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  1. Thank you for the advice. It means a lot since I've been feeling kinda hopeless. I will keep these things in mind!
  2. I've been trying to make contacts on FFXIV for a while now. From world visiting, making carrds, going to taverns and approaching people, and attending fun events. It always goes quite lovely and just peaches and cream for a bit. People are nice to me, we get along well with similar interests and chit chat. I really like their character and they even compliment mine back. However, every time. Every single time I wait for a response after two days of contact OOCly or at most a week...they never talk to me again. They disappear despite my openness for more or a continuing of scenes. I understand people have things going on. I truly want people to put their real life first and then the game/RPing. I always reassure my partners that if you need to take a break there is no issue. But lots of times...they are online after many days of no reply back of any kind. Not even a hello, explanation of where they went, or a reply of their character (if it's on Discord). I hate poking and reminding people since I don't like to bother, but even when I do I am still ignored or removed from the friend list. It's just so confusing because they seem like they enjoy casually chatting or the little adventure we are doing. They don't give any clues or reasons to simply leave. One of my characters even was asked to go on a date after they knew each other for quite some time...but then never wanted to do anything unless it involved more...mature themes. And even those were one reply per 3-7 days. Yesterday, I sent my RP information to three people with only one response back. I'm sorry if this sounds awful or weird. I'm honestly just so broken that I've really put my heart into this and all I truly want is to make some friends. It just is quite painful to not understand what I'm doing wrong and the couple of times I ask, I get as a reply "Oh no, you're good!". I'm not asking for any pity or comfort. Sure that can help because I'm quite far away from people I know so I can't easily receive that. But please don't believe this to be something to only receive sympathy. I really just want to know of any advice or perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Are people just not interested in FFXIV rping and I should give up? Or maybe I should just push myself to not worry too much and take this all the more casually? Any response is greatly appreciated.
  3. Well, sure! I'm always open to rping even if it's not in the game.
  4. ~Role-play Advertisement~ Fresh off the open lands of Thanalan, Kaelan has decided to make use of herself by exploring the rest of the world while offering a hand wherever she goes. Beaming with energy, she is both prepared as well as oblivious to what shall be thrown her way after living a more simple life helping with lifting cargo and practicing her skills with the mighty axe. She is never really sure of who shall cross her path during her this journey, but it is sure to bring great memories! RP HOOKS: Some spare gil doesn't hurt! While given enough funds to live somewhat comfortably for awhile, Kae worries about how finite these will become as the days pass by. It wouldn't be a bad idea to find someone who is looking for a hyur warrior to help with a small task whether it is protection, delivery, muscle, or any miscellaneous objective. Hopefully it will involve dealing with as little conflict as possible! Adventuring is harder than it looks... This isn't as simple as fighting dummies or family holding back for her to achieve "victory". The real world cares not for weakness, so exerting too much or challenging beings above her strength has worn her body down more than she would like to believe. Yet the foolish girl pushes on, determined to make worth of herself. One evening brings the final straw to bring her to a collapse as she grasps onto her health with her face planted into the dirt. A perfect situation for a guardian angel to swoop in and help regain her senses as well as a great ploy to collect her for whatever reason in mind. A lovely meal and drink goes well with conversation. Most evenings Miss Kaelan Lourde will enjoy the pleasant buzz of conversation in a specific room in Ul'dah. The variety of races mingling together reminds her of home while bringing a fresh breath to what she is used to seeing in her days of growing up. Every now and then, she will spot an interesting character thinking or interacting with only themselves. It brings curiosity to the young hyur, and she may even approach to learn of their story while offering sustenance in return of a friendly face for the evening. I wish to learn more! A new world can be quite overwhelming for a young maiden, so it wouldn't be such a bad idea to seek out support! Perhaps she is in need of polishing her prowess by someone more rugged and experienced. Perhaps she can be an assistant or guardian to someone also seeking to tread the plains of Eorzea as they teach her many various things that revolve around their occupation. As long as they can handle her high energy, it could transform into a fruitful friendship with an experience of its own between the two. I am open to other scenarios you have in mind yourself! Let us discuss them to create a wonderful and detailed story. Preferably in the long-term arrangement! Character Information: Name: Kaelan Lourde Age: 19 (soon to be 20) Race: Midlander Hyur Gender: Female Marital Status: Single Profession: Warrior-For-Hire/Cooking Assistant Personality: Kaelan is a positive character with great ambition of exploring the world and tasting life. She prefers to have a sunny outlook with an energetic charm to drawn in people she would love to be friends with...which is most everyone. Always ready to help and act like a cliche hero. However, a surprise will be there for any one those wishing to challenge her. While preferring to avoid conflict, the moment the smell of a battle is in the air for her, the girl’s blood will boil. This sweet young maiden will become a whirlwind of violence with her innocent smile becoming manic. She is not fully out of control, though. When dueling, the girl will make sure it does not end in death, but she will not stop until the rival is defeated. The only way to have her cease is to bind her until calmed, have her win, or to knock her out. OOC Information: Timezone: CDT RP Methods: In game or Discord Server: Mateus Contact Info: Messaging can be on here, in the game, or my discord which is Starbitcake#1898 Looking For: Role-play partner willing to build relationship (platonic or more) between our characters. Long term wise. For more information, I have created a profile here that will go into more detail about my character. I look forward to hearing from you! Even if it's just for non-IC talk!
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