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Love is in the air -- or so they claim. At the Wayfarer's Rest, romance is not everything, and sometimes relationships and events that revolve around them should be about appreciating the friendships and bonds that you have created with others. On February 24th, from 7PM - 10PM CST, join us at the Wayfarer's Rest to partake in a small Valentoine's Exchange. Unlike the Secret Gift Exchange that happens for Starlight Celebration, this exchange is meant to be smaller gifts of appreciation for those that you have spent time at the Rest with and have developed bonds that you cherish with your fellow residents. Whether that happens to be an in-character reason or even an out-of-character reason, we implore you to give the gift of sweets or flowers to those you care for, or even simply everyone that you share the Rest with.


There is no obligation to come to this event, though if you would like to participate, but cannot for some reason, I (@FreeJayFly) am willing to hold onto your gifts and pass them out on your behalf. On that, I will also return any leftovers that I end up having in my inventory unless directed otherwise!


Need ideas on what to give out? There are some nice in-game items that I've sniffed out meanings for as a cheat sheet. As a note, some flower colours cannot happen naturally in real life, and so do not have a meaning associated with them. These flowers will be noted in the lists below. Similarly, there are some flowers that have more negative connotations and will also be pointed out.


Sweets meanings seem to come in many different meanings, so I won't be including meanings for things like different chocolates, pastries, or fruits. In short, if you choose to gift any of those items, it's because you appreciate them and think they're sweet. 😛


For the sake of brevity: black and blue flowers do not often occur naturally in nature. Both colours rely on chemical called anthocyanin, which is not generally found in certain flowers. There there are some cases of breeding where this is possible, but a lot of these crossbred flowers don't have any deep meaning behind them. Similarly, green flowers are also quite rare (though do exist!), though the reasoning is actually speculation that flowers are meant to attract pollinators, and if they're all green from petals to root, they would not be doing that. As a general thing, however:


Black typically represents mourning, death, and even new beginnings -- for the people in mourning or affected, or perhaps even the departed soul.


Blue has long been used symbolically in art and writing, and blue flowers of any kind are often used to symbolize peace, tranquillity, truth and spirituality.


Green, in a lot of places, is recognised as a colour that is deeply tied to health and wealth.




Blue: Due to the nature of being able to be manipulated into any colour through a process, blue carnations have come to symbolise truth, and have been used between partners as gifts for one another to symbolise that important aspect of their marriage and unification.


Green: An ‘unnatural’ colour for a flower, it has been suggested that this may have been Wilde’s subtle way of mocking the suggestion that love between two men might be ‘unnatural’ too. It has since been thought of as a code – a badge of homosexuality that only those in the know would know.

Orange: The orange carnation is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, sexuality, freedom, expression, and fascination. As such, this has become a good flower to gift to family members.


Purple: These flowers indicate capriciousness, implying purple carnations usually convey condolence for the unfortunate circumstance. They can also be presented to seek an apology should one feel like they were wronged somehow.


Red: The colour red has long been associated with feelings of love and admiration; it has become synonymous to ‘love’. Light red carnations are presented to convey admiration and adoration. They do not necessarily represent the strong, passionate emotions of love, rather a softer and subtle expression. Dark red carnations enunciate the profound sentiments of love and affection. They have a similar meaning as that of red roses, however, traditionally speaking, red roses epitomize love.


White: White is a colour of purity and good luck. Likewise, presenting white carnations to someone conveys the message of pure love and prosperous life. It can be presented to elders on their birthdays or to someone starting something new in life.


Yellow: The yellow carnation meaning is negative for the recipient. They convey a word of ‘disappointment’ and even rejection. You should present them to someone you dislike or if you want to break up.


Rainbow: The Rainbow Carnation Earring in game has a red carnation as the most obvious flower in the set, but it is joined by the purple and white carnations underneath it.





In addition to the beauty of its pale pink petals and its prevalence in Japan, the blossom is known for its distinctively short lifespan. Once this tree begins to flower, its delicate blooms will last only for a week or two before the “sakura snow” falls to the ground or is carried off by the breeze. Because of this fleeting phenomenon, the flowers have come to represent life's ephemerality.


Similarly, cherry blossoms represent renewal. Year after year, the pops of pink mark the unofficial end of the bleak winter months and signify the long-awaited start of spring.


Cherry blossoms usually only appear in pink to even a kind of whiteish colour when in bloom, making other colours available in game not really have any meaningful significance in the real world that can be referenced.





Cosmos flowers are often used to symbolize order and harmony, due largely to the flower's harmonious petals. However, the flower can also be viewed as symbolizing tranquillity, peace, innocence, and love. The overall message of the cosmos flower is: “You are beautiful to me.”


Black: The rare chocolate cosmos (also known as the black cosmos!) flower is an interesting plant that has been used as a way of representing strong love for someone you consider unique and special. The black cosmos is a beautiful way to appreciate those who you love and send a strengthened message to people in your life.


Purple: The common colour for a cosmos alongside pink, the general meaning of the cosmos flower would perhaps be represented with the colour it is most commonly found in.


Red: Similarly to many red coloured flowers, red cosmos flowers usually symbolize love and passion. 


White: White cosmos flowers usually symbolize purity and faithfulness in romantic love.


Yellow: Like many yellow flowers, yellow cosmos can symbolize friendship or even slighted love, a unique meaning for a colour that you don’t find with many other flowers.


Rainbow: The Rainbow Cosmos Corsage in game can be found with the white cosmos being the biggest, with purple and pink cosmos on top. One of the unique features of this corsage is that it has a blue ribbon under the white cosmos.





Black: The black or burgundy colour dahlia flower symbolizes betrayal. It is a universal symbol of negative emotions. Black dahlia’s symbolism is extremely strong and has been present for centuries. People usually expressed the feeling of betrayal and sadness with this strong symbolic flower.


Blue: The blue dahlia is a symbol of a new beginning and a new chapter. This flower colour is the perfect gift for someone who is turning his entire life around and beginning a new chapter in life.


Green: The green dahlia has the same symbolism as the blue one. This flower symbolizes freshness and a new beginning and represents a perfect gift for someone who is entering a new chapter in life.


Purple: The colour purple symbolizes royalty, dignity and grace, so you can gift the purple dahlia to any person who represents perfection in your eyes.


Red: The red dahlia flower symbolizes strength and power that we want to give to the person who is receiving this flower. Red dahlias are a perfect gift to people we care about and who we want to see rising up from the ashes. They are very important to us and we want to see them succeed in all areas of life. You can gift red dahlias to your partner or a friend who is going through some difficult moments in life.


White: White dahlias symbolizes purity and focus. White dahlias can be given to anybody you love or want to surprise.


Rainbow: The Rainbow Dahlia corsage has the red dahlia as the largest flower, with other primary colours, blue and yellow, situated above it.





Red: Red, as always, is the colour of love, romance and passion. This flower colour can be gifted to your partner or crush. The red daisy flower is going to tell your partner that you care and that you are devoted to him or her 100%.


White: The white daisy flower is a symbol of purity and innocence. This flower also represents spirituality and therefore is a perfect gift for everyone who is looking for a perfect gift for a newborn or parents of a newborn.


Yellow: Yellow symbolizes happiness, joy and friendship. You can always give this flower to someone who is dear to you and a true friend.


Rainbow: The Rainbow Daisy Corsage is one of the more occupied corsages. One larger blue daisy is situated on the bottom of it, while two yellow, two red, and one additional blue set of daisies surround it.





Blue: To state things simply, the blue hyacinth is a representation of fidelity or loyalty. In the Greek myth, Apollo turned his lover, Hyacinth, into the flower that we see today that Hades could not take him. To many, this is a strong flower to represent the LGBT community as well, especially for Achillean relationships.


Purple: The purple hyacinth flower is a symbol of asking for forgiveness or symbolizes deep regret. Ideally, you would want to gift this flower to someone when you want to make up for something you recognise you did something wrong.


Red: The colour red for Hyacinths is a symbol of recreation and play time. Like many red flowers, they still symbolize passion, love and romance, so you can apply this meaning as well.


White: A white hyacinth is typically used by the more religious. When someone gifts this flower to someone, that someone could be undergoing sickness, grief, or any kind of hardship -- the white hyacinth lets that person know that the person who gifted them the flower is praying for them.


Yellow: Like other flowers, the yellow hyacinth is a symbol of jealousy and this flower colour needs to be gifted with care.


Rainbow: The Rainbow Hyacinth Corsage in game is a very colourful adornment for the head. Instead of the usual three, we instead see four colours: red, blue, yellow, and green.





Blue: The Japanese tradition behind the blue hydrangea derives from the legendary apology of the emperor to his love and her family for prioritising work over spending time with her. Whether you are in Japan or elsewhere in the world, the blue hydrangea symbolizes your gratitude and understanding for someone else and is always a thoughtful way of admitting that you’re sorry.


Purple: The purple hydrangea represents the desire for deep understanding. The colour purple is associated with pride, royalty and gratefulness across many cultures and certainly a beautiful way of showing appreciation for your partner after four years of marriage.


Red: Seeing as red hydrangeas don't really exist -- or have a findable meaning if they do -- I'm going ahead with the pink hydrangea meaning since they look more pink anyway. Some say pink hydrangeas carry sincere emotions and the meaning of love, as the pink hydrangea has reminded many of a heart.


White: The white hydrangea symbolizes arrogance, vanity or boasting. This meaning probably stems from Victorian times, when men gifted the flowers to prospects they desired.


Rainbow: The Rainbow Hydrangea Corsage is arrange with a large blue hydrangea at the bottom of the arrangement with smaller hydrangeas as it goes up from blue, to purple, then red. It also has a blue tassel that decorates the bottom.





Orange: Orange is a strong and bright colour. It symbolises energy, warmth, confidence, passion & satisfaction in life. Just as vibrant as the yellow lilies, orange lilies stand out from the crowd. They usually symbolise honour and respect for a notable person. Orange lilies are a perfect floral gift for important life milestones.


Purple: Purple stands for pride, success, admiration, dignity and accomplishment. Associated with royalty, purple lilies have always been regarded as being rare and exclusive. Because of this, purple lilies symbolise royalty, privilege and passion.


Red: The colour pink stands for love, admiration, compassion, femininity and understanding. Pink coloured lilies, too, represent these emotions. Choose sweet pink lilies when you want to send your mum, aunt or sister some love. Lilies in different shades of pink are also apt for that special someone you fancy.


White: White is usually associated with purity and heaven. Fresh and crisp, white lilies also represent purity and modesty, making them the flower of choice for funerals, condolence messages or an accompaniment to a sympathy card. Morbidity aside, white lilies are also the perfect way to tell that special someone that you are on cloud nine with them and how much they mean to you.


Yellow: Shades of yellow encourage feelings of happiness, joy and light-heartedness. Bright and sunny, yellow lilies are sure to put a smile on someone’s face! So when you want to tell a friend how much you value their friendship, yellow lilies fit the occasion as they are a symbol of friendship and gaiety.


Rainbow: The Rainbow Brightlily Corsage is arranged with a large pink (red) lily toward the back of the head, yellow in the front, and blue underneath.





This white elegant bloom is frequently associated with traditional feminine values like chastity, motherhood, sweetness, and purity. Lily of the valley flowers are thought to bring luck in love but can also symbolize a return of happiness. Similarly to the cherry blossoms, the Lily of the valley seems to only come in one colour in real life.


The scientific name for the lily of the valley is Convallaria majalis. This fragrant flower is used in religious celebrations and ornamental gardens all over the world. The scientific name translates perfectly to “that which belongs to May,” which is just one reason why the flower is the recognized flower for the month of May.


Rainbow: The Rainbow Lily of the Valley Corsage is a very colourful arrangement of flowers, though seems to stick to the primary colours of red, blue, and yellow.





Black: The real life Black Bacarra rose is probably the most legit of all with its velvety burgundy with a tinge of black petals, which are usually darker in colder regions. There are two meanings I found to black roses that conflict with one another, so I'll leave it to your discretion. Black roses represent death and the ending of a feeling, idea, or relationship. Like blue roses, black roses are not created naturally so they represent mystery and elusiveness. If you are to receive or give black roses, it is being conveyed that there is an end of your relations with another, or signifying death. Black roses do have a more positive meaning as well. They can stand for the beginning of new things and major change. Black roses can inspire confidence by signalling the birth of a new era, and can bring hope and courage.


Blue: So-called "blue roses" have been bred by conventional hybridization methods, but the results, such as "Blue Moon", are more accurately described as lilac in colour. Blue roses represent mystery, the impossible, or the unattainable. Give a blue rose to someone and you are saying “you are extraordinarily wonderful and unique.”


Green: Green roses are a sign of plenty and copiousness. Green is also a very pleasing colour and is often said it can impart a sense of balance, stability, and peace to the human mind. As a gift, green roses symbolize best wishes for a prosperous new life or wishes for the recovery of good health.

Orange: With their blazing energy, orange roses are the wild child of the rose family.  Orange roses represent fascination and pride. Whatever feelings you might be bubbling over with—enthusiasm, passion, gratitude—orange roses will get the message across with both oomph and elegance.


Purple: An entry could not be found for purple roses, so I'm using an entry found for lavender roses. Lavender roses are often seen in spring and represent love at first sight. These roses are used to express fascination and adoration. Their beauty is known to convey enchantment and their meaning can differ by shade. Darker shades of lavender roses convey a sense of regal, majesty and splendour.


Red: The red rose is a classic “I Love You” rose, making it a popular choice for Valentine’s Day. A deep red rose can mean that you are ready for commitment, and have a deep passion for that person. Ultimately, if you want to tell someone you love them, a red rose is the way to go!


White: White roses often represent purity, innocence, and youthfulness. White roses are sometimes referred to as bridal roses because of their association with young love and eternal loyalty. White roses can also symbolize a new beginning and everlasting love.


Yellow: While the yellow rose once symbolized jealousy and greed, it now represents friendship and care. Like the warm sunflower, gifting a yellow rose to a friend conveys warmth and affection and can be a great way to show your delight. Yellow roses also symbolize remembrance and a warm memory or a token of appreciation to another.


Rainbow: The (Rainbow) Oldrose Corsage is made up of three oldroses; a larger red oldrose on the bottom, a blue oldrose toward the back, and a yellow oldrose in the front.





Black: Black tulips are a rare hybrid of tulips. Absolute black tulips are very hard to achieve, but there are many mixtures of purple, dark wine red or velvet maroon that are closest to pure black. Black tulips symbolize power and strength. Their mysterious and elegant shade depicts royalty.


Blue: Surprisingly, “true blue” is one of the few colours that has remained absent from tulip’s impressive colour palette. Recently, a couple of clever plant breeders were able to create some of the first blue tulips. Because they are one-of-a-kind, blue tulips represent individuality and uniqueness.

Orange: Orange tulips are used to convey a sense of understanding and appreciation between two people, usually in a relationship. A bouquet of orange tulips can mean that you feel both physically and spiritually connected to someone.


Purple: Purple tulips have the most vague and non-informative 'meanings' that I have found: a purple tulip is one that is fabricated manually with the help of dyes. It is because of this reason that purple tulips have this association to royalty, elegance, and wealth – only those who could afford purple tulips purchased them. Today, purple tulips are accessible to anyone; the price range is not far off from that of yellow, red, or white tulips. It is a popular colour and regal colour.


Red: Red tulips are a favourite among the romantic type. Their deep red hues evoke feelings of passion, love, and lust – making them an especially popular choice for new, younger couples. They can also mean “believe me,” or “my feelings are true.”


White: White tulips are a great way to say, “I’m sorry” or, “my condolences” and are a popular flower seen during funeral services. They also represent purity, honour, and holiness, making them a beloved gift for someone celebrating a religious milestone, like a communion, baptism, or bar mitzvah. Superstition also has it that those who dream about white tulips are about to experience a fresh start or new beginning in life.


Yellow: Yellow tulips represent happiness, cheerfulness, and hope. Victorians even believed yellow tulips literally meant, “there’s sunshine in your smile.”


Rainbow: The Rainbow Tulip Corsage features a larger red tulip flanked by a smaller yellow and blue tulip to its right.





Black: Black violas evoke the sadness and the sorrow of hopeless love.


Blue: The main colour of the viola, blue typically is affiliated with fidelity.

Orange: Orange is the expression of intense carnal amorous desire


Purple: If the viola is purple, it can express nostalgia for passing love and is generally offered to a person you have loved for several years.


Red: The red viola expresses your love to the loved one.


White: A white viola evokes happiness and expresses a first love or an emerging love.


Yellow: A yellow viola can carry with poetry the message of a loving and growing desire.


Rainbow: The Rainbow Viola Corsage is a colourful arrangement with, oddly, no flower seemingly more important than the other in terms of size. Two red violas are toward the front of the head, three yellow violas crescent the reds toward the back, and three blue violas are separate with two on top and one on the bottom.



Edited by FreeJayFly

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