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Heavensturn Celebration!



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On February 12th, the Wayfarer's Rest will be celebrating the Heavensturn Celebration in tandem with Chinese New Year -- seems appropriate given that this should be when we celebrate the Year of the Ox!


In the myth, the Jade Emperor had called for the animals to arrive to his party, and the order that they arrived in would be the order that they would come in a twelve year cycle. The Ox, being a dependable and trustworthy individual was tricked by the Rat, who had told the Ox that because they were so small, they would like to have a ride to arrive on time. Where the Ox was meant to be first in the twelve year cycle, the Rat had taken the spot by jumping off the Ox and arriving first.


This year, those born with the Ox Zodiac are born with the Metal element. There are to be many obstacles and hardships that come to bar one's way, and while they might feel like they are alone on some days, they can seek solace and comfort in those around them. In the end, fortune favours the Oxen born here, foreseeing that even after all the hardship, the Oxen will see a comfortable life.


Lucky colours for this year are:


Yellow; A colour corresponding with the element of earth, yellow is considered the most beautiful and prestigious colour. Yellow is the colour of balance, the centre of everything as it generates both Yin and Yang. Yellow also represents freedom from worldly cares or bonds, and is such used by Buddhists.


White; A colour corresponding with metal, white oddly represents gold and symbolises brightness, purity, and fulfilment. In astrology, white also represents the White Tiger of the West -- one of the Four Symbols in the Chinese constellations. In game, Byakko would be our best representative of this colour.


Green; Sometimes considered the same symbolic colour with blue, green is associated with health, posterity, and harmony. This colour, along with celadon, would often be used for roof tiles to represent heaven. Jade is often considered a good gem to wear to be closer to these things.



Our minigames and prizes on this day will be as such:




There are two teams for this, and each team will have their members roll /random 10. One team will roll first so that the person overseeing the tug-o-war can tally up the team's total reliably, and then the next team will roll with the same /random 10.


If a team is ten points or higher above the other team, they will tug the rope two spaces back for their team. Should there be an instance that a team is twenty points higher than the other team, they instead pull the rope for their side by four spaces.


If a team is below ten points above the other team, they will only move their side one space back. If a team has the same amount of points, the rope will not move.


This will happen until the rope is six spaces back on a team.


The winning team will receive their choice of Calfskin clothing piece (hat, jacket, pants, or shoes).




A portion of the beach has been blocked off for safety reasons for members to engage in throwing rather hefty stones as far as they can on this course.


Players engaging in this game will roll three /random 100. Depending on what their rolls here will determine how far they manage to toss the stone each time. The total of the three rolls will determine what kind of prize the participant gets!


>100: MogStation Dyes of your choice

100+: $5 MogStation Prize

200+: $10 MogStation Prize

300: $30 MogStation Prize





A small game that allows for the members of the Rest to engage in making mochi to help bring in the new year! Mochi has been eaten as a tradition to bring in the new year in hopes to bring strength to one's bones to endure any hardship the new year would bring.


Mochi making is one of the more simple games, as players are only required to roll a /random 10.


1 - 2: The mochi unfortunately falls apart when being tested
3 - 4: The mochi is a bit too soft, and breaks apart faster than normal, but edible
5 - 6: The mochi is a bit too sticky to be able to eat without scraping it off your fingers or chopsticks
7 - 8: Still a little sticky, but not as much of a mess as it could be, definitely very close to being good!
9: Good mochi! It's a bit too soft, but it has good chew and pull for many!
10: Great mochi with great consistency! Worthy of bringing in the new year by most standards!


Players that end up rolling a 9 or a 10 will be sent a gift code for either a Jumbo Paissa Doll, Oriental Orange Baskets, or Jumbo Hard Rice Cakes




Very simple. Players interested will have to approach Primam Chorus to begin the game.


Primam will use Draw to generate a colour for your participating character. The colour that is drawn will be related to the prize that your character wins!


Red :: The Balance :: 100k gil
Green :: The Bole :: Rose Trellis x2
White :: The Arrow :: Pure White Dye x10
Purple :: The Spear :: Black- or Red-feathered Flat Hat
Blue :: The Ewer :: Cerulean Crystal Boule
Yellow :: The Spire :: Dragon Icon


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