Shroud for the time being. Though the evidence against you is indeed no longer in the picture, it's better to be safe than sorry. Is there anything else you require of me M'lady?" The woman slowly removed her hood, letting her indigo hair flow freely and revealing a faint smile on her lipstick adorned lips. She took the folder offered her, flipping through the parchments therein for a brief moment. The many familiar names served a jab in her heart that brought forth a hint of rage in her eyes. "That will be all. I'll take it from here." The man bowed and excused himself. It had indeed been years since Elza Ashfen Felstar had been in Eorzea. There was much to do. So very much indeed.
  7. Dying? Not even close. Less accessible? Definitely. More and more RP has withdrawn into player housing and away from the open world. Running across random adventurers IC at camps and whatnot is more challenging than it once was (and 'stalking' people for RP encounters in the wild is just as hard >.>). Looking at all of the scheduled events up on the calendar right now, an alarming amount of them take place in houses. Some players (myself included probably) are just super 'old school' and it's tougher for us to follow suit in walling ourselves up like that. That said, I also don't see housing based RP diminishing anytime soon either. People like showing off their houses and they're considered 'safe zones' for many. Add to the fact that Balmung is a super old community as a whole where some people are more comfortable in certain settings or groups, along with the fact that the server has largely remained closed entirely, and you have a recipe for what it is now. So to answer your question, is it dying? No. The RP population is still extremely massive. Is it changing? Kind of. It's been changing for the last several years though. This is nothing new. The "low quality RP" (public ERP, crazy strong super villains, etc) is just more visible now that the "high quality RP" is largely walled up and increasingly requires making something akin to an OOC appointment to actually RP. For people like me, this is maddening and I can certainly understand frustration of others. I'm still old school and not changing anytime soon sadly >.>;
  8. 100% agree with many of the points made already. Mateus, as a community, is (and has for awhile) passing up huge opportunities by neglecting this site almost entirely. When the community was first budding, I tried to push the RPC as much as possible, but just got tired of fighting a seemingly losing battle. To play devil's advocate, they don't really NEED to advertise themselves much these days. Mateus is the de facto secondary NA RP server and it's pretty common knowledge. I think there's also lingering bad feelings toward the vocal minorities that constantly made "jabs" (for lack of a better word) toward Mateus/Gilgamesh/non-Balmung servers. "Jabs" in this sense would probably be best defined as simple statements that led readers to believe Balmung was superior and all other options were inferior for whatever reason. I think this perception, whether a correct one or not, is a big turnoff to some. The discord thing makes no sense to me at all. Maybe I'm just old and archaic, but I fail to see how discord is more convenient than forums aside from general discussion topics. Finding a LS/FC on discord as opposed to a forum is a nightmare for a myriad of reasons. Events are easier to miss as opposed to those posted here. Character sheets/bios are much better laid out on the wiki. But eh, what can you do? I sighed a bit inwardly when I saw a Mateus RPC site sprout up recently as well, knowing full well what the end result will be with that endeavor already. It would be great to see more Mateus people utilize these forums. The community there is large, even equal to Balmung's RP population. It would be nice to see that actually displayed in a more measurable way to give more credit to such claims. I honestly don't see it happening though. Accommodations have been made already, and haven't been enough. If nothing else, it'll be interesting to see the long term results of these decisions from the community...
  9. Isn't the Makai stuff resold by the Calamity Salvager? They did say Armoire items also can't be used in the new system, which makes me think the current isn't going to be going away. ...but a commode can at least hold those items we kept -only- for glamour like dungeon drops for roles/classes we've long out-geared. The ones available from GS cannot be dyed, so I wouldn't want those necessarily. I haven't/hadn't done the PvP to get the fancy ones, but I thought those were the ones in the Salvager since Gold Saucer NPC appears to still be there? Someone with the gear would have to verify. The PVP Makai gear can definitely be repurchased from the Calamity Salvager. Only after you get a full set and achievement though. Once you get the achievement, you can safely toss the gear and then repurchase for like 100 gil a piece any time you want. This applies to each individual set/achievement.
  10. Mateus DOES rival Balmung in RP population. Also, a few people regretting their decision does not equate to "many." Based on my own independent study between RP activity on both servers, Balmung as a whole still has a slightly larger active RP population than Mateus, but not by much. Based on daily glances at all players utilizing the RP tag, along with activity in hot spots like the Quicksand, RP on Mateus is almost equal (and some days greater than) Balmung. Their biggest problem in showcasing that is not utilizing the RPC to show the myriad of events (or really for anything else either if we're being honest) they constantly have on a weekly basis, opting to use solely their own community discord. The passive-aggressive attitude of one server being "superior" to the other is the exact root cause to server conflict and partly to blame for why past attempts like Gilgamesh failed as a secondary main RP hub. It needs to stop. Now. Off-hand comments like the one quoted above literally equate to psychological warfare meant to stray people away from the 'competition' or make them regret being part of it. Such comments are partly the reason so few of them even come to the RPC, because seeing/battling that type of response (even if it is from a tiny vocal minority) gets exhausting after awhile.
  11. The process in detail, after much preliminary discussion on other RPC topics: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=445 The actual vote: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=513
  12. The wheels of the RPC were in motion as early as June of 2009, when FFXIV was first announced. FFXI's RP community had always been scattered across the many servers and extremely tiny as a result. Those of us on Sylph server that were still RPing there lost enthusiasm with FFXI as a whole once XIV was announced and determined that we didn't want the new game's RP community to be as divided this time around as it was in Vana'diel. I created a temporary forum to start gathering RPers up that were bound for Hydaelyn, but it wasn't easy at first. Remember that in 2009, RP coalitions weren't exactly commonplace yet. I think the only other major ones at the time were EQ2 and Aion (I may be mistaken though...I know Aion in particular had a huge influence on us though). I approached the myriad of different RP groups across the FFXI servers to invite them and make the pitch for a united front. Many were skeptical at first, but eventually threw in their hats. We bolstered our numbers over the months prior to going public. We wanted the forum to look alive before even announcing our existence in order to gain even more traction and make our pitch that much more powerful. We officially announced ourselves to the world on February 15, 2010 and gradually began to grow even more. Big premier sites at the time such as Zam, Eorzeapedia, and Core all put us on their front pages for maximum visibility. We continued to expand the site through multiple facelifts (anyone remember the book theme?), heated politics (RPC charter), and tons of preliminary character planning and discussions. When the release date for the game was finally announced, our numbers exploded even more since we had already taken the number one spot on search engines. It's had a lot of bumps along the road since then, but hasn't slowed down at all. While the bad 1.0 launch drove a ton of RPers away, those of us who remained for the transition to 2.0 managed to somehow keep things from collapsing through an amazing tight community where everyone knew each other. The big ARR launch came with a new RPC facelift again (the one currently in use and about to go away with the even newer upcoming facelift), which drove traffic up yet again exponentially. We did at one point "compete" with one or two other attempted separate RP coalitions for the game, but neither really lasted longer than a few months since this one was the first and most established. Nowadays, RP coalitions for MMOs are everywhere and it totally depends on who puts it out there first usually.
  13. Your login credentials on the wiki are identical to these forums. I'm guessing you changed your username on the forums? You need to login as Sasarna Sarna.
  14. This is probably the only part of your post that's actually true. But news flash: It's also true of every other server at this point. I'm not omnipresent, but I do know there's certainly more than that. I just now did a player search for all with this flag up and it came to 67 (compared to Balmung's 189 at the same time). And honestly, that doesn't really mean much seeing as a ton of people don't even put their flag up when they RP (I myself often don't). Anyone and everyone who's ever been on Balmung is laughing hysterically at this right now. Also, I ALWAYS am able to bypass this by hitting cancel and getting right in. There's literally zero wait time. I'm a BLM main. My queue is usually no longer than 20 mins. I haven't gotten 90'kd since early access and launch day. And as stated already, you don't have a wait time to get back online. I can't speak to this as I don't do many hunts. But is this attitude somehow different on any other server???? Sincerely doubt it... I've seen quite a number of prices nosedive. Here's the part I genuinely get angry at. What the HELL is a "real native?" Anyone who joins a server for any reason is a "real native." Someone being there FIRST does not equate to any special rights or privileges. This attitude is revolting on all fronts. Not sure what the purpose of your post was. Telling RPers not to go somewhere when their options are already limited seems likely rooted in selfish desires of some sort.
  15. Kylin

    Avalon [Mateus]

    Recruitment has been reopened, as previously promised for this date. We've also added two new recruiters to the mix and have plans in the next 2-3 months to add two new officers (for a total of three) and maintain 2-3 recruiters. Current list of contacts for recruitment questions: Zacriel Mavanix (or Freya Mavanix) Sera Felstar Felix Blackthorne Rider Servus Edit: I also forgot to mention that we've decided to start stripping down our forums a bit in favor of Discord to get with the times. Our website/forums will largely be to display information and handle applications rather than any kind of discussions. Therefore, there may be a variety of gradual changes made to the website to reflect this over time.
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