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  1. Hey there! Welcome to the community! Not sure if you've already started reading up on some of the lore, but here's a couple of good links to start for Miqo'te / Seekers of the Sun: Overview - https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Miqo'te Naming conventions - https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Miqo'te/Naming Also, I play on Mateus too! My online activity is kind of erratic, but hit me up if you ever see me online Always game to meet new peeps!
  2. Lyra had a feeling the finer details of what she implied were lost to her traveling companion. Oh, well. In that case, she would have to make sure to make it back in time. She gave him a thumbs up. "Great. Plan is now in motion." =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= (Sometime later...?)
  3. Lyra released Honi from the head-lock. "Ohhhh, the Gob is it? She's gotta be pretty well-off to got a place there." She leaned back against the railings, gripping them to steady herself and prevent her from accidentally getting tossed overboard. She looks up at the sky, thoughtfully. "Hmm... Reckon we can meet up at the Silver Bazaar. Ain't too far a trek from the Gob." She flashes a smirk his way. "If I ain't there a day after we split up, ya can be sure I ran into some trouble--the bad kind."
  4. Lyra loved the sea too. Partly because of how blue and pretty it was, and partly because it helped her forget about the deserts of Thanalan and everything she had grown to hate about them. She wasn't far behind Honi when the Miqo'te scampered onto the deck. As she got to the railings, she saw the approaching shore and immediately started to feel something unpleasant in the pit of her stomach. No, it wasn't seasickness. But she grinned and bore it, embracing Honi into a head-lock and a noogie for good measure. "Well, ain'tcha just the most energy-brimmin' thing right now." She looked out over the railings, thinking. "Hmm. Reckon I should be askin' ya where y're gonna be meetin' yer lady-friend. Is it gonna be in Ul'dah too? Or somewhere else in Thanalan?"
  5. "Since when has goin' to Ul'derp ever been good idea?" Lyra quipped, dragged along by the arm. As they left the passengers' galley, and the two Roe sailors turned to the Highlander for a bit more of an explanation. Luckily for our two misadventurers, he was just as rude and unaccommodating to the crew, snatching up both his own and Honi's grog tankards and basically double-clutching before demanding the sailors to "get lost". The sailors did so, complaining under their breaths. The Highlander stared in Honi and Lyra's direction for a moment, then returned his attention to his food and grog. Sitting inconspicuously by the bar, someone else took a keen interest in the small mishap that just took place. She murmured into the linkpearl in her ear, "It's me... Yeah, that's right... No, no need." She looks towards the door. "I think we found her." =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The rain let up some while later, and the passengers were allowed above deck again. They were approaching Vesper Bay.
  6. Lyra threw a thumb over her shoulder, gesturing to Honi. "And my buddy here's a Grade-A hunter, if ya catch my drift. Awful good at skinnin' his prey. Twelve be damned, sometimes I gotta wonder what happens to 'em; there ain't never any trace-a the husks after he's through." "You think you can scare me with your..." The Highlander cut his sentence off, taking a good look at Lyra. As he got a good look, his expression darkened a bit with a twinge of fear. He even withdrew a half-step. "Red bandana... Green eyes... Between Highlander and Midlander... By the Twelve. It's...!" Two burly Roe sailors muscled their way onto the scene. When they reached the tense situation between the three passengers, they crossed their arms over their broad chests. "There are problem here, mates?"
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    Hello there!

    Welcome to the community, Wricked! So you're a Miqo'te and in Ul'dah. If you want to learn a bit more of their lore/backstories, I suggest these links to start: For Ul'dah: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Ul'dah For Miqo'te: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Miqo'te and Miqo'te common name structures: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Miqo'te/Naming Also, from what I understand roleplayers on your server (Zalera) are little hard to find. However! If you search the forums with the keyword "Zalera" you might find some of them. For example: I'm also fairly new myself, but I play on the server Mateus. Other people will be more helpful, but feel free to send me a message anyway if you have questions Good luck!
  8. The gruff Highlander stood up, towering over them with his full height and looking more intimidating since Lyra and Honi were seated. He ignores Honi's offer. "You think you can grab anyone's tankard like it's yours? Who do you think you are, you whoreson?!" Lyra flared and shot into a stand turning to the Highlander and standing toe to toe with him as she looked him in the eye. Even so, she had to crane her neck quite a bit since she her height just barely reached his chest. "It's whore-daughter, actually." Her expression suddenly breaks into a manic grin. "Ya lookin' for a fight, mate?" Some of the passengers glanced warily at the scene unfolding in the galley, but most couldn't be bothered. This kind of thing must've happened a lot on ferries between La Noscea and Thanalan.
  9. Lyra munched on her plate of food, more than happy for free food with no strings attached. She waved her hand frivolously at him. "Nah, ain't no pwobwem..." She swallowed her mouthful and then actually turned to him, flashing him a wink. "Ain't really my thing to be a third wheel anyway. Though gotta tell ya, reckon I won't find nothin' helpful with the Adventurer's Guild..." She took a swig of her grog. "...Not exactly on the best terms with 'em, if ya ain't caught on." "Hey. That was my grog," gruffed the Highlander beside her.
  10. "Marcella Rose, huh." Lyra thought about this for a moment, but the name wasn't ringing any bells for her. She shrugged it off and moved away from the buffet spread, having filled her plate. The most pleasant surprise to her was that there was no fee for the food on this ferry, at least for regular meals. She sat down at one of the tables--all of which were communal, which made sense considering the number of passengers on board. She beamed in greeting to the Highlander male beside her, who merely scowled in reply.
  11. This FC recently reformed under the name <The Sword & Board>. If you want to ask about them, you can reach out to the FC lead (name: C'sahsh Tia), or one of the officers (names: R'oya Ariuru, Jullian Fauques, Tonky Puddlechaser). Best of luck!
  12. Lyra looked at him, confused. Then she burst out laughing, waving her hand in front of her face as if to wave away the notion. "Nah, I ain't talkin' about whoever that foxy-cat is. I'm talkin' about that Hyur ya met above deck when we split up earlier." They got to the buffet spread, and Lyra filled her plate up with a few vegetables and a skewer of pork. "Though if ya wanna talk about this mysterious Miqo ya just brought up, that's fine too."
  13. And his suspicions were correct. Lyra shook her head, saying, "Nah, no need. I got some gil saved up from previous odd jobs, so I reckon I'm-a be aight." She ruffled his hair as a kind of "good job on finding the place" gesture, and fell in line behind the rest of the passengers looking to fill their plates at the buffet spread. "I'm more interested in this adventurer chick ya found yerself dealin' with." She winked at him. "She a looker? I ain't really pinned ya for the type to charm strange girls."
  14. Indeed, down the hall to the right there were passengers filing into whatever room it was. As the two (presumably) made their way over for themselves, the aromas that Honi could smell only became stronger. And more delectable. Once inside, they are greeted by the sight of their fellow passengers in a large galley with several tables. There is a buffet out with seafood and fresh fruit and vegetables. Lyra cheered. "Hells yeah! This here's what we need! Sure hope it don't cost much..."
  15. Lyra shrugged. "Ain't gonna blame ya for bein' skittish. Ya gotta keep yer guard up, y'know?" She led them up towards the deck, but stopped by a burly Roe sailor just before reaching the top. He discouraged them from going outside, as it had begun to rain and the waves were getting choppier. No doubt. They could feel the ship lurching back and forth as it made its way. The sailor mentioned that the passengers' galley was at the stern of the ship--essentially the opposite side of the sailors' mess hall where they were earlier. Lyra turned back to Honi and shrugged again. "Ya heard the man. So, wanna follow yer nose?"
  16. "Always." Lyra boops him on the nose playfully as she brushes past him to leave the sailors' galley. "And a-course it's got food. Just a matter-a where to find it." She walks with him back to the upper levels of the ferry, where there are fellow passengers mingling about. From the sound of the planks above them, and by the amount the ship was rocking to and fro, it seemed as if it had begun to rain outside. It was getting rather crowded below deck. "Were ya lookin' for me all this time?" She laughed. "Sorry about that. All truth told, I reckoned I found myself in the not-so-good kinda trouble... til the crew busted out their card decks. Yer past hour or so mostly uneventful, then?"
  17. Lyra looks over by the doorway to see Honi standing there looking exasperated and ready to pounce on someone. She blinks in surprise, then flashes a bright grin and waves at him. "Heyyyy, Honi! Ya just missed the big-aft finale where I swabbed the deck these suckers!" Her card game opponent, the sailor named Tarp, was busy pulling at his hair in bewilderment. "I thought you says you was new at this game! I ain't never, ever seen a newbie catch on to Triple Triad this quick!" Lyra shrugged with a smug indifference. "Reckon ya can chalk it up to beginner's luck or somethin' like that. Now, a deal's a deal. Y're gonna find yourself out that way sometime soon anyway, yeah? So..." She holds out her hand, a rather shite-eating grin on her face. "...Friends?" Tarp looked at her hand warily. After a moment, he heaved a big sigh and shook it, getting some rough-like cheering-on and claps on the shoulder from his fellow sailors for being a good sport. Lyra stood up and turned to Honi, still looking quite pleased with herself. The crew of sailors around them began to disperse and return to business-as-usual.
  18. One of the Roegadyn sailors heard Honi behind her and looked over her shoulder. "Eh? What're you doing down here; this area's off limits to civilians--" As she spoke, she moved out of the way juuuuust enough for Honi to see what was going on. And to see the final slap-down. "HA!" Lyra bellowed. "EAT THIS!" And she slapped it down--her final card on the Triple Triad board. As she did, the entire crew spectating within the galley broke out into a chorus of defeated noises--wailing, cries of disbelief, baffled hollering and curses. "Bleeding hells!" "Tarp, she wiped the deck with ya!" "You lost to a bleeding newbie, you lout!" The Roegadyn sailor that had moved out of the way turned back and smacked her fellow crewman upside the back of his head. "Tarp, you idiot! You knew that card wasn't played yet!" Lyra sat back, kicking her boots up onto the table and resting her head on her crossed arms behind her, a pleased grin on her face. "And that's three games for me."
  19. The raucous noise led below deck. Fewer and fewer passengers would be present, and eventually only gruff-looking sailors would populate the immediate area. It's as if this part of the ship was to be off-limits to civilians, though the crewmen that flashed Honi dangerous leers wouldn't shoo him away. In fact, some sailors would even grin with their bad teeth and, well, cat-call him in one way or another. "You come to play too, kitty-boy?" "Wouldn't mind seeing how a Miqo'te plays around." "Better keep those pretty eyes open." If Honi was brave enough to continue, he would eventually come to the source of the loudest ruckus. Ahead, he would see the crew's galley, silhouettes of buff and dangerous-looking sailors seeming intimidatingly large against the candlelight backdrop. They were crowded around in what must have been a circle, their imposing figures blocking Honi from seeing anything else further within the room. Cackling laughter. "Oooh! She's a feisty one!" Gruff sneering. "Where you think you're going, eh little missy?" Among the voices, however, he would be able to make out Lyra's voice. "I'mma make ya regret this."
  20. "Ah, you are a Keeper then?" Marcella looks at him curiously. "Forgive me, I was of the impression that Keepers tended to have skin of ash, or some other shade of gray. On the other hand, you seem quite Hyur-skinned." She brought her hand to her mouth and laughed pleasantly behind it. "Master Honi, should you wish to be an adventurer, you will encounter many an individual whom you do not know. If you are to do business, how then will such a mindset befit you?" With that question lingering Marcella walked off to another part of the ship, leaving Honi to wonder where Lyra had gone. If he listened closely, however, his cat-like ears would pick up the faint sounds of hooting and hollering below deck.
  21. "On the contrary, Master Honi," Marcella said, holding up a finger in matter-of-fact fashion. "I hail from Thanalan. I am merely returning home, you see. Adventuring can become such a chore if you do it too much." She flashed a sweetened smile. "Sometimes there simply is, as they say, 'No place like home'." =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Someone approached, heavy footfalls announcing his presence. "Hey there, boy." Instinctively, Lyra looked over her shoulder, a vastly disinterested look on her face. Because of her genes, and because she didn't wear makeup, too many people often mistook her for a male. It wasn't an unwelcome mistake, in her mind. Of course, the moment they saw the endowment upon her midsection, said people immediately changed their minds--much like this gruff-looking man now before her, as she turned from the railing to face him with arms akimbo. "Ohhh, a girl! That's even better!" The man smiled with his bad teeth. "Wanna play?" Lyra leered.
  22. "Ah! Wonderful!" Marcella chimed. "Eorzea is a vast realm, indeed. Truly an adventurer's heaven. Have you been to Thanalan before? That is our destination, after all." The ship's bell tolled, signaling their departure. The crew hollered at each other their orders, weighing anchor, hoisting the sails, making sure no straggler was rushing up the gangplank as they shoved off. The ship creaked and groaned as it left port, waves crashing against it and helping it along. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Towards the bow of the ship, Lyra slumped against the guard rail, looking out over the sea. When she had left the desert en route to Limsa, the vast blue felt liberating--even as she hid herself to elude official eyes. This time, however, it was hardly comforting. Perhaps it was seasickness. But she doubted it.
  23. Marcella withdrew her hand, seeing that Honi wasn't going to shake it. There might have briefly been the barest trace of miff on her face, but it could easily just have been the seagull's shadow that passed over her face. When she spoke again, there was just the same smile as before with well-practiced composure. "Honi, is it? Pray tell, what brings you to ferry yourself to Thanalan this day?" She looked over her shoulder in the general direction of where Lyra walked off. "Are you helping your companion with something?"
  24. The woman noted his reaction to her presence with an amused smile. With an air of well-practiced grace, she brushed a section of her golden locks behind her ear and turned to face him directly. "I take it you don't take kindly to strangers." She held out a hand in greeting. "Marcella Rose. To whom do I have the pleasure of meeting?" Marcella seemed friendly enough. And with Lyra having wandered off, there didn't seem to be anyone else to interact with at present. The sailors bustled about their business, shouting to each other to hurry it up, that they'd be shoving off soon, and that it looked like rain on the horizon.
  25. Despite Honi's assurances, Lyra made no attempt to hide her gloom. She had been slumped over the ship's railing next to her travel companion as he spoke. "Yeah..." she breathed simply. After a moment, she straightened up. "I'mma check the ship's bow. Back in a bit." Lyra walked off. But no sooner had she left did a Hyur woman with blonde hair and blue eyes come to join Honi. Her eyes were on Lyra as she walked away, but she directed her words towards Honi: "Your friend looks rather unwell. Does she dread sickness of the sea?"
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