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  1. GOod evening, I am from Diabolos as well. I am part of a small knit RP community on the server and always enjoy adding new people to it. Feel free to message me on discord @ SirRule1986#8766 add me on there and we can chat a bit more.. I tried to add you but wouldn't let me for some odd reason. Also if you are looking for an FC on Diabolos I can get you in touch with some of my friends on there or even see if I can get you into the FC I am in, we have some rpers but not a lot of them in there. But look forward to chatting with you.
  2. Good morning and welcome. I am apart of a small RP community on DIabolos, we have a discord and linkshell if you want to be apart of it we would love to add more people and grow our community on Diabolos even more before ShB. Contact me on discord if it interest you at all ^^ SirRule1986#8766
  3. Switching to Keepers of the Moon for Shadowbringers. NEw look incoming
  4. Just have to make a longer link for people. Either one that last for a week or one that never expires.
  5. Welcome, and I would love to rp with you sometime, I am on Diabolos Yuki Haruna, also sent youa friend request to chat in Discord SirRule1986#8766. Hopefully we can chat and possibly rp together.
  6. Kk I am always on Discord to SirRule1986#8766
  7. Welcome, I am on Crystal Data Center, Diabolos, if you ever want to chat/rp hit me up Yuki Haruna
  8. Hello there!! New to the RPC forums here. Seeking connections and female a rp mate for my character. I am on THe Crystal Data Center, on Disbolos Server. I am mainly loking for someone to rp with romantically and such in down time form farming, leveling crafters, etc. I would prefer long term and either someone on my server or within the Data Center now since World visit is going on. HIs personality is a Curious type, Hopeless Romantic, and Protector. FOr his Backstory is on the lodestone: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/18359135/ Ba
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