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  1. Roleplayer

    LF Adventuring Mentor

    Well met! I am looking for an adventuring mentor for my teen Keeper girl. Having lived in Ul'dah for most of her life, she is ready to make her way out into the world, preferably as an adventurer. She is not especially skilled in combat but with the right training, she may become a formidable fighter at her mentor's side. I am happy for her to learn some physical combat but mostly want her to focus on eventually becoming a somewhat skilled arcanist/summoner. I do not require her mentor to be an arcanist/summoner. Essentially, I would just like my girl to be a type of squire for the mentor, taking care of little tasks for them, including cooking and cleaning, though be warned she is not an especially good cook! I do not mind if the mentor is kind or gruff. I am available for both in-game and Discord RP. My character is available on Mateus as well as Balmung. Please take a look at her wiki for more information about her: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Ki_Rin Feel free to message me here if you are interested!
  2. Roleplayer

    mateus Looking for RP~

    Updated a few things!
  3. Roleplayer

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to FFXIV and to the RPC o/ I hope you've enjoyed your time so far and it only gets better! It definitely sounds like you have a lot of RP experience. I can definitely say that I can understand how you feel about FFXIV, it's been my favourite MMO since I started playing ^-^ Seeing as you're a fellow player on Mateus, I'll send you a tell if I see you around!
  4. Roleplayer

    mateus Looking for RP~

    Greetings! Introducing Saki, a young priestess travelling around Eorzea~ Age: 20 Race: Raen Au Ra Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Marital Status: Married Server: Mateus Physical appearance HAIR: Long, black and soft. Usually worn in a half updo. EYES: Cerulean blue. HEIGHT: 4’10”. BUILD: Average. DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Somewhat shiny scales and horns. COMMON ACCESSORIES: A satchel with treats, snacks and some first aid items. Personal PROFESSION: Priestess, animal handler HOBBIES: Reading, embroidery, pressing flowers LANGUAGES: Eorzean RESIDENCE: Currently staying with a close friend BIRTHPLACE: Koshu FAVORITE FOOD: Sweets especially ice cream. PATRON DEITY: Menphina, the Lover. FEARS: Being trapped and completely alone. Relationships SPOUSE: Masuo Nashida Children: None. PARENTS: Her father was the head priest in their town and her mother assisted him. SIBLINGS: Considers anyone who grows close to her to be siblings. PETS: Keeps no pets but can have an animal companion or two around sometimes. Traits extroverted / introverted / in between. disorganized / organized / in between. close minded / open-minded / in between. calm / anxious / in between. disagreeable / agreeable / in between. cautious / reckless / in between. patient / impatient / in between. outspoken / reserved / in between. leader / follower / in between. empathetic / apathetic / in between. optimistic / pessimistic / in between. traditional / modern / in between. hard-working / lazy / in between. cultured / uncultured / in between. loyal / disloyal / unknown / in between. faithful / unfaithful / unknown / in between. Hooks If your character does a lot of work outdoors or just enjoys the fresh air, they may discover Saki studying the local wildlife. She travels around a lot so she could be anywhere! If your character happens to have an animal companion, Saki may be drawn to them to investigate how your animal companion is enjoying living a domesticated life. On the off-chance that your character is somewhat observant, they may notice Saki seemingly talking, and even arguing, to herself. How they approach, if they do, is up to you! If you have your own ideas, I’m willing to listen ^-^ I’m generally just looking for easy-going RP friends, adventurous characters and even “rough around the edges” types are welcome! Saki loves wildlife so anything to do with it is great! Hunts, veterinary assistance, pets, companions, etc.~ OOC Information I live in Australia so I’m usually around in the afternoon/evening through to early morning (for the US that is). You can find me in-game as Saki Chan but you can also private message me here. If you would like to message me on discord, simply message me here to find out my super secret discord info. I am happy to RP in-game or in discord. I’m no lore expert but I try to respect it as much as possible. Also! WIP wiki
  5. Roleplayer

    balmung Gene Treno

    Gene sounds like a fun character! Since I'm on Mateus I can only wish you good luck on your search! o/
  6. Roleplayer

    mateus LF Adventure!

    Hello hello! I am offering up my miqo girl, Lily Kett, for RP on Mateus. She is seeking friendship and adventure! Primarily an odd-jobs girl, she's a jack-of-all-trades, albeit not especially talented at any one thing in particular. Perpetually broke, she'll take most jobs, even questionable ones! Killing, stealing, performing, transporting... even scribe-work! So if you need an extra pair of hands or an adventurous friend, look no further! (Caution: I do not ERP, so those types of jobs will be politely refused.) Wiki: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Lily_Kett
  7. Roleplayer

    I dunno what I am doing but hello.

    Sadly no! If you ever want to have the urge to RP on Mateus, I'll definitely be around!
  8. Roleplayer

    Describe your backstory in the worst way!

    Will work for money... spends money on bad things.
  9. Roleplayer

    (Maetus) Looking for guides.

    Alright! Looking forward to it! o/
  10. Roleplayer

    (Maetus) Looking for guides.

    Colour me interested!
  11. Roleplayer

    I dunno what I am doing but hello.

    Doing good, thank you! How about you?! Do you play on Mateus at all?
  12. Roleplayer

    I dunno what I am doing but hello.

    Heyhey o/ Nice to meet you, fellow lurker!
  13. Roleplayer


    Thank you so much for all the information! Really blew me away, I didn't expect much to be out there. I think I have more of an idea forming now for my Raen girl, excited! Thank you all for your help and wisdom! I may post later if I have new questions ^-^
  14. Roleplayer


    I figured that since there are deities that there would be those that worship them actively but yes, now that you mention it, I don't recall any besides the ones for Halone and Rhalgr. I'm holding out for some sort of follower-type group, similar to those for Taoism and Buddhism, but I suppose if worst comes to worst I can figure something else out. Thank you for your reply at least ^-^
  15. Roleplayer


    Hello! I have a Raen girl that I would like to play as some sort of studious priestess to the Dawn Father. I was hoping to have her sort of travelling around as part of her studies in anthropology and such. Is that acceptable in terms of lore? That's all I have about her concept so far and I was wondering if anyone had any advice or could point me to some information to help flesh those parts out ^-^;;