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  1. WELL... I think it was discussed way beforehand that if this prompt were to ever be plopped down at my feet, I would have to also provide a Source Primam, especially considering the fact that she wasn't actually born on the Source, nor the First. SO... On the Source, Primam and her brother would have been born Highlanders within the lands of Gyr Abania. Let's take that lie and make it a truth. Primam would have been born Petra (meaning 'stone' or 'rock'), and she would don the nickname Storme, as earned through her showmanship over the mastery of magic, and 'conjuring up a storm' i
  2. “How long’s Tandem been out there?” a pristine white-scaled Au Ra woman with a straightlaced expression asked as she took a sip from her tea cup. She and a Hyuran woman were standing at a window, looking outside where one of their training dummies had been set up outside in the back of the Starry Garden. A man -- Tandem -- was currently blowing some steam off from the look of things. Where the Au Ra had raven black hair and a pale complexion, the Hyuran woman that stood just a couple of ilms taller had a tan indicative of life in Thanalan, and short cut brown hair. Both
  3. The soft pitter patter of light rain was heard throughout the Rest as Primam walked down the hall that led to the varying rooms that housed both guests and residents. There was something soothing about the sound, especially when the Rest was so empty at this current time. It offered some comfort in feeling like there were actually people here, creating some form of bustle around the Rest while Prim wallowed on certain thoughts. Over the last few days, she had been keeping a close eye on a calendar that she had bought at the Kogane Dori Markets. It was the month of the Fourth Astral
  4. FreeJayFly

    FC Art

    Art by FC members or commissioned by FC members. All artists will be credited appropriately.
  5. From the Starlight Celebration events of 2019!
  6. until
    There are a number of events for February and the Valentione's Day that is to come! Since it's been a while for a lot of the members coming into the FC as a whole, and we would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you that has stuck with us. It makes us very happy to see that you've all come into your own and made yourselves at home with all of our members. We are more than heartened to see that many of you have come together to help one another and support one another -- be it through role play or assisting one another through dungeon and raid runs to get past difficulties in
  7. until
    As you know, the holidays are coming up, and what better way to celebrate it than getting together for a night of mirth and gift giving? The Wayfarer's Rest is inviting all of its members to come together and participate in a secret sender gift giving event. We are opening sign ups for our Winter Exchange event on November 17th, and they will remain open till November 30th! When signing up for this event, you are required to send @FreeJayFly a list of three to five items that you can get in-game. These items can vary in needed crafting material or Market Board price, but they must
  8. It's that time of the year: All Saints' Wake! We with the Wayfarer's Rest have prepared an event that will go from October 14th till October 28th! To participate in this event, just get your character dressed up in a glamour that would constitute as their All Saints' Wake costume for the celebration! There are no restrictions on what you can dress up as, just be sure to tell us what your character is dressed up as so that we can make sure we don't make any mistakes when going over them! You may only enter one time! If you have multiple characters, or costumes that you like, choose one that you
  9. During the Welcoming Party events that we will be hosting in Shirogane, we invite everyone interested in a small scavenger hunt of the Leader's and Officers' favourite places or points of interest around Eorzea that will enter you to hopefully win an Endless Summer set from the Mog Station! We have five that we will be raffling off to those that follow the rules for this scavenger hunt! First things first! All locations depicted should be available to everyone that has the base game of A Realm Reborn. We are not going to make any location absolutely difficult to get to for anyone n
  10. Welcome to the Wondrous Runs topic for the Wayfarer's Covenant! This topic is for anyone and everyone part of our Free Company that has interest in getting their MSQ dungeons done quicker, as well as farm some dungeons, trials, or raids when they are feeling up to the task! Generally speaking, all of us are up for going out and taking on everything previously mentioned -- mostly because it helps us as well! So, if ever you would like to run something, feel free to reach out to the Leader and Officers, because most of us will generally be very okay with going along with you! Unfortu
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