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  1. More from E3: "What we are trying to impart to our players is a sense of freedom. The freedom to choose how they want to express themselves as individuals, and the freedom to retain their own values. We don’t want to place blame on either side. If we do become one-sided in the way we approach these things—much like the seemingly “good” force of light overtaking the First—we run the risk of being too extreme and alienating the people who stand on the other side of the issue. We are prioritizing freedom, and we are still on the road to finding a way for everyone to understand that we all are free to make our own choices." https://www.cgmagonline.com/2019/06/12/final-fantasy-xiv-shadowbringers-e3-2019-interview-with-naoki-yoshida/
  2. time for squeenix to reuse bhunivelze as final boss
  3. "The eldest and most powerful... of primals."
  4. 1. Play the ages and life experiences you want to play. 2. Per Tales from the Calamity, 16 years old is already considered to be of age, at least in Sharlayan society. Given how they're thought leaders among the nations, you can refer to that as a baseline.
  5. Just to add on a bit more to the above, which is already mostly correct: the moogles in the 50-60 jobquests explicitly teach you and Sid that your darkside can be tempered by the power of love, such as Sid's love and caring for Rielle. Being such an emotionally-fuelled job makes it inherently volatile, if you lack the positive outlook or levelheadedness to balance it out. The emphasis on centrist balance is key, as we've seen the Dark extremists of voidsent, and now we'll get to see the Light extremists of Sin Eaters. This is likely one of the reasons why the job is now the poster boy class for Shad.
  6. welcome \o crystal is the de facto RP data center these days since it has both balmung and mateus, so you can world visit from any crystal server (like goblin) at any time. enjoy
  7. welcome \o being on goblin means you can still world visit to balmung or mateus at any time and rp there. enjoy
  8. Most common magitek is not freely available to poorer smallfolk outside of Garlemald. On the other hand, elemental crystals are often in everyday use for things like lighting, crafting, keeping food unspoiled, keeping clothing temperature comfortable, and so on. Keep in mind that the setting is currently in the midst of a sea change, with Garlond Ironworks committed to making magitek more available to commoners to uplift them, while Rowena and her House of Splendors pursue it for a profit motive. The first adopters to benefit thus far have been adventurers, and likely richer noble houses / families, with the tomephone and the Regalia car being a prime example. Rowena has even explicitly stated ingame her intent to mass-produce anima weaponry, further bringing in another arms dealer angle. Over time, this tech derived from Allagan / Garlean reverse-engineering from all the gathered tomestones could shift the setting into more of an FF13 sci-fi bent, but most places and smaller villages will likely remain medieval-level for another decade or so. Individual adventurers and smaller companies, though? They would definitely be focused on cutting-edge tech for competitive advantage.
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