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  1. Here's our victory photos of raid clears!
  2. Pics of us just chillin' at the beach! Summer vibes, baby!!
  3. First off, naming conventions! Yisun's name would be different, as Drahns do not have Mongolian-inspired named, nor do they seem to have tribes. Her last name, then, would be impossible to tell, but her first First name would be Sunwren (pronounced soon-ren). (First half, "Sun-", deriving from her original name and following the one-syllable surname convention; Second half, "-wren", because out of all the ones we know, it sounded the cutest.) Sunwren's backstory would be a fairly common one: the small group of survivors she was a part of would have been attacked by sin eaters, wipi
  4. [THIS PROMPT HAS SHB SPOILERS UP TO THE END OF 5.0. ANSWERS MAY HAVE ADDITIONAL SPOILERS!] In a twist of fate, your character was born on the First instead of on the Source. Your response can be as long or as short as you please! Just write up a character profile outlining this alternate self. You can even include details about how they would possibly interact with other's Firstsonas!
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