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  1. I met Briar though you... I don't think I ever got the story how you two met. If I did I'll blame lack of sleep for forgetting @_@
  2. Yes! I've grabbed some rather candid shots of Honi that frame his personality perfect. This one looks like someone just told her the cookies she ate weren't free samples >_<
  3. Mateus has a lot of awesome people you can play with. I know one Miqo in particular. Careful though, he usually needs coffee to get started otherwise he's dead @_@
  4. Heya, cool toon. If you’re up to it I’m usually good for discord play
  5. Welcome aboard and if you have any questions ask away
  6. Hey just stumbled upon this. I have a character I've been playing with in Ul'dah alot. Ass me, Huckebein#3245
  7. Welcome aboard and if you have any questions just fire away!
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