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  1. Kieron Lohengrin

    New to the game, new to RP! (Mateus)

    welcome \o
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    New to Just About Everything!

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    The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

  4. Kieron Lohengrin

    How To Get Into Dark/Crime RP?

    "Dark / "Mature" can encompass a whole wide variety of different topics. Rape, torture and abuse (physical or psychological or both), death, dismemberment, slavery, demonic possession, mind games, mindbreak, etc. One early example of the game implying similar dark themes early on is Haukke Manor, and the Palace of the Dead in later deeper levels. What specific topics / areas did you want your elezen to get into? What partner or group do you trust enough to handle such subjects without getting weird about it? Do you want to keep such developments mainline canon in your toon's bio or an alternate universe exploration? These are the basic questions to consider before getting into it.
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    New Roleplayer from Sargantanas!

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    The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

  7. Kieron Lohengrin

    Jobs/Classes and their weapons

    Per E-Una-Kotor, Padjali weapons don't continually drain your aether at an "absurd" rate once stabilized for external use. You simply need to have done enough expeditions with them, as per the game mechanics, during which you were channeling aether into them. Afterward, it's up to the individual player how they want to interpret carrying around and stowing a stable weapon of pure light. As for spellcasting requiring foci, it might hold true for most casting classes - especially red mages, but gets muddier with certain other jobs. Dark knights, for example, are shown in their casting animations thrusting their hands out palm forward for Unmend, Salted Earth, Sole Survivor, Shadow Wall, and Abyssal Drain, around which the black rune symbols and energies form while casting - not their swords. Similarly for Blood Weapon and Sole Survivor, where the magic coalesces in their fist as they make a grabbing motion in midair. The only spell attacks explicitly channeled through their weapons instead of their bare fingertips are Unleash and Dark Passenger. Overall, the rules for magic are a bit less clear-cut for some than "you're completely helpless and screwed without a focus." At which point, again, individual player / DM fiat comes into play.
  8. Kieron Lohengrin

    Jobs/Classes and their weapons

    Depends. Padjali weapons, for example, are made of pure light and shaped/summoned from your own personal aether. Easily gotten by running PotD. Per Yoshida, only monks and pugilists get an Emperor weapon, since they can fight unarmed. You could always pull an FFXV and store/summon your weapons at will.
  9. Kieron Lohengrin

    Beast Tribe and PCs

    don't forget, idyllshire goblins build giant mecha and make adventurers field test them for shits and giggles don't fuck with goblins
  10. Kieron Lohengrin

    How do people feel about un-universe characters?

    Roleplaying an established NPC with a small RP circle, keeping to yourselves in private chat channels: probably fine, as it's nobody else's business what you do and your group determines how they want to play around with concepts / make up their own canon. Roleplaying an established NPC with the general public or other FCs: you'll get way more hostility and pushback, as you're expected to have enough originality to write your own toon backstory without twisting around ingame lore. Yes, alternate worlds have been well established in the lore since the FF13 crossover and later raid stories / PVP rewards, but saying you're another Edda can be a bit too much of a stretch for most people. Using NPC appearances for your character is a pretty common trend across the game in general, but it might not be sustainable for long-term RP. At best, you can take the concept of "an Edda that survived the lich's corruption / mind rape" and apply it to an original PC backstory - say, a hearer who was taken into the Palace of the Dead or a similar dungeon, and she went through hell like Edda did. All RP is a writing and improv exercise, and it's certainly fine to be inspired by Edda's arc, rather than copying it wholesale.
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    New to FF RP - Hello!

    welcome \o
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    Returning player, but new in the RP world.

    welcome back \o
  14. Kieron Lohengrin

    No Love for Straight Women

    Femroes in general need more love. My toon dated a couple of female roegadyn across the past two years and even had emotional moments with one of them. Was always fun, especially the adventuring/dungeoneering bits.