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  1. Yes, several times in Il Mheg and Rak'tika, and even once in Amaurot. As long as you keep your RP tag on, walk around and emote, people will notice and respond accordingly.
  2. If we're enumerating, so far, you have - just off the top of my head: - Taynor's mage consortium quests - Ironworks employees fiddling with the beacon - Greg's portal at the end of SB - The CT quest series / WoD 24-man necessitating lots of help from multiple adventurers - A bevy of crossovers and quests from 2.X-4.X, from events all the way to PVP All with ingame written lore and flavor text. All setting precedent for interworld travel, even if some roleplayers refuse to acknowledge them. Yoshi-P outright adjudicating "yes, non-WoL normies can" to a question so directly steep
  3. The game's head honcho was directly asked a lore-related question, and he gave a straightforward, no-nonsense answer. It's a lore ruling for the setting, whether you like it or not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Now, you might not like Kotaku for other, entirely justifiable reasons, but this one stands as far as public RP goes. Anyone can canonically travel as freely as they like, using their ideas derived from ingame elements, and the people still in denial trying to shout them down can be happily ignored. Individual freedom has always been a big point that Yoshi-P keeps bringing up in his intervi
  4. The full context for the lore ruling is as follows: Some people will still protest this until their faces turn blue, but the man himself has spoken.
  5. We should start with the basics. Who is your lalafell character and what is he like? What's his background and what does he do / how does he behave day-to-day?
  6. Dialogue repeatedly, specifically states that a lot of the group content necessitates the presence of other people as part of a larger expedition, such as the ones to Ivalice. Per Tales from the Storm, primal suppression teams are now a regular reoccurring necessity with other Echo wielders, while Rowena and EAT Company specifically set up on the Isle of Val to attract more adventurers, just to name a couple of examples. How you work your own plot into that established framework - big groups dealing with voidsent, magicite irregularities, PotD liches, etc. - is up to you and your friends.
  7. To be specific, Sadu uses Meteor LB3 during the MSQ, which is exclusive to BLM.
  8. Linkpearls aren't, but whisperweeds are. They serve the same communication function during the MSQ
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