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  1. Name: Thestias Server: Zalera (Crystal) Timezone: Eastern (UTC -5) Looking For: Casual or long-term RP either in-game or on Discord Type of RPs: Pretty much anything non-ERP or romance (she's taken!), though past romantic connections can def be considered Available Hours: M-Th 11:00--14:00, 20:00 onwards; weekends pretty much always Discord: Thestias#3686 Character: Giselle Marinnoux Hey there! I finally finished creating Elle's bio and she's now available for roleplay! All of her information can be found on her carrd, which contains links to her Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify playlist, and wiki page for a more in-depth biography (yes, I know, that's a lot of stuff; I go a bit crazy with my OCs, rip). In short, Giselle is a wandering mercenary who works closely with the Immortal Flames, travelling around helping people wherever she can; she's a fan of alchemy, woodworking, and general crafting, often found in one of the many guilds in Ul'dah or Limsa Lominsa. She's looking for friends, Grand Company acquaintances, and former connections to her life in Ishgard--that's something I'm interested in in particular, considering her family history in Ishgard and the circumstances surrounding her leaving. Former romantic connections are also definitely something to be considered! I'm always a fan of angst and conflict, and I don't shy away from darker themes if that's an interest. Feel free to message me, on Discord or in-game, if you're interested in forming any plots with Giselle~
  2. Looking for some long term contacts/partners for my merchant, airship pirate, and bar owner, Q'ruhka! Character driven narratives are my jam, angst, fluff, and drama are all more than welcome, and I like my serious drama with a shot of comedy. Ruhka is not a cat that takes himself seriously but that doesn't mean he doesn't have his dark side. Need supplies? Need a ride? Need a drink? Ruhka's got ya covered, darlin! Open to friendship, enemies, jobs, and romance, he welcomes all types, to the point of possibly having a deathwish. OOC: I'm a long time rper with a full time job, I'm generally open in the afternoons (EST) in game, unless running something with my fc. Discord will be variable, I may appear on, but my actual ability to respond may fluctuate with the seasons. I'm fine with lore bending, and have no issues with voidsent, garleans, sineaters, dragons, ect. Hmu if wanna have a go at this cat! Q'ruhka#8445 or https://placesyoucallhome.tumblr.com/ And his carrd with all his info is https://qruhka-tia.carrd.co/
  3. I'm looking for any kind of connections for my character, hopefully for a long-term experience of any kind! Name: Vie'ro Golinn. Age: 27 Sex: Male Orientation: Straight Viero is a Sea Wolf Roegadyn. Before piracy was deemed banned, he was born upon a pirate tub to a wench and a deckhand. The Captain of this vessel had his eyes for this wench, and thus conducted green-eyed murder of the father. Without ever meeting his father, Vie'ro grew with the pirates the raged the edge of the Rhotano. However, the ruthless treatment of his benevolent mother and the murders he had seen contributed to his resentment of piracy, and the lack of rugged stimulus that most Roes are known for.
  4. Hello! Right off the bat to make it clear & easy, I’m looking for a LT RP Dark Knight Mentor(s) on the Crystal data center. I am currently very satisfied with my main RP characters; their schedules and regular contacts, etc. So I feel have the time and ability to pursue a new one. However, rather than starting fully in their job and past a certain point in their story, I’d really like the opportunity to experience their learning the job through a mentor (or group of mentors if perhaps a few existing contacts want to take this on together). And that’s what I’m here to find today! As such I have not boosted/leveled this character yet since I was thinking of just leveling him rogue to a certain point but may still boost to make it easier to RP in them being taught certain abilities with regard to the Dark Knight class (though just reducing the glams down to something more basic/fighter wise for the time being). I might also do this early on for Kugane access. I have checked the lore book with friends and other sites to ensure that it seems like a class that would make sense for this character, since there was an agreement among us that the abilities come more from a person’s essence and innate skill rather than relying on the ability to read or cast a spell. Hopefully a mentor would feel the same. All the character’s information as well as my own as a player and my policies can be found on his carrd. But feel free to DM me here, reply, or grab my discord information off the carrd profile. Please ignore the basic gallery image, as I said, still debating on the job to start and therefore no glams/travel ability yet. https://haruoh.carrd.co/ Some quick facts though are that this character is on Mateus (willing to travel though on Crystal), I’m EDT/EST but usually up for RP between 7pm and 4am every day of the week. (Though for the right mentor can do some afternoons throughout the week too). I really only do multi-para/novella. I’m okay with Discord in addition to gameplay as a supplement (but do still want mostly in game moments when we can). Any questions, comments, or concerns, hit me up, I’m super easy going and friendly
  5. I have a tribal-style Viera that I am actively looking for contacts for. I am looking for all types of RP, so I am really open to the surprises that may come my way. My character is fairly calm and down to earth. She only hunts and tracks given a good purpose as she still recognizes the green word to some extent. While she has a tribal flare, I have tried very hard to make sure she still has a sense of refinement and a feminine feel. Most of her hooks would revolve around the outdoors or the hunt at this moment in time. She does keep a hawk for tracking which may even peek others interests. I'm open to all types of suggestions so feel free to reach out me. I am EST and have interesting hours.
  6. *waves* Hello fellow roleplayers. I have left Primal data center now seeming as there was very little going on over there (and almost everyone wants you to pay for rp ) So back into the crystal data center I go! I would like to roleplay as my main character Eywa Feyrbrand which you can find all their info on EywaFeyrbrand.carrd.co A quick overhaul of the current changes to the character's plot is the fact that they have switched genders and are trying to adapt to the world around them. It happened as an accedent and their trying to figure a way to fix it, while trying to maintain a normal lifestyle in the present. I'm open to anyone who wants to make friends, possible enemies, perhaps a mentor for red magic, or someone who wishes to help fix the situation. an easy way to contact me is Eywa#8706 on discord. Or in game as Eywa Feyrbrand Also I'm currently looking for an rp fc to join as well, if you have any hints, tips or tricks let me know
  7. *waves* Hello fellow roleplayers. I have left Siren last night and come to the world of Famffrit on Primal to make friends and enjou not only content but back into the roleplaying scene! I would like to roleplay as my main character Eywa Feyrbrand which you can find all their info on EywaFeyrbrand.carrd.co A quick overhaul of the current changes to the character's plot is the fact that they have switched genders and are trying to adapt to the world around them. It happened as an accedent and their trying to figure a way to fix it, while trying to maintaine a normal lifestyle in the present. I'm open to anyone who wants to make friends, possible enemies, perhaps a mentor for red magic, or someone who wishes to help fix the situation. Also currently Eywa is employed at Elysium L'ternite as a host for the club. He is a bit shy and nervous, and the adorable nerdy type of guy who has a heart of gold and means well. He knows his job well and is willing to entertain and please those around himself. Come on out and say hello to him when we are open!
  8. I have multiple characters to work with and if you are interested. I will tell you Bout each and every one of my little au ra and car girls. My discord is Panda#5570! Dont be afraid friend me!
  9. Vadi'a Voxhumi Male x Male Timid & Clumsy Bookkeeper & Leader to <TRIBE> Reserved until you get to know him, he's a lovable miqo trying to make people happy and always make himself useful to those around him. He has a bit of a sad past but then who doesn't these days? He tries not to let that get him down, his eyes ever on the present and how it will shape the future. He's rather selfless is a bit quiet and keeps to the side of groups unless he's really comfortable. Often seen reading a book or lounging around and people watching with his tiny carbuncle, Akarai. I'm up for any and all plot hooks. Be it dark/mature rp, casual/slice of life rp, a mix or anything else. Di'a can fit into just about any themes as he's quite adaptable and made to thrive while working alongside or for another person or group. Don't be afraid to message me with any and every idea that might spark your interest with my catboi! Endless possibilities just message me here or in discord (if discord doesn't connect PM me here I'll add you instead) Also a bit of clarification, while I do enjoy discord RP I would rather it supplement in game RP. Say when time-zones don't always meet up. I am much happier RPing in game and have a lot of discord only RP which I'm trying to now balance with in game RP as much as I can. Evil_Vixxen#0693 https://dia-v.carrd.co/
  10. Hi there! Thought I'd put this up since its been a while. I jumped on the carrd bandwagon like most have--it is really easy to make and update them! But anyway, I am not open to RP right away! Right now Lucius is out fighting on the warfront at the Ghimlyt, and should return sometime mid to late May, depending on my college work. Its mostly an IC reasoning for extended OOC abscence on my part. I would simply like to find more contacts for when he returns. I will give discord info if asked! If you have any questions, concerns, anything, please don't be afraid to ask here or in a PM. I apologize in advance if it takes me some time to check back and answer you. If you see me idling IG, poke me there too! All hooks, information on Lucius and myself can be found on the carrd. \o/ If you have trouble with the site or if you find any broken stuff/issues, please let me know too! Its a constant WIP. https://arebel.carrd.co/
  11. Hello there!! New to the RPC forums here. Seeking connections and female a rp mate for my character. I am on THe Crystal Data Center, on Disbolos Server. I am mainly loking for someone to rp with romantically and such in down time form farming, leveling crafters, etc. I would prefer long term and either someone on my server or within the Data Center now since World visit is going on. HIs personality is a Curious type, Hopeless Romantic, and Protector. FOr his Backstory is on the lodestone: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/18359135/ Basically comes form a life of thievery and trickery but now trying to make a good name for himself to pay a debt to the one who saved him. BUt at the same time wants the same love he got raised as a child and wants a family of his own one day too, but one step at a time for him. Either hit me up on here, in game (Yuki Haruna on Diabolos) or on discord SirRule1986#8766 Hope to hear from you soon ^^
  12. Looking for long term rp for my girl : Itusmade Takashi, Open minded to anything you may have in mind for the rp, My discord is Aubry#4126 message me there or here for more info <Zealra> Im always online, an willing to rp on any server.
  13. Romance found, just looking for friends now ^^ Contact me here or in discord -> Evil_Vixxen#0693 (if discord doesn't wanna let ya friend me then poke me here and I'll add you asap) Khadagan Qestir A storyteller who spins tales but never speaks a single word! https://qnq.carrd.co/ Leveling Report: I can get to all three main cities and their regions now!
  14. This will be short and simple. I am looking for somone on the gilgamesh server. Who would enjoy a longterm, relationship building rp, mixed with light, and wholesome life events. I am very active on ff14 overall. Please contact me if you even have a slight interest. Nicole, The Sun Kissed Queen#8578
  15. So I'm fairly new to Omega and RP as well with FFXIV as my first MMO and first RP experience as well, it turns out the community is already built, so if anyone is willing to have an Ishgardian runaway, cheery berserker, strong and growing stronger character? I'd like a proper and long time friends for my chars in order to fully build his story and progress, not to mention do some RP based actions too! Anyone? My plan is to join find a few group of roleplayers and have a regular roleplay so we can steadily progress. But by regular I don't mean everyday of course! Basically I just want a long term circle/clique. Also I'm looking for people who're quite accepting and open minded. I eventually plan to join or make an FC inspired by the ideas of Final Fantasy Type 0's Class Zero. So basically a group of strong individuals who wishes to restore and maintain balance on the realm by all and any means necessary. Well, at least that's how I want my character to be. So my character: Yunahito Akabayashi (I may change the last name eventually to suit lore more) is an Ishgardian runaway with a love for combat, he changed his name in Hingan fashion due to his love for the Eastern culture and creating an identity of his own. He is overly nice but quick to rage and is all in all quick to sadden as well, pretty emotional lad but usually strikes out as a very cheerful person with a wide smile and always looking for combat either by means of challenging people or via hunt. I'm looking for a serious RP with proper story progression and hope to find friends for him both IC and OOC (I need friends too xD) and the genre I'm going for is focused more around seinen, action, slice of life and obviously comedy and tragedy too. I'm from the UK so my server is currently Omega but I'd be willing to move if better arrangements appear, as raiding is important to me as well... and my time zone is BST which is british standard time and I prefer to roleplay from 6-10 pm GMT on weekdays and well... most likely all day on weekends! My discord is "Yunahito Akabayashi#8537"
  16. ~Role-play Advertisement~ Fresh off the open lands of Thanalan, Kaelan has decided to make use of herself by exploring the rest of the world while offering a hand wherever she goes. Beaming with energy, she is both prepared as well as oblivious to what shall be thrown her way after living a more simple life helping with lifting cargo and practicing her skills with the mighty axe. She is never really sure of who shall cross her path during her this journey, but it is sure to bring great memories! RP HOOKS: Some spare gil doesn't hurt! While given enough funds to live somewhat comfortably for awhile, Kae worries about how finite these will become as the days pass by. It wouldn't be a bad idea to find someone who is looking for a hyur warrior to help with a small task whether it is protection, delivery, muscle, or any miscellaneous objective. Hopefully it will involve dealing with as little conflict as possible! Adventuring is harder than it looks... This isn't as simple as fighting dummies or family holding back for her to achieve "victory". The real world cares not for weakness, so exerting too much or challenging beings above her strength has worn her body down more than she would like to believe. Yet the foolish girl pushes on, determined to make worth of herself. One evening brings the final straw to bring her to a collapse as she grasps onto her health with her face planted into the dirt. A perfect situation for a guardian angel to swoop in and help regain her senses as well as a great ploy to collect her for whatever reason in mind. A lovely meal and drink goes well with conversation. Most evenings Miss Kaelan Lourde will enjoy the pleasant buzz of conversation in a specific room in Ul'dah. The variety of races mingling together reminds her of home while bringing a fresh breath to what she is used to seeing in her days of growing up. Every now and then, she will spot an interesting character thinking or interacting with only themselves. It brings curiosity to the young hyur, and she may even approach to learn of their story while offering sustenance in return of a friendly face for the evening. I wish to learn more! A new world can be quite overwhelming for a young maiden, so it wouldn't be such a bad idea to seek out support! Perhaps she is in need of polishing her prowess by someone more rugged and experienced. Perhaps she can be an assistant or guardian to someone also seeking to tread the plains of Eorzea as they teach her many various things that revolve around their occupation. As long as they can handle her high energy, it could transform into a fruitful friendship with an experience of its own between the two. I am open to other scenarios you have in mind yourself! Let us discuss them to create a wonderful and detailed story. Preferably in the long-term arrangement! Character Information: Name: Kaelan Lourde Age: 19 (soon to be 20) Race: Midlander Hyur Gender: Female Marital Status: Single Profession: Warrior-For-Hire/Cooking Assistant Personality: Kaelan is a positive character with great ambition of exploring the world and tasting life. She prefers to have a sunny outlook with an energetic charm to drawn in people she would love to be friends with...which is most everyone. Always ready to help and act like a cliche hero. However, a surprise will be there for any one those wishing to challenge her. While preferring to avoid conflict, the moment the smell of a battle is in the air for her, the girl’s blood will boil. This sweet young maiden will become a whirlwind of violence with her innocent smile becoming manic. She is not fully out of control, though. When dueling, the girl will make sure it does not end in death, but she will not stop until the rival is defeated. The only way to have her cease is to bind her until calmed, have her win, or to knock her out. OOC Information: Timezone: CDT RP Methods: In game or Discord Server: Mateus Contact Info: Messaging can be on here, in the game, or my discord which is Starbitcake#1898 Looking For: Role-play partner willing to build relationship (platonic or more) between our characters. Long term wise. For more information, I have created a profile here that will go into more detail about my character. I look forward to hearing from you! Even if it's just for non-IC talk!
  17. Hello, first off would like to start by saying that i'm not new to FFXIV, I tend to rotate between games and have always found it difficult to stick with the game because I don't really know anyone else that plays it now. I'm looking for someone who would be interested in a relatively longterm status of RP partners on Balmung, I have a Miqote and will at some point be making an Au Ra and Viera when those are released with Shadowbringers. My timezone is in CST and I tend to play in Evenings most days, Discord is also my primary means of communication cross-platform I have it on my phone to so even if I'm at work I'm still reachable, though not always available for RP in that case. I work part time and my shifts are usually just 1st, save for weekends when I am needed on Sat/Sunday afternoons, if anyone feels like their schedule would match with mine and wants to plot things let me know.. Queen#7350 is my Discord handle.
  18. Sigward Locke Half-Roe Engineer and Swordsman Locke's past is kept his secret, but many meet him and learn quickly he's happy with who he is despite that. The man is loud, boisterous, loving, smart-assed, and at times has a very foreward tongue that can get him into a grand deal of trouble. The man currently holds no Free Company's badge, and thus works as an Engineer for hire, often offering his knowledge or his services before heading back to wait for more work. He is often seen with two swords by his hip, one tied off by a red string, the other the one he more actively uses. Closer inspection would show that he is far from a normal Hyur despite appearances, actually the offspring of Roegadyn and Hyur reproduction. Despite the sword on his hip, he does not have true samurai training. He wields the blade, but his fighting style is almost entirely his own, and shows as such with how much it lacks the discipline and time spent compared to true sword arts. On his other hip, he keeps a small firearm: A rifle that had been made as just the grip to a swan off barrel, with the rest in between. On the inside however he has a deal of self doubt. No matter how confident he appears, he is battling his internal demons and trying to tell himself he's worth a damn. Its because of this that he does take time to actually find himself close to anyone, though approaching him is an easy task. He has shied away from a lot of company offers due to this, and is easilly found drinking himself to a good nights rest to escape this mentality. But, most times, you will see him smile, laugh, and probably slap him when he prods your rear as a joke. Note: Butt prodding done only with OOC permission, this is a family friendly profile! General Profile Name: Sigward Locke Age: 29 Race: Half-Roe (Midlander/Seawolf) Occupation: Engineer Class: Samurai Combat Style: Self-taught sword arts, firearms Home: Ul'dah Personality: Friendly, loving, smart-assed, flirty, protective Enjoys: Drinking, gambling, company, sparring, Tonberry related merchandise, working on Airships, coming up with inventions. Dislikes: Pointless violence, Social Classes, Cold Regions, Himself, His Family, Emotional vulnerability, Lonliness Magically Capable: No Skills: Cooking, Triple Triad, Engineering (Magitech, Machines, airships, advanced weaponry), chocobo tending, drinking way too much Marital Status: Single Sexuality: Straight* This is not a hard sexuality, feel free to inquire within Seeking Long-term Plots Short-Term Plots Ongoing Story Arcs Free Company (Ones with ongoing stories and adventures) Open to Romance or similar situations Rivals Feel free to boop me ingame, or PM me for my discord if you may be interested!
  19. I. Basic Info Characters: Dark Falcon (Her self given name) Primary character: See above Linkshells: None yet Primary RP linkshell: See above II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): For me it is about Medium. I am quite ok with a about one paragraph though if I really get into an rp I do enjoy going further. I am not interested in single sentences for the most part though there are a few instances where it's ok. It really comes down to what my partner is looking for as I am extremely flexible in this regard. Views on RP combat and injuries: For this I think I'd prefer a lack of rolls with the exception of using them to determine whether or not an attack hits, but I always think it would be more fun to write combat instead of letting RNG decide the entire battle outcome. Temporary injuries are welcome though I won't allow my character to be permanently hurt outside of prior planned circumstances. This includes any new scars or handicaps. Character level won't be considered, nor PvP skill. Views on IC romance: Romance is accepted and encouraged. That and Smut. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Open to pretty much anything. Views on lore: This can be a touchy subject for a lot of people. This is something else I am flexible on as I take stuff on a case by case basis. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): "IC speech" is expected to be in quotes always. (Brackets) of any kind for OOC conversation. /say is IC only. III. Other Info I am looking for long term roleplay. It doesnt have to be long-term but that is what I am most interested in, if you just want smut that's fine too. Again I am extremely open to most things I just currently have no FFXIV rp partners and am looking for some to fill that gap Country: United States Timezone: EST Contact info: My Discord is Dark Falcon#1604.
  20. I'm a fairly new player to Mateus and I've been looking for someone interested in roleplaying with me. I'm interested in a long term romantic RP and I'm open to more ERP and darker themes. I'm only interested in a MLM relationship for my boy. I'm on the Mateus server and I'm fairly active most days of the week right now. But I can also be contacted through Discord, if you PM me for that.
  21. The world of Eorzea is large and wide, and those of all walks of life come and go. Within the forests of South Shroud has a hermit of a raen made herself known; trailing within the world to find new beginnings and experiences. Greetings and well wishes! I am looking for long term companions and any connections for a natural growth and blooming of a healer experiencing the world first hand! My taste is rather easy to please as long as someone is interested in interacting with a more mysterious and hushed soul. All themes are welcome and I am not picky -- I am just looking for more people to interact with in general to see what kind of story I can build and to see how connections will help my character grow out of her closed off shell. I also find myself interested in anyone who might relate to her; botanists, Wildwoods, Shamans, religious figures. Those who have a connection with nature and the forests themselves, and those who bury themselves in a religious or philosophical belief. Detailed writing is a huge part of this character for she expresses herself through a lot of thoughts and body language so I tend to write a lot. Finding other writers who are willing to go more than one-liners are also sought out! I understand not a lot of people post too much in public events or in taverns, so I figured here is a good place to look for like-minds and to get my word-smith mind fed! Feel free to message me here if interested in meeting, or add me in game and approach me under the name: Tenshi Midoriko. In the end: everyone and anyone is welcome and I would love to meet you!
  22. well I moved back to mateus, I had a partner on goblin but they left me behind and moved on. I really did not want to come back here to mateus but I am having trouble finding rp so I have no choice. My main is as followed, I am looking for long term story/romance IF possible, though not looking for instant romance mind you. Though IF I find someone who is willing to offer long term rp on another server I will consider moving if they get along well. Character bio Name: Tima Qalli Age: 20 Race: Au Ra/Xaela (Qalli Tribe) Gender: Female Hight: 5,3 Ft Weight: 105 LBS Appearance Hair: Red with dark and lighter shades of red. Eye: right is purple left is blue Skin: dark tan Distinctive markings: her scales, as well as freckles on her face as well as a second set of horns, something rather rare for her kind. She use to get made fun of due to it but now she wares them with pride. Clothing Type: Cloth and leather but has a set of heavy if she must take her sword up once more. Color: black/gray/white/red Attachments: horn rings Personal information  Distinct habits. Voice: Like most qalli she speaks in a melody. Family Mother: Kala Qalli Father: Unknown Partner: None Friends: None Guild: None Allies: None Rivals: None Enemies: None. Backstory Childhood: tima was quite spoiled as a child, growing up with her tribe as a respected blood line she was able to get away with a lot.. But she quickly grew bored throughout her childhood and caused trouble often. Teenhood: Tima left the tribe life for the big city of ul’dah. She found over time that she had the gift to heal people, She underwent training with the conjurer's guild to get better at it, Eventually she was found by a knight of the holy order. He invited her to join him on his travels. Adulthood: Tima traveled for many seasons with her companion learning to help people in need and even how to fight if need be. One day they were ambushed and tima was unable to save her friend as he protected the villagers from the magic assult.In anger she picked up his sword as dark armor grew from her scales. The pain simply drove her to the brink of losing who she was. As she killed her way through the enemy forces she heard her friends voice. He pleaded for her to come back to the light, that her anger will not help the innocents. Current: Still haunted by her past she continues to appear out of nowhere to defend those in need. She learned what dark powers she hid within her. slowly she learned to use her anger to defend those in need as a dark knight. Though she hated taking that form she tried to do what she could as a white mage first.
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