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    [Mateus] New sprout rolling in! :D

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    My Kugane Viera. How would I make this work?

    Ingame lore from the Ivalice raid series: Now consider the following: Your mother may have been traveling, and stopped in Kugane or Doma to give birth. When was this? What happened to her? Where is she? Was she exiled by her tribe? How old is your toon? Doma was annexed by the XIIth Legion in 1552. How would this have affected her growing up? Kugane is a fantasy analogue for Dejima during Japan's isolationist period. Even as a trading hub, a viera would be a relatively rare sight, moreso one growing up and living there. How did she cope with this? By heavily sheltered and limited travel, do you mean that she had protection from an adopted family? Was she raised in a traditionalist manner, with little idea of her heritage? Did she grow up poor, or is she well-off?
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    Returning player in need of some connections/Friends

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    Until We Wake

    "Admittedly, it's a bit mental, what we do."
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    [Cactuar/Mateus (?)] New to mmo rp

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    Why do people say 'this star' when referring to the world?

    Because 星 refers to both star and planet. This isn't limited to just XIV, a lot of JP media uses "kono hoshi" in dialogue.
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    Paris Fanfest

    key art from the teaser site: vroom vroom
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    Paris Fanfest

    mini minnie glory 2Buttskind morning greatwood and no gun control across the shards
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    Returning player and lost! :(

    Balmung is usually congested and closed. Mateus may be open during off-peak hours, but it's been classified as congested and closed at times as well. Cross-world visits will be implemented in a few weeks' time, likely making Crystal the de facto RP datacenter.. If you're unable to get on Balmung or Mateus, your next best option is to roll a toon in one of the soon-to-be Crystal datacenter worlds.
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    New to FFXIV RP, Old to RP in general [Mateus]

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    Until We Wake

    I. Gyokuro prided himself on having an eye for detail - well above the average Namazu. Let the other Hingans have their amused smirks, their little japes and jabs about him and his kinfolk, their sniggers behind his back. Few could boast of working with the East Aldenard Trading Company, and as a trusted inspector, no less. Profit, profile, position. All well worth the odd hours, and even odder individuals they made him speak to. The little catfish narrowed his beady eyes, glanced up from his clipboard, then back down again, then back up again, toward the smiling hyur that patiently sat waiting before him. Not mocking like the locals back in the city, yet bemused nonetheless. Gyokuro cleared his throat. "Now, then - Stormbreaker, was it?" "Aye. Call me Schezar, if y'like, Master Gyokuro." "Yes, yes. Well, this is certainly a modest setup." The namazu let his gaze sweep across the Shirogane condo, taking note of the bookshelves in the corner, the detailed map of the continent, the bounty notices and reminders on the wall, down to the tea that had been served before him on the office table. "You understand what this inspection is for, yes?" Schezar nodded. "EAT Company needs t'audit its contractors every so often. Perfec'ly understandable." He watched the namazu make another note in his clipboard. "Correct, Mr. Stormbreaker. Our records show you've certainly kept busy. Established 25 months ago here in Shirogane, dealings not only with our esteemed firm, but with Garlond Ironworks, and the House of Splendors?" The highlander smiled again. "Everyone wants summat retrieved or looked into, aye." He leaned back a little in his chair. "Ms. Rowena's dangled exclusivity contracts more'n once, but I like 'avin th' freedom to pick and choose me clients. You understand." "Of course, of course." Gyokuro's notes were meticulous, and the next page provided more little tidbits. "It says here seven employees total, yourself included." "Aye, and I sent ye their details as well before'and." Schezar leaned forward on the desk, steepling his fingers. "Manafa and Ash venture out into th' field like meself. Ada and th' rest keep our house in order back 'ere when we're away." "And yet you wrote here that you only retain 10% ownership in your own company." Gyokuro frowned, giving the hyur a beady stare. "That's not even a controlling stake. Somewhat unusual, yes yes?" Schezar leaned back again into his chair, maintaining a calm, yet contemplative expression. "Back when I first hopped off th' boat, I was lost fer a little while." He met the namazu's look. "You know th' cost of ijin tryin' to do business 'ere, between th' bakufu, th' Confederacy, an' all the other fingers lookin' for pies." The hyur cast his gaze slowly across the portraits on the walls. "So I took off fer a bit. Got to see th' Steppes, make new friends, both locals an' travelers like meself alike." He smiled. "Long story short, Master Gyokuro - we set up Sanctuaria so it can keep runnin' even if I end up a corpse, off deep in some old Allagan pit. Ada's th' brains of this outfit. I'm jus' the big lug what swings a blade and brings back th' tomestones. Well - me and Ash, and 'nafa," he amended. II. "Yes, yes. I see." Gyokuro went back to his notes, scribbling swiftly and efficiently. On the next page, he gave Schezar another look. "Tell me about these recent activities. Close involvement in, hmm, Doma's reconstruction. Our dear friends from Garlemald might take exception to that, no?" Schezar smiled again at the memory. "Per'aps. They don't seem t'have taken exception yet to th' Prima Vista stayin' parked in Kugane's airspace, at least." The namazu's barbels gave a faint twitch. "Point," he murmured in reluctant response. "But these other, ahem, interesting items. The Sea of Clouds, the lost Isle of Val, these little jaunts into Dalmasca..." "Me and m'colleagues don't set out to deliberately antagonize th' Empire when we get up in th' morn." Schezar rested a hand on the table, letting his eyes meet Gyokuro's again steadily. "But s'true, we go where we please. And if they get in our way, then--" "I'm well-aware, Mr. Stormbreaker. We have a number of adventurers on our payroll." The namazu checked off another box on his clipboard. "And mercenaries with enough anima to teleport are at a premium. Especially with what's brewing at the Ilsabard border." "So I've 'eard, aye." Schezar reached down, taking a swig of his coffee, and waiting for the inspector's next question. "Do you consider yourself a philanthropist, Mr. Stormbreaker?" The hyur tilted his head curiously, bemused again. "Not particularly. Why?" "Because I read through some of your older reports as well, yes, yes. Voidsent hunts, a number of rescues, the retrieval of certain artifacts, even the hiring of two of your employees." "Voidsent jus' happened t'be where we needed to pick summat or someone up. So, stabbin' ensued." Schezar took another, slower sip of his coffee. "Linn an' Raya 'ave brilliant brains, an' street-smart fer days. They deserved a shot, so we gave it to 'em. Wasn't my decision alone, an' it worked out well." "If you say so." As the namazu continued to scribble away, the highlander stared down at his nearly empty coffee mug. III. "Admit it. You're addicted to this." "You wot?" The memory was crystal-sharp. On the high slopes of the Steppe, Reunion visible on the distant horizon. She stood there, clad only in the blanket they'd shared that night. The roegadyn turned toward him, grinning, but he could see the sadness in her eyes. "You're never going to stop, Schez. Twice I've asked you to come back to Radiata with me. Twice you just looked off into the distance and smiled that damned smile." "Lily, s'not like tha'. You're an amazin' woman. Far too good for th' likes o' me. M'just--" She held up a hand. "I'm not upset," she answered simply, turning again toward the horizon. The first rays of dawn filtered through the clouds. "Thank you for showing me this sunrise." He made his way to her side, and she slipped her fingers into his. "We can at least share th' blanket one last time." "Piss off, it's my blanket now." That drew a genuine laugh from him, and she flashed him another cheeky grin. Moments later, they leaned into each other, her bare muscles against his. Hands clasped together for one last day. IV. "Mr. Stormbreaker?" Schezar blinked, looking back up at the namazu inspector. "Aye, sorry. Jus' recallin' summat." Gyokuro cleared his throat again. "Yes, yes." He rested his clipboard on the desk, and finally picked up his green tea. "So. No illicit artifacts, in spite of the, ah, voidsent entanglements." The hyur nodded. "S'right." His guest took a sip, tasting the tea, before continuing. "No questionable substances, one declared anima relic, mostly tomestone deliveries, one case of auracite retrieval..." The namazu checked off items on the list, before pausing and looking up at the adventurer again. "Please indulge my own curiosity. What do you do when you're not off, well, adventuring?" The question seemed to catch the man off-guard for a moment. "Huh. Well... I reckon I'm a bit of a bore, Master Gyokuro, truth be told." Schezar leaned back in his comfy chair again, rubbing his chin. "Me daily routine? I get up. Do me warmups and mornin' kata. Clean up afterward at one of th' public baths like th' Bokaisen." He rested his hands again at his sides. "Break me fast past noon, grab summat at th' Umineko if m'feelin' peckish. Then come back 'ere, check if client requests 'ave come in. Honestly, most days're like tha'." "And is this all there is, Mr. Stormbreaker? This almost sounds like - well, living like a monk. Surely you could bring in far more gil for yourself, working exclusively and privately with one of the richer Houses, yes, yes?" The hyur blinked again at the namazu, his smile coming back. "Suppose so. Bit set in me ways." For a brief moment, unbidden, another flash of memory came to Schezar's eyes - the smoke and fire of Carteneau. He paused before continuing. "But I like me life, Master Gyokuro. Earnin' enough t'get by with no fancy or fuss, helpin' folk on occasion... me kin are one teleport away fer holidays an' Starlight, even if it leaves me knackered for a day or two. Th' little ones love it and go nuts when I bring 'em summat weird in their presents." Gyokuro watched his interview subject lean back again in his chair, both of their gazes turning up toward the map of Hydaelyn on the wall. "We adventurers are free. And there's so much left to see." V. Hours after the namazu had left, Schezar sat at his desk. Leaning back in his chair, eyes closed, drifting through moments of his past decade. Ala Mhigo, Carteneau, Aulus mal Asina's lab... all of them should've stayed buried and forgotten in the past. Himself included. On the table, his tomephone beeped. The highlander opened his eyes, leaning forward to swipe at the screen, watching the words appear. ASSEMBLY @ GHIMLYT. ALL HANDS. WILL YOU HELP? He paused, glancing around his office again. The life he'd built for himself, and his employees, for the past two years. Finally, he looked back at the device and tapped out a response. BE THERE IN 6 BELLS. SAYING GOODBYE TO STAFF FIRST. "Schez?" He looked up. Ada had just come through the door, her elezen ears twitching a little, as she gave him an appraising look. "Was that a client request?" Schezar nodded. "Aye, long distance. Full gear." He stood up, absently rubbing stiffness out of one bicep. "I'll fill out th' forms before I deploy."