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  1. Luna Aequor 🌱

    Luna Aequor

    Resident loyalist to Gridania. Mother Miounne is my adopted mom forever.
  2. Luna watched as the miqo'te struggled to his feet. Every bend and stretch of his muscles looked painful, and she narrowed her eyes as if the pain was her own. When he stood, he looked damp and slender, holding himself up just barely. She cocked and eyebrow once more at the chaotic glint in his eyes - something she attributed to having just been beaten and violently brought back to this plane of existence. He was seriously something else. When he spoke, it hung and hummed in the air like so many strange bards Luna had met through the God's Quiver. She wondered if that was his gimmick, if that's what got him into trouble to begin with. Even as a training bard herself, she often restrained herself from looking like a strange bird screeching songs with a three-string through the Shroud. It seldom got you the attention you wanted. Though, out near the pier now they could hear bards performing for gil near the marketplace. The salty air welcomed it more than the solitude of the forests. "So you went to a tavern, stole some drinks, and got thrown out?" she asked with a smirk. "Is that a routine of yours? Set your chronometer to it, do you?" Luna shrugged at the mention of water wasted. She would get more. She wouldn't have wasted her last bit on this guy, that was for sure. She was starting to wonder if he hadn't been in the fight if he had just as soon been tripping over himself towards the alley the rest of the drunks, who didn't retreat inside, went to play. "I don't suppose you're going to do well limping to the nearest healer like that, are you?" Albeit she was no healer, but she could at the very least offer some sort of aid. Maybe toss the lad over her chocobo and make Pony carry him to the nearest healer. "You don't owe me a line, but I guess I can't let you just paw your way to the nearest doctor."
  3. The sun's rays stained the sky in brilliant white. Luna Aequor loved days like today. She held onto her rod and reel, listening to the small waves folding over and slapping against the dock. It was peaceful, save for some light chatter worlds away and birds chattering softly in the sky. She sighed at the relief of her solitude. The smallish rod fit her Lalafellan hands perfectly, made of a polished wood that she assumed was a blend with some elm. Her ginger hair was pulled into their usual twin buns atop her head to keep her vision clear. Her eyes - one blue and one green - were fixated on the horizon, wondering how far the seas extended and what of it she hadn't seen yet. A bite! Luna jumped. She reeled in her line slowly, teasing the fish, enjoying the bit of fight in it. It didn't feel like a large catch. She let the fish pull on the line, taking it further out to sea, and she reeled it back, feeling sharp tugs as the fish became more desperate. Luna grinned and took a deep breath of the salty air. Another sharp tug. "Not today you bastard," she said between gritted teeth. Her voice had a higher lilt to it - her spirits high and hopeful for a delicious dinner tonight. Maybe it was a small crab that she could throw in a pot and let it cook down for hours with some vegetables. Perhaps a smaller fish she could filet and drench in butter. The fish was nearing the edge of the dock, Luna peered over to find its shadow kicking violently against the strength of her line. She reeled it in, careful not to yank the line and snap it. That was until she heard a commotion erupt from the nearby tavern. Luna's head snapped in the direction of the noise just as the line split and the fish got away. She tossed her rod down and stuck her hands to her hips, glaring in the direction of the small mob of homely adventurers and pirates pouring out of the wooden doors onto the street. She witnessed one of the largest Roegadyn she'd ever seen tower over a brightly-coated Miqo’te. She took wide-swinging short steps towards the group, hearing the Miqo'te taunt the Roe. Oh dear gods, she thought, knowing this curious cat was going to get himself killed. Then the Roe swung at him, connecting a gruesomely sized fist with his jaw. Then his eye. Then his cheek. Again. Again. Again. Jeers and cheers erupted from the drunken crowd. Luna stood back, not sure how to intervene. Whipping out her bow and setting one through the Roe's shoulder wouldn't exactly solve the situation. Then the Miqo'te hit the ground and soon after passed out. The tavern patrons filtered back to their original bar seats, some wavering down the street singing crude songs and tripping over themselves. Luna didn't know who that Roegadyn was, but he looked pleased with himself. The Miqo'te laid motionless on the pier. Luna sighed and stepped towards him and poured some mineral water over his face. It dumped onto him in a more violent manner than was likely comfortable, but whatever woke him was worth it. She leaned down, her already short stature bringing her even closer to his body. "Didn't you ever learn to pick on people your own size?" she asked with a cocked eyebrow.
  4. Name: Luna Server: Goblin (Crystal) Timezone: Pacific (UTC-8) Looking for: Friends/casual roleplay in-game and on Discord (text-based) Type of RP: Friends, Adventures, Enemies Available Hours: Typically Friday or Saturday after about 7 or 9 p.m. PST Discord: dearjenna#0540 Character: Luna Aequor Class: Bard Proficiency: Bow; preferred bows include Wrapped Elm Longbow, Vintage Bow, and Giantsgall Longbow Companions: Pony (her chocobo) and Red (her red panda). Favorite Holidays: Starlight Celebration and Little Ladies' Day Likes: Nature and forested areas, Gridania, archery, petting animals, celebrating the holidays with friends, tea parties, cooking, gardening Dislikes: Up-close combat, people trying to harm Gridania or its creatures, the smell of Baked Megapiranha that sticks to her kitchen walls after cooking it Currently: Seeing what's beyond in Eorzea, beyond Dravania+ (aka this player is just now in the Heavensward patch content, whoops) Getting interested in natural magicks (for healing and fun, not for combat) after spending time with the Sylphs of the Shroud Trying to master the lute as a bard Looking for friends for relaxed times with, holiday excursions and fun little adventures Carrd: https://lunaequor.carrd.co Bio: Luna Aequor's family moved to Gridania before she was born, and that is where she was raised. She has a deepened loyalty to the Shroud, and ever since her family passed away ("Old age, it's fine!" she always says), she found an adopted mother in Miounne. As a child, Luna was always interested in archery. She liked the safety of long-range fighting - both as a protection for her size and as a safety precaution as fighting wasn't her first choice. She longed to protect her home, but she didn't want to have a nock an arrow if she didn't have to. Once she became of age, she took up residence in her own home in the Lavender Beds, making money serving food and mending clothes for weary adventurers. From there she joined the Archer's Guild in New Gridania. Her fascination became an obsession as she practiced every day until she impressed Luciane enough to earn her own place as a bard. Between adventures, she still spends time in Gridania, wandering between her home and God's Quiver. It's only in recent weeks that she's taken an interested in natural magicks. She's interested in the way that the world around her can be used for guidance and healing.
  5. Thanks so much @Moon Type! So far I'm liking the vibe here.
  6. I made a carrd, since I saw others doing it. :3Β https://lunaequor.carrd.co/

  7. Howdy folks. I have never roleplayed in FFXIV, but I have done a bit of text-based roleplaying on forums (and even Xanga if that doesn't date me enough). Because I love the world of Eorzea, and the little home I've made for myself in-game, I thought it might be fun to explore roleplay in-game. I'm a bit nervous about it, because I tend to get nervous about this type of thing with a new group of people. But I'm hopeful to find out what RP in this game entails and if it's for me! Hopefully make some friends along the way. :3 Name: Luna Aequor Class: Bard, lvl 60 (I'm still catching up to actual story content, so plz no spoilers or anything. I only just started the Heavensward patch content.) Race: Lalafell Home: Lavender Beds, loyal to Gridania. Second home is with a rad cat girl in Thanalan. Companion: A red panda named Red. I do have an Instagram for my character that I can share, but I didn't want to link it just in case that looks like spam/promotion and this forum didn't like that. I'm bad about updating it lately, but it has been fun to have a little archive of my character's adventures on. In other RP environments, I might have some elaborate backstory to tell or plots I want to fulfill. But considering this is my first time here, I'm mostly going to go off of loose ends I've imagined in a world where I lived in Gridania (dream home). If you want to know more about me or my character, feel free to ask! You're welcome to just call me Luna OoC and in-character.
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