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  1. Luna Aequor 🌱

    Luna Aequor

    Resident loyalist to Gridania. Mother Miounne is my adopted mom forever.
  2. Luna watched as the miqo'te struggled to his feet. Every bend and stretch of his muscles looked painful, and she narrowed her eyes as if the pain was her own. When he stood, he looked damp and slender, holding himself up just barely. She cocked and eyebrow once more at the chaotic glint in his eyes - something she attributed to having just been beaten and violently brought back to this plane of existence. He was seriously something else. When he spoke, it hung and hummed in the air like so many strange bards Luna had met through the God's Quiver. She wondered if that was his gimmi
  3. The sun's rays stained the sky in brilliant white. Luna Aequor loved days like today. She held onto her rod and reel, listening to the small waves folding over and slapping against the dock. It was peaceful, save for some light chatter worlds away and birds chattering softly in the sky. She sighed at the relief of her solitude. The smallish rod fit her Lalafellan hands perfectly, made of a polished wood that she assumed was a blend with some elm. Her ginger hair was pulled into their usual twin buns atop her head to keep her vision clear. Her eyes - one blue and one green - were fixated on the
  4. Name: Luna Server: Goblin (Crystal) Timezone: Pacific (UTC-8) Looking for: Friends/casual roleplay in-game and on Discord (text-based) Type of RP: Friends, Adventures, Enemies Available Hours: Typically Friday or Saturday after about 7 or 9 p.m. PST Discord: dearjenna#0540 Character: Luna Aequor Class: Bard Proficiency: Bow; preferred bows include Wrapped Elm Longbow, Vintage Bow, and Giantsgall Longbow Companions: Pony (her chocobo) and Red (her red panda). Favorite Holidays: Starlight Celebration and Little Ladi
  5. Thanks so much @Moon Type! So far I'm liking the vibe here.
  6. I made a carrd, since I saw others doing it. :3 https://lunaequor.carrd.co/

  7. Howdy folks. I have never roleplayed in FFXIV, but I have done a bit of text-based roleplaying on forums (and even Xanga if that doesn't date me enough). Because I love the world of Eorzea, and the little home I've made for myself in-game, I thought it might be fun to explore roleplay in-game. I'm a bit nervous about it, because I tend to get nervous about this type of thing with a new group of people. But I'm hopeful to find out what RP in this game entails and if it's for me! Hopefully make some friends along the way. :3 Name: Luna Aequor
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