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  1. And the moment the Roe tumbled to the floor Honi was there to pin her sword arm with a well placed shot. Years of stalking the Shroud seemingly paid off and the Miqo discovered at that moment that he did have what it took for armed combat. Up until, he had only hunted and fought against primals... This.. This was different. And personal. "My aim is exceptional. I chose to spare your lives but rest assured my next shots won't be loosened with the intention of wounding... Give me a reason to keep you lot alive." He said in a deep steady tone, trying to sound as intimidating as possible as he hurried to Lyra to undo her binds. "You fine?" He near whispered as he found against the rope that tied her in place. All the while he seemingly forgot he was with Marcella.
  2. Honi peeked around the corner once more, taking stock on the situation at hand. He measured the trio, listing which would be the most dangerous and deciding in which order they should be felled. Interesting enough, the Lalafell's size, it made it the smallest target and the hardest to hit while in motion. The next was the Miqo, who already had a blade out and the last was the Ro, who didn't present a vital enough target for him to attack. A deep breath taken, Honi pulled back behind cover and readied himself. Now or never, the thought ran through his head and with confirmation that Marcella would move with him, Honi started the attack. His movement was near perfect, years of training shining through as the nocked arrow was loosened in a flawless motion. Moments before he had been behind cover only to stand out and release. His target had not moved and thus, the arrow appeared in the elbow joint of the Lalafell's elbow, piercing the chain mail with the force of the arrow causing the small Blade to fly forward. The second arrow followed moment later, striking the Miqo in her wrist causing her blade to drop. A third arrow was readied as he continued to step forward, waiting for the Ro to present a target he got hit. Despite his earlier comments, it seemed for now Honi aimed to keep the trip alive. People who were dead couldn't answer questions after all.
  3. "How about we called them dead instead?" Honi spoke in a low voice but there was no hiding the edge to his voice. He had been quiet the bulk of the trip but the moment he heard Lyra's voice, life had been breath back into him. His face lit up, a range of emotion that shifted from one aspect to the next. Relief that she was alive, fear that something could be wrong with her, and lastly anger that someone dared such a feat. Standing besides Marcella, Honi had no realized that the bow he held slung over his shoulder had been shrugged off and he already had an arrow notched and ready. It was such a practiced motion thanks to years of training that it seemed nearly mechanical in motion. Regardless, what was more important was the dangerous look held with in the golden eyes. It seemed Honi was ready to get his friend back.
  4. "Only one way to find out." Those golden eyes scanned over the map, soaking in every detail before he turned to run off. He only mad it as far as the entrance when he came to a stop and looked over his shoulder at the woman. He hadn't a clue who she was aside from Marcella Rose, the woman he met on the ferry. Still, it seemed off that he'd run into her given the circumstances. More was at play then he knew of and Honi found the taste of being kept in the dark was not a flavor he enjoyed. "You coming or just going to stay there and look pretty?" He asked, trying to hide the nervous energy bubbling with in. For now, he didn't trust the woman as far as he could toss her but it made all the more sense to keep her close by. It he was going to be bit in the ass, he'd at least like to see it coming.
  5. He froze upon seeing Marcella or rather what she held in her hand, her words nearly ignored. His hair stood on end, as if there was one thing about Lyra to be truth, she would never part with her bandana so easily. Golden eyes would dart from the bandana to the Hyur woman and Honi would steady himself with a deep and slow breath. "Thank you... You wouldn't happen to know what happened to my friend, would you..." His tone was neutral, with a slight edge. He hadn't trusted the woman at all and this moment didn't strengthen and possible reason to change the train of thought.
  6. He never considered how imposing his entrance could have come off as, barging in and suddenly barking out demands. He shied away form the Lalafell, hand raised in a apologetic manner though the urgency in his eyes never left. He was about to speak once more when a familiar voice cut through the air and he wheeled about to look upon Marcella. He heard her words... Saw her smile... And immediately suspicion set upon him. "Trouble you say..." He clenched his jaw as he picked at his next words. "Friend left something here.. Might you know something about that... or her?" His tail waved backed and forth, flicking in annoyance. He had a strange feeling about the Hyur when they first crossed paths and was wondering if his intuition had been correct.
  7. His eyes narrowed upon the bumbling sailor, the normally calm demeanor the Miqo'te was known for vanishing as the red war paint smeared across his face took precedence and it was clear that despite his jovial nature, Honi could be down right dangerous. The second he heard Lyra was in danger the hackles on the back of his neck stood on end and by the time the man had finished speaking he was gone, tearing off towards the adventurers guild to see what happened to the woman who had fast became his friend. He ran in a full out sprint, Hyurs, Elezens, Roe, Lalafells and other Miqos passed by with out a moments notice as he navigated the sea of people before him. In damn near moments after receiving the news he was barging into the Adventures Guild, eyes wild as he barked out. "Lyra left something for me!"
  8. His attention was on the Hyur as he rushed in, the commotion pulling him from his thoughts but it was until Tarp began to speak did Honi damn near pounce him as he rushed to the man. "Aye! Do you know where she is" He fired off, nearly tripping over his words with a sense of urgency. The way the man rushed in, Honi could only assume that Lyra went and got her into trouble, and possible not the good kind.
  9. Honi paced back and forth the small dock much to the annoyance of the fishermen who cast their lines but had yet to catch anything. They blamed the highly energetic Miqo'te for their lack of luck but dared not say anything to him. Upon making it to the Silver Bazaar, he had been all smile, perhaps the result of a good meeting with his Seeker friend. However as one hour stretched to two, then three, he was worried that she really had run into trouble. Their plan, if it could be call that, was shaky at best. If she couldn't meet him there, then he was to head back to Limsa... Then what? Honi stopped at the edge of the dock, thumb brought up to his mouth where he began to gnaw upon his nail, a nervous habit. If she didn't show up soon, to hell with going back to Limsa... he would head straight to Ul'dah to ask question. Yes... That was it.. That was the right plan.
  10. He didn't know if his friend was well off, just that she had an animal clinic at the Goblet. Listening to their plan, he mouth the words Silver Bazaar, committing the name to memory before she went on about running into trouble if she missed their meeting. "Well then let us not spend any more time here then we need to... Afterwards meet here and take a ferry back to Limsa... The place has grown on me." More like the food, but she should have known that. "If we do not meet up... Then head directly to Limsa... Meet by the fountain...." It wasn't the best laid out plan, but it was all they had.
  11. He growled as she tossed him in a headlock and delivered the noogie, but judging by the laughing that followed and the playful swat of his tail which thumped across her back, he didn't mind her playfulness. "Goblet Ward I believed she said... Shouldn't be to much of a walk... I'll check in with her clinic and see what she knows and then I can meet up with you... Well.. Where can I meet up with you?" He went on to ask. He wasn't well versed in this area, and though he had a good sense of direction, for the most part at least, a little help in telling him where to go would surely help him.
  12. Once allowed above deck, Honi was one of the first to scamper over to the railing to look to the approaching land mass. He was not well traveled at all, and as such, seeing such sights were both new and thrilling to him. Both hands gripping the railing, he took in a deep breath, enjoying the scent of the sea breeze. In that instance, he could have very well embodied the excitement of a child. "We'll be there soon enough.... Where should we meet up? I promise I won't keep you waiting to long." Honi fired off in rapid order, the wind catching his wild hair and sweeping it back. For a brief moment, both of those golden eyes were actually visible, a rare sight for those who knew him.
  13. "Nothing that just didn't work itself out." Honi was the first to reply before taking Lyra's arm and pulling at her to follow. Of course he snatched up a sausage as he attempted to move them away because, well this was Honi and leading a plate of food was a sin he didn't commit often. "Going to Ul'dah was a bad idea huh..." He said over his shoulder. He was keenly aware that the Highlander seemed to have worked something out regarding Lyra and Honi found himself curious. Perhaps he would have to start asking questions of his own soon.
  14. There was a shift in change in his demeanor and the normally very cheerful Miqo'te was rather calm, almost in a eerie sense. Slowly standing up as well, his tail twitched nervously but otherwise, Honi looked calm. "Look mate... We aren't looking for trouble... We aren't backing away from any that finds it's way to us either... Now why don't you take my tankard... it's untouched even, and just enjoy the rest of your day.... It's just I'd really hate to hear the sound of bones breaking... It's a gruesome sound that sticks with you, and when ever I travel with HER she always ends up breaking sounds arm are leg... You would think you get use to it... but at night... I swear I can hear... SNAP!" He shook his head as if he was reliving a nightmare. "Very gruesome..."
  15. He was about to tell her to look into the market place then to see if his brother may have posted something for sale when the Highlander beside her spoke up. And just when he thought they would avoid getting into trouble. "Ease up friend... I'll get you another one." Which is what Honi replied with... However he felt as he spoke those words, he was inviting a world of trouble.
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