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  1. He didn't know if his friend was well off, just that she had an animal clinic at the Goblet. Listening to their plan, he mouth the words Silver Bazaar, committing the name to memory before she went on about running into trouble if she missed their meeting. "Well then let us not spend any more time here then we need to... Afterwards meet here and take a ferry back to Limsa... The place has grown on me." More like the food, but she should have known that. "If we do not meet up... Then head directly to Limsa... Meet by the fountain...." It wasn't the best laid out plan, but it was all they had.
  2. He growled as she tossed him in a headlock and delivered the noogie, but judging by the laughing that followed and the playful swat of his tail which thumped across her back, he didn't mind her playfulness. "Goblet Ward I believed she said... Shouldn't be to much of a walk... I'll check in with her clinic and see what she knows and then I can meet up with you... Well.. Where can I meet up with you?" He went on to ask. He wasn't well versed in this area, and though he had a good sense of direction, for the most part at least, a little help in telling him where to go would surely help him.
  3. Once allowed above deck, Honi was one of the first to scamper over to the railing to look to the approaching land mass. He was not well traveled at all, and as such, seeing such sights were both new and thrilling to him. Both hands gripping the railing, he took in a deep breath, enjoying the scent of the sea breeze. In that instance, he could have very well embodied the excitement of a child. "We'll be there soon enough.... Where should we meet up? I promise I won't keep you waiting to long." Honi fired off in rapid order, the wind catching his wild hair and sweeping it back. For a brief moment, both of those golden eyes were actually visible, a rare sight for those who knew him.
  4. "Nothing that just didn't work itself out." Honi was the first to reply before taking Lyra's arm and pulling at her to follow. Of course he snatched up a sausage as he attempted to move them away because, well this was Honi and leading a plate of food was a sin he didn't commit often. "Going to Ul'dah was a bad idea huh..." He said over his shoulder. He was keenly aware that the Highlander seemed to have worked something out regarding Lyra and Honi found himself curious. Perhaps he would have to start asking questions of his own soon.
  5. There was a shift in change in his demeanor and the normally very cheerful Miqo'te was rather calm, almost in a eerie sense. Slowly standing up as well, his tail twitched nervously but otherwise, Honi looked calm. "Look mate... We aren't looking for trouble... We aren't backing away from any that finds it's way to us either... Now why don't you take my tankard... it's untouched even, and just enjoy the rest of your day.... It's just I'd really hate to hear the sound of bones breaking... It's a gruesome sound that sticks with you, and when ever I travel with HER she always ends up breaking sounds arm are leg... You would think you get use to it... but at night... I swear I can hear... SNAP!" He shook his head as if he was reliving a nightmare. "Very gruesome..."
  6. He was about to tell her to look into the market place then to see if his brother may have posted something for sale when the Highlander beside her spoke up. And just when he thought they would avoid getting into trouble. "Ease up friend... I'll get you another one." Which is what Honi replied with... However he felt as he spoke those words, he was inviting a world of trouble.
  7. He was relieved the name didn't seem to ring a bell with her. He was weary someone had taken interest in them and not in a good way. Of course, the fact he was getting a meal now played in part in calming himself as well. Plate full, Honi moved to sit beside his travel companion, noting the response from the man she sat beside. "Friendly lot..." He mumbled to her before digging into his plate. "So... I was thinking perhaps we could split up once we land... I'll check on my friend with her Miqo'te connections... And maybe you can look into the adventurers guild?" He asked, feeling guilty for asking her to share the work load with her but realizing they could cover more ground this way. "If it's not any trouble." he winced as he asked.
  8. Welcome aboard!Mateus is s great place to start. I started playing two months again and have a fairly decent on the game and rping aspects. If you have any questions ask away and I’ll try my best to help. Cheers
  9. "Oh... Of course... I was... Just testing out." Honi said in response he cheeks flushing over. Of course Lyra had been referring to the woman he just mentioned and not anyone else. Clearing this throat, he shook his head declining to speak of his Miqo friend further and choosing to focus on answering her once more. "Rose... Marcella Rose I believe she said her name was." He said after a moments pause to recall the woman's name. He then looked to the spread in front of them, mentally deciding on what and how much he'd have.
  10. "Yes she is pretty... A looker?" He tried to use the slang she had just used. "She is also very paired up with someone... She's a Miqo'te who came to my aid and runs a animal clinic but more importantly she knows a fair amount of my people... I'm thinking she can help point me in a good direction to find my wayward brother." Honi spoke as he waited on line before cracking a grin. "And I do not go out of my way to charm people strange or not... Sometimes it can't be helped." He was sure to add a chuckle to show he spoke in jest.
  11. Honi lead the way, or rather his nose did, and once they happened upon the rather large galley, he stood there a moment, proud of his tracking abilities. This was a clear sign that when it came to food, Honi was not one to trifle with. Moving to the line, he felt for his coin purse to make sure he had it. "It's not charity but if need be, I'll cover the cost... You're helping me so consider this your payment?" He had a sneaking suspicion he was going to fight with her regarding him covering the cost of her food if she needed him to.
  12. Sounds fun, maybe we can play sometime! Hit me up on discord when you have a chance.
  13. "Exactly... Rather be weary then taken advantage of... She seemed nice enough though.. Though.. There was something about her." Honi replied before they were turned away. Apparently rough waters was cause enough to keep them below decks. Having been prompted to put his nose to use, Honi came to a slow stop besides Lyra, closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. He continued sniffing the air, discerning the various scents that assaulted him before pointing down a hall to their right. "There."
  14. She booped him, a favored response from her it would seem, and he simply reared his head back and offered a small grin. Falling in line with her, he kept pace as they moved to the upper decks. It should not have come as a surprise to her that the mentioning of food had taken place, as Honi had proven to have a appetite. He believed it was just his duty to sample food from the world over. Thoughts of dining pushed aside, he listened to her apology and accepted it with a simple nod before she went and asked him what he had been up to. He thought back to his odd encounter with the adventurer. "Nothing much happened... Spoke with a Hyur woman about adventuring.. She mentioned I may be rather skittish in a sense... I suppose I wasn't the most trusting with her."
  15. Honi stood there as sailors walked past him a look of utter confusion still worn on his face. She had sneaked off to play a round of cards and there seemed there was something promised to the winner. He wanted to question her but realized that was not his place. If she wanted to share, he would leave it to her. One thing she told him before resonated with him however and he managed a small smile as she looked to him. "Good kind of trouble I take it...." He crossed his arms over his chest as the worry finally seemed to leave his shoulders and he motioned with his head for them to head above deck. "Does this ferry have food?"
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