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Valentione's Events!





There are a number of events for February and the Valentione's Day that is to come! Since it's been a while for a lot of the members coming into the FC as a whole, and we would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you that has stuck with us. It makes us very happy to see that you've all come into your own and made yourselves at home with all of our members. We are more than heartened to see that many of you have come together to help one another and support one another -- be it through role play or assisting one another through dungeon and raid runs to get past difficulties in the game itself. Thank you, and we hope that we can see more of the same in the days to come!


Without further ado, the events we have for February start on the 1st, and will end on the 23rd! There are a number of events to take part in, and they're all absolutely optional! Please don't feel pressured into doing any one of the following events. 😆




Starting on February 1st, the Valentione's Screenshot contest will take place all the way till the 23rd! This contest promotes not just love and romance, but healthy friendships as well! While the theme might be an overall of Valenti(o)ne's, you are free to also take screenshots of your character and a friend engaging in fun activities with one another. Due to the nature of this contest, only two characters should be present in a screenshot. You are free to submit up to three different entries with three different people. Keep in mind, only one screenshot will win, and both people that are in that screenshot will get their choice of $30 worth of items from the Mog Station each!


The winning pair will be chosen on February 29th! Best of luck to all participants! 😆


Some things to note:


  • Make sure both characters are visible! Use lighting tools to help make your screenshots readable, and make sure there are no obstructions!
  • There are no location restrictions! Just be sure to work with your partner(s) and take screenshots that the two of you are happy with!
    • Make sure that you and your partner(s) don't submit roughly the same images just so that we have variety to look over and judge!
  • GShade and Concept Matrix are okay to use to help enhance your screenshots if you have them! Just make sure that you still have your image(s) readable!
  • "Singles" shots will not be accepted this time around!
  • Upload your images to the #events-hall so that we know you are specifically entering the contest!
    • All images will then be uploaded to a Valentione's Screenshot Contest 2020 folder here on the club page!


Examples of shots to inspire you!:












On February 12th, there will be a small trade event in-game where your character can buy or create small or affordable things for other members of the Free Company! This is meant to be a small and cute RP exchange for anyone that is interested that is not as intensive as the Winter Exchange was at the end of December. Do not feel pressured over what to give other members! Just make sure that it's not completely useless. If you know that it will take up unnecessary space inventory, it will probably be best not to give that item to them!


Ideal items to give out are probably going to be more like housing items, glamour items, and even as small as food items that will help during raids or other kinds of dungeon runs! This is not a Secret Santa type event where you should be expecting something you would like to have! Again, this is just a small event, and can even be treated as a canonical event if you so desire!


If you would like, and have an artistic side, you can also cast a vote using the 🎨 emoticon to react to the Discord announcement post letting me know that you would be interested in art trade events in the future so that I can start planning for those as well!




From the 12th all the way to the 22nd, we encourage our FC members to role play with members of the FC that they have not really RP'd with in full, or really even have their characters know one another all that well! This event is to help foster IC-relations and create more for your personal canon that you can use down the line. We haven't had the chance to really curate a lot of "canon" stories for the FC as of yet, though there's certainly nothing stopping us from facilitating the meeting of people in a character sense and developing a friendship or even a rivalship between one another!


Please use the #character-plothooks channel in the Discord server to pitch your meet-cutes, and do your best to invite only the amount of people you would be comfortable with! I also invite the FC Officers to take this time and chance to role play with the members, and share in that development!




'Valentine's at the Rest' were the words that adorned the flyers that were drawn up and handed out to those that stayed or swung by. Was it a typo? Everyone and their grandparents on Hydaelyn knew that it was 'Valentione's', not 'Valentine's'. Well, missing one letter wasn't that big of an offence -- an easily forgivable mistake more than anything.


The Rest itself had some minimal decorations of reds and pinks, but what stood out the most was the scent of chocolate and other sweets that hung thick in the air -- it was like walking into a patisserie at the peak of their production hours. Sunu, the Keeper cook that helped out at the Rest had been hard at work making the table presentable for all that was to come; a large Valentione's cake was the centrepiece of the layout of delicious treats.


Not long after Sunu had finished up getting things straightened out and presentable did Primam come out with dessert style sandwiches -- the last thing that would have been added to the table of sweets. However, the two women seemed to look proud of themselves, and that was when Primam thanked Sunu for all her hard work before unlocking the door to the Rest so that anyone interested could swing by for the event.




On February 23rd, the Rest will be open to all to participate in a small Valentione's RP event. The event will start at 2 PM CST! If you are so inclined, you are also welcome to invite any guests or friends that might not be a part of the FC to partake in our event!



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