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  1. That's a tough sitch to be in. Personally, I can't say I've been your exact situation, but here are some top-of-mind ideas for you: Make an alt on Crystal Data Center You've already mentioned that it won't feel the same. But since it sounds like you're not neck-deep yet in the RP community, you might want to use the alt as an excuse to feel out what the RP community (on Crystal) is like. You wouldn't have to put too much time and effort to make a working RP character. I've heard of people who use Free Trial accounts for just this purpose. Fellowships Have you tried looking for RP fellowships and reaching out to people this way? Might be worth a shot if you haven't yet. Omega RP Discord I'm pretty sure I've seen this mentioned somewhere, but I can't find it. I do know that among the EU Servers, Omega is the one that is said to be the most active for RP (if that's saying anything). Maybe someone else can shed more light on this. Ultimately, before you decide to do anything, you ought to ask yourself what you find important to make your gaming experience fun. Maybe you'll find heavily immersive RP to be more fun than content, or maybe you'll be satisfied with just having an alt to RP on when the mood strikes you.
  2. ...I'm curious about whether anyone has met RPers in more random or chance situations. I have a feeling most people will still say "through tavern RP" or "through public events". But like, has anyone met their RP friends in other ways? Maybe you accidentally left your RP tag on while doing content, and someone randomly started RPing with you? Or maybe you decided to try fishing for RP outside one of the capital cities and found someone who was doing the same?
  3. "Yeesh, that's a mouthful of a name." They made their way to the Silver Bazaar without anymore outstanding incidents. As they approached the docks, Tarp spotted them and waved them over. He already had a dinghy ready to transport them back to Vesper Bay. Looks like Lyra's gamble paid off perfectly. Lyra hopped into the boat and offered a hand to Honi to help him on as well. "So! Ya reckon y're gonna become a Storm? Find yer big bro that way?"
  4. Lyra tied the bandana around her head then donned her cloak, throwing over the hood. After Honi drops the f-bomb, she scoops him up and huggles him. "Aww, ain'tcha the sweetest pair-a cat-ears ever!" She put him down and started making her way to the Silver Bazaar alongside Honi, checking their surroundings every so often to see if they were being tailed. "If she does, she ain't done a real good job-a it. First time I've seen her since, well, the last time I was in Ul'dump." Lyra looked back at the gutter they popped out of, watching as they walked further away from it. "I tell ya, this whole fiasco was a bunch-a deja vu." She stretched a bit, flexing her neck under her hood. "Last time I gave them the slip, I skipped town. Joined up with this travelin' merchant so I ain't never had to come back to this dump. Reckoned the Thornes would snag me soon as I did." She flashed Honi a wink. "I tell ya, everythin' happened pretty much how I reckoned it would this time around. Right down to the escape hatch--err, sewer pipe, rather." Lyra then ruffled Honi's head affectionately. "How about yerself, Hons? Ya doin' all right there?"
  5. "Whatcha mean? We gave a bunch-a tarnished Blades the slip, and that Thorne wretch ain't gonna waste resources chasin' us through the wasteland when she realizes we ain't hidin' in the cats no more." Lyra wrung her hair out a bit to dry, turning to Honi with a grin. "Little thing about trouble, Hons..." She booped him playfully on the nose, her green eyes shining even in the dead of night. "What makes it good or bad all depends on how ya see it play out." She waded off to the side, making her way to the creek's bank. After checking under a bit of the ancient debris, she poked the upper half of her body inside. She seemed to be rummaging around in there for something. "All truth be told, though, sorry to getcha all spider-webbed up in this mess. Them Thornes ain't no family to play Triad with." After a moment, she popped back out with two cloaks. How she even knew they were there... nah, never mind. She waded back to Honi, keeping a wary eye out and handing him one of the cloaks. "Reckon we better mosey on back to the Silver Bazaar, if y're done meetin' up with yer ladyfriends. Ya got my bandana?"
  6. Lyra moved upstream from the sewer pipe after she popped out the other side on Soot Creek. At least the water was cleaner on that side. She waded in the creek and washed out her hair and bandana while waiting for Honi to come splashing out too. A couple of stray spriggans looked at her confused, before moving along their merry way. Lyra laughed and sighed deeply after. "Just like ole Houdini Loudini, eh Hons? The perfect getaway!"
  7. Thankfully, Lyra already knew what to do once they did reach the water. When they finally reached the source of the sound, Honi's excellent night-vision would see that it was some kind of water drain--a sewer pipe large enough for a grown Hyur or Miqo to fit through. Lyra stopped as soon as she felt herself step on water, then tugged silently at Honi to follow her. "I think I heard them go this way!" The Blades were approaching, but they hadn't rounded the corner yet. Lyra dove into the pipe, sliding down, down, down and carried briskly by the slippery stream. The ride through the pipe would go on for a good, long ten seconds before shooting her out the other side, outside the city limits where Soot Creek was.
  8. ((Lyra: [flails in the background] "I ain't a pirate!")) The Blades broke out into a chorus of curses and startled cries as the lights went out. But they regained their bearings soon after, the sound of clanking chainmail trailing Honi and Lyra as they fled. "Down the passageway on the right," Lyra whispered, keeping pace with him as she was tugged along. "We need to listen for the sound of rushing water." By the sounds of it, this wasn't the first time Lyra had been down here.
  9. Hey Minty! Like Kieron said, you can go to any of the other servers on the Crystal DC. In order to do so, just go to the "Visit Another World Server" option at any of the three capital cities' main Aetherytes. If ever you want to visit Mateus and RP, shoot me a message
  10. “More’s the pity, it seems.” Marcella sighed and shrugged, then turned to the Blades. “I trust this many of you will have little trouble taking them alive? A Seeker in this part of the realm can be quite valuable.” The Blades began to stalk forward. Lyra looked around. This particular catacombs section was dimly illuminated by a lantern fastened to each pillar—many of which had gone out a long time ago. In turn, the lanterns were conveniently burning on wax wicks. Perhaps a deliberately aimed projectile would knock those wicks off... “If it ain’t good trouble now, it sure is gonna be in a second.” Lyra tried to catch Honi’s eye and flicked her attention discreetly at the two lanterns leading to two passageways in the opposite direction of the approaching Blades. “Whatcha say we put out their lights?” She didn’t wait for him to reply. As soon as she finished speaking, Lyra whipped around and smacked the lantern wick on the pillar behind them, knocking it off its place and putting its flame out. The light around them disappeared, and the sudden darkness obscured them from the oncoming Blades—particularly since they had masks on.
  11. Lyra’s eyes narrowed as she moved to stand beside Honi and face Marcella. Her hands balled into a pair of shaking fists. If Honi noticed, he would only be able to conclude that something about Marcella scared Lyra. “Well, well. Ya decided to come on down here and pick me up yerself, eh.” “Thorne!” the injured Roe cried out. “Why the hell did you bring this arrow-spitting -weasel- with you?!” “Owieeeee!” complained the Miqo. “Gaaahahaha...” wailed the Lalafell. Marcella’s grin didn’t leave her face as she turned to the injured Blades, but there was a cold, almost ruthless look in her eye as she did. “I trusted you to handle things. If a single arrow is all it takes to stop you, perhaps my family and I overpaid what’s due. And as you are well aware... we -hate- being ripped off.” She settled her attention on Honi. Seeing the look on his face, Marcella touched a hand to her collar in a dramatic gesture of apology. ”Oh Honi, please excuse me. Did I not introduce myself properly when we first met?” Her hand then went from her collar to her side in a sweeping motion, as if she were presenting something to them. And she was. No sooner had she finished did a large contingent of Brass Blades march around the corner and stand at her side. Too many for just Honi and Lyra to take on by themselves. “My name is Marcella Thorne. And I will thank you to surrender that Halflander friend of yours—the one who murdered my brother.”
  12. "Took ya long enough," Lyra teased, as Honi untied her from the beam. She got up and stretched her arms and legs, turning her attention to the Blades that Honi had more or less rendered combat-useless. "Pretty nice shootin' there, mate." At this point, Marcella walked out from the corner she was hiding behind with Honi. She wore the same calm smile she always had as she surveyed the scene before her. Lyra turned to Marcella, but addressed Honi. "And of course, ya brought along a lady frie..." She froze upon getting a good look at Marcella. Marcella's attention rested on Lyra, her calm not breaking. "Hello, Halflander. It's been a while."
  13. "Gah! What in the seven hells--!" The Lalafell went thump onto the ground and waved his injured arm reflexively, which only served to irritate the arrow stuck through his elbow. "REEEEEEEE!" screeched the Miqo, dropping her sword and recoiling to nurse her wrist. The Roe looked over her shoulder to see her injured comrades. Then her gaze locked in Honi's direction. "Whoever you are over there, you're dead scum!" She drew her blade and began to run--only to trip over Lyra's outstretched leg.
  14. From what they could see from around the corner, Lyra was bound with her hands behind her against one of the catacombs' beams. There were three Brass Blades--a female Roe, a female Miqo'te, and a male Lalafell. Each of them was in full uniform, complete with chainmail and masks. The one harassing Lyra was the Roe. The Roe crouched down and pointed an accusatory finger at her. "Don't you give me your sass, mongrel. You're valuable merchandise, and the Thornes might prefer you alive because of it... but I'm willing to bed they won't give two shakes of a Wharf Rat if we just decide to gut you before they get here themselves." Lyra flashed a taunting smirk. "Ya say y're workin' for the Thornes, but looks like I'm the one bein' a 'thorn' in yer aft." "She's annoying," the Miqo said, drawing her blade. "Can we just skin her already?" Marcella gestures to Honi. "Lead the way."
  15. "I was hoping you'd extend an invitation," Marcella said evenly, following Honi out the door. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The passageway to the catacombs was not very well-lit. As Honi and Marcella made their way through it, there wasn't a soul in sight besides their own. It seemed that this section of Ul'dah had long been abandoned and forsaken to any respectable patrol units. This probably meant any kind of shady business could be dealt here, or that Lyra had hiding spots in very low places. Closer to the catacombs, they started to hear voices. "We've been looking for you a long time, Halflander," someone's voice echoed. "How you managed to elude us all these years is incomprehensible." Then, Lyra's voice: "Guess you ain't much good at yer job, yeah?" She chuckled but was cut off by the sound of a smack--probably across her face. Marcella held up her hand to stop Honi from advancing, and she herself stalked forward to peer around the corner. A surprised look flashed across her face as she looked over her shoulder at Honi. "...Brass Blades--the local authorities of the city," she murmured, with a bit of distaste in her tone. "Actually, calling them 'authorities' would be generous in most cases."
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