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  1. Kieron Lohengrin

    The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

  2. Yes, some auspices became well-known and prayed to. Namai Elder: "It is rare we receive visitors here anymore, let alone ones who have traveled so far. Have you come to pay your respects to Tamamo-no-Gozen? This shrine was built long, long ago by a powerful landowner who saved a fox from a wolf trap. Since then, the spirit of that fox has protected this land from evil. Yet even she could not forestall the empire's coming, and now... And now, the people of Yanxia are forbidden to even look upon this place without fear of imprisonment, or even death. I am too old to care what the Garleans might do to me, and so I alone come here to pray." Kudagitsune: "A friend of mine, Tamamo-no-Gozen, once called this place home. Possessed of nine tails, her power far eclipsed my own. But one day she left to live amongst man." Byakko: "But I endured. I grew older and wiser, and one day, I resolved to protect this place and those that call it home, for in spite of everything, it was mine as well. In time they came to see me as a guardian instead of a demon."
  3. Kieron Lohengrin

    How Much Time Has Passed in Hydaelyn?

    In official canon, it's still about roughly five years post-Calamity, which was 1572 Sixth Astral Era. Operation Archon, Heavensward, and Stormblood all take place within a few weeks / months of each other. Present time is still somewhere between 1577-1578. The next lorebook volume coming out soon might update that, we'll see.
  4. Kieron Lohengrin

    MSQ RP

    I RPed bits and pieces of the MSQ years ago with friends, back before Heavensward launched. Feel free to PM me here or ingame, and we can see if we can set something up. Unsynced dungeons and trials will make it easier these days as well.
  5. Kieron Lohengrin

    Sailing the way to Balmung!

    welcome \o
  6. Kieron Lohengrin

    Trying to Decide if Rping is For Me

    1. Find a good RP group that matches your storytelling style. Like finding the right table irl to roll dice at, cohesion will save you a lot of headaches. 2. You don't need to be the WoL to do WoL-ish things. People with the Echo have been canonically depicted taking on Primal-level threats without him. 3. If someone's bio says "walkups welcome" when you examine them, then feel free to approach and speak in-character. glhf \o
  7. Kieron Lohengrin

    Super new to the RP mmo scene!

    welcome \o
  8. Kieron Lohengrin

    Portal from Vana'Diel?

    You don't get to define what "reasonable" crossover lore is, though. There's just what exists ingame and what's already historically happened, period. Again, being selective and picky with what you personally want to see ingame doesn't take away the fact that these things are already there and part of the world - and that players are free to use and draw on them as they wish. Your personal sensibilities get overruled by what people can earn ingame and physically show off / walk around with in the setting itself, and others will not care if it offends you. This is just another exercise in one more aspect of RP: flexibility. How open are you to the fantastical aspects of a fantasy setting? Given precedent, how well can you have fun with someone else's concept? You draw on the "WoL sucks" strawman that some are fond of clinging to - ignoring that, in the latest official text chapter, more down-to-earth, normal-ish Echo users Arenvald and Fordola go off and defeat Ifrit without him. Again, setting the precedent that a WoL individual isn't even that necessary at all - never mind the joke they keep making in actual quest text that he constantly has at least 7 other friends, or 23 other friends that have to help him. It's true, some people just hate surprises. They want to dictate to new RPers, "tell me everything about you because I fucking hate surprises, and I will throw a childish shitfit if you spring one on me." Other roleplayers subscribe to a school of improv, of being able to learn something fantastic about someone they like, and rolling with it. The only thing an RPer should worry about is not coming on too strong with their concept - of having ingame precedent and reasoning for it, finding the right people and the right place for it, and not giving a shit about what random strangers think.
  9. Kieron Lohengrin

    Portal from Vana'Diel?

    It was canon enough to necessitate the intervention of the Padjali, though - one of the Seedseers, no less, to seal one away. Yes, it's a funny little collab for a kids' game and anime franchise, that even got repeated simply because the president of Level-5 needed more time to grind out his own event. But when you bother writing in such an elaborate justification and reaction involving Hearer leadership, silly and comedic as the event itself may have been, that'll still be a part of Gridania's history forever. Because Yoshi-P turned XIV into an FF greatest hits album, these collabs and the ingame rewards from them get used all over the place by RPers. Some are just permanently available even without questing, like the Mado horses, so the closest explanation you'll get is from Garo lore itself. People are going to have to learn to live with these characters and their players enjoying and drawing on all the high-magic, high-silliness components of this setting. We know that an XV collab is coming eventually, and we know that Noctis has already been running around in Dissidia - I'm just looking forward to chuckling at how they implement yet another extradimensional visitor.
  10. Kieron Lohengrin

    Portal from Vana'Diel?

    Technically, yes, even the Yo-kai minis are canon now too. The quest text during the event neatly explained away how and where the Eorzean versions of them came from: https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/A_Complete_Game_Changer Yeah, it's been a longtime thing for certain people to selectively pick and choose what they want to see ingame, even when someone else's mount, gear, et cetera is staring them down in the face. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Other roleplayers simply enjoy rolling with the punches and taking everything they experience in the setting as a whole - from the serious Ascian/Garlean plot to the colorful silliness of the Gold Saucer and the Mandervilles, and everything in between. Koji Fox, memelord that he is, has done a pretty amusing job of writing in the crossovers and fourth wall-leaning as actual IC events. Even this year's anniversary event makes reference to Lightning's interdimensional travel shenanigans from 2013. And just to repeat it again, if someone keeps their plot-bendy RP to private chat? If they've established trusted friendships with a good, close circle or guild? Especially if they're a bunch of nostalgic XI vets. Doesn't matter what randos in Ul'dah think then - she'll just be the oddball from some unspecified faraway land to Joe Q. Public, while her besties know and acknowledge her claim. It's easy enough for someone to say IC, "That's interesting, but do you have any proof about where you came from" and thus not be a prick about it, instead of freaking out OOC and yelling "don't ever do this." Like that ever stopped anyone enamored enough with their concept - see all the half-Voidsent, half-whatevers running around ingame.
  11. Kieron Lohengrin

    Portal from Vana'Diel?

    The setting has a history of interplanar / interdimensional travel: Lightning from FFXIII - 2013 and 2014 events Shantotto from FFXI - That Old Black Magic event, 2014 Warriors of Darkness - Heavensward MSQ, post-Dragonsong War, 2016 Unukalhai - Heavensward, Warring Triad trial series, 2016 Iroha from FFXI - Maiden's Rhapsody events, 2015 and 2017 Goten, Ginga, and Raigo from Garo - literally sentient planeswalking horse machines. PVP event, 2017 The best approach would be to remain coy about your origins, and resist the urge to spill it all out prematurely to a bunch of strangers. Be vague and say you come from a "faraway land." Hint at how things work differently back home in Vana'diel compared to Eorzea. Once you've built a core of RP friends you can trust, let them discover your secret and learn IC where you're from. No need to worry about what others think if you're keeping it mostly in private chat.
  12. Kieron Lohengrin

    A Starry-Eyed Elezen

    welcome \o
  13. Kieron Lohengrin

    Introduction with few questions.

    welcome \o 1. Yes, you can roleplay without being in an FC. Keep an eye out for event announcement forum posts and check out public events, which usually tend to be relaxed festivals , performances, or tavern nights in housing areas. 2. Read through some character profiles at the wiki ( https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Main_Page ) to get an idea of how to write and build your own toon's backstory. RP in an MMO space is largely a back-and-forth writing exercise, with you acting out your toon's day to day life in the world and reacting to things in-character. Ingame, if a player has "walkups welcome" in their description when you examine them, then you can approach them and introduce yourself in-character. 3. Sit back and observe others RPing in public for a while, and/or look for a small free company willing to help you practice roleplay. Most guilds have their own forums these days, where you can practice writing forum post RP to each other back and forth, or they use Discord.
  14. Kieron Lohengrin

    New to the game, new to RP! (Mateus)

    welcome \o
  15. Kieron Lohengrin

    The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]