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  1. is this still a thing? My Raen would be a great fit!
  2. considering I am a CERTIFIED CRAZY MAGNET , I prefer to romance rp with only two people in the entire world. As such, my rp partner and I tend to preplan things, whether our characters are shipped ooc, or one was quite literally created to be the best friend of the other. Im simply not comfortable with strangers enough ooc, because I've had so many bad experiences, to rp such things with people other than Rik'var/my other friend.
  3. call me cuddle bug and Ill be your waifu. will be e-gf for 50 billion billion gil. get in line boys.
  4. literally everything is better with pirates. Welcome!
  5. The Tonberries. All of them.
  6. I havent been able to get past the msq bottleneck, despite trying for the better part of six hours. So Ive given up for now and am puttering about levelling my samurai since Im fairly sure that is the class I want to main now. RIP SCH NEVER FORGET/
  7. considering I have about 2-3 hours a night if that of game time, this is a lifesaver. I will absolutely be using one an alt.
  8. I like friends Find me on Lunelle Thibault or Sable Moon, both of whom are rather friendly and gregarious IC. Lunelle is a dancer who performs a lot in Ul'dah, could use that as a connection, and Sable lives in Gridania. ^^
  9. Made a new toon that Im rping heavily lately, Sable Moon. Looking out in the vast world of balmung for a Doman themed LS or group of people to rp with! Hit me up in game, and she does have a wiki if youre curious. Hope to hear from some people soon!
  10. I actually have some alts on mateus that I HAD planned to move to balmung, I might actually keep them on Mateus and see what I can find.
  11. (So Nathan and I no longer play this game, and have moved on to other and different things, but we thought to end our time here with a bang, and a piece of art to show off the greatest story never told. Thanks to all who were a part of it, who were our friends over the years, and those who still keep in touch. Im sure we might eventually run into each other again someday in the vast world of the internet)
  12. my elves are always up for friends, though my playtimes are whackadoodle. HMU!
  13. Certain qualifications for Lunelle: > be of a certain race; Luney doesnt trust "anything with a tail" and REFUSES to speak to wildwood unless she is forced > have a search info that doesnt scream "Im looking for ERP~" > Preferably have a wiki > I will always, ALWAYS at least give a smile to my fellow duskwights.
  14. Everyone's favourite cave weirdo learns to tank descends into madness and does a7 with ONLY TANKS! (yes we actually cleared it too) Grampa and Grandma elf
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