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  1. Kazex Voss

    Kazex's Rando Randy Art Dump.

    Can it be summer already?
  2. Kazex Voss

    Kazex's Rando Randy Art Dump.

    A stoooooopid place for a stooooooopid dooood. Sorry for the spam, ya'll Video. 2D. Motion Graphics. New Junk.
  3. Kazex Voss

    Make a Wish.

    “What did you wish for?” “It’s secret.”
  4. Kazex Voss

    The Boys.

    “They have the worst manners and have no regard for public property but these boys will bring down the heavens to help you.” A Kazex Voss and Ira Duneraven aesthetic.
  5. Kazex Voss

    No Love for Straight Women

    Keeping the dream alive! We're out there but ya, it's a bit of a maze!
  6. Kazex Voss

    Employee of the year.

    J.K plz don't fire me. I've only been to one shift!
  7. Kazex Voss

    Album Drop 2k19

    Hahahaha yes!
  8. Kazex Voss

    Album Drop 2k19

    Unce unce unce unce unce unce!
  9. Kazex Voss

    Album Drop 2k19

    Happy 2019 ya'll. Here's something silly.
  10. Kazex Voss

    Character Video Intro Test.

    Just testing somethings out.
  11. Kazex Voss

    New but old.

    Low key works too. Not ready to grace the world with Kazex's poor table manners yet. Feel free to friends list me anyone. Kazex Voss.
  12. Kazex Voss

    New but old.

    Ooooh nooooo. That was a typo. I meant low commitment.
  13. Kazex Voss

    New but old.

    Sup y'all. Been lurking for a while. Left and returned. Casual player with a full time job and other hobbies. Into casual RP. May or may not be looking for a low comment RP FC. I like cake.
  14. Kazex Voss

    A Fist Full of Gil. (Closed RP Story)

    And finally updated. Special thanks to Roen for a few edits. Please enjoy! Word count: 653. ---- A loud slam woke Kazex up from his drunken slumber. He lifted his drowsy head and ran his calloused hand down his face. A tall, thick, and armored figure entered the dimly lit room. He kicked scattered bottles, clothes and books to the side as he made his way to a chair next to the bed. As the grogginess subsided, the details of the stranger became apparent. “High Commander Durand?” Kazex said “Had I known you’d be dropping by I’d at least try to look presentable.” The High Commander tilted his clean shaven chin at the comment. He lifted his hand, removed his gold plated glove, and ran a finger across the top of the side table. He regarded the thick layer of dust with pure disgust before wiping it off on the nearby bed sheets. “I’d be impressed.” The High Commander said “That’d be first for you.” Kazex sat up and rolled to the other side of his bed. He grabbed whatever clothes were nearby and threw them on. With a stretch, he made his way over to the kitchen table and poured himself what was left in brightly colored liquor bottle. “What do you want?” Kazex said “Or is this a social visit?” “I need an escort.” “As lovely as I am, this body isn’t for sale.” The High Commander folded his arms with a sigh. The man was not amused and expressed his displeasure for the comment in the form of rapping his finger against his arm. “You know what I meant, Former Second Lieutenant Voss.” The High Commander said “Had I gotten the resources I requested from The Immortal Flames, I wouldn’t be here. My first choice would have been to hire ex-sultansworn worth their weight in gil like Denieth, Abbotts or the guy with one arm over you.” “I’m hurt I didn’t make your top three.” “You’re not even in my top one hundred but I’m running out of time and bodies to throw at this problem.” Kazex took a sip of the bitter drink and shut his eyes. It burned going down. In front of him, a folder had been set down. Stamped into it's surface was the word "Classified' in bold red ink. He reached out to grab it but stopped halfway by the High Commander's words. “Before you accept, I need you to drop everything you were doing. Halo, that Miqo’te, the embarrassing underground boxing you've been doing. All of it. This is a priority one mission.” “You saw all of that?” “As amusing as it was to watch you get your face beat in, I must say I was quite sadden that it failed to make you look any better.” “You’re not making this mission sound very enticing.” The High Commander stood up and walked to the door. He opened, stepped through half way and paused. “Had to get my jabs in.” He said “Head to Limsa Lominsa. You’ll meet your contact at the crack of dawn by the docks. Her handle is Silane. Do not upset her.” “What’s in it for me?” “In Doma, one of my contacts reported spotting a very interesting looking gold and white shield with a very unique crest on it. I’m sure you can figure out the rest.” Kazex froze. His mind raced. It had been many moons since anyone had mentioned his lost shield. He grew hot and hands briefly clenched as he stared up at The High Commander. “Was that a yes to the mission?” “It wasn’t a no.” Kazex looked down at the folder once. He couldn’t recount how many of these he had seen these during his service and smoothed his hand across the paper texture. When he looked up at The High Commander, he caught the brief glimpse of his cloak fluttering before the door closed.