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  1. I know right? I don't even know why SE had to butcher him like that ;-; Boy was about to have some development arc. Sigh... Damn I'd love FF XIV - A Dating Reborn Guess we have no other choice but rp'ing and fanfic writing! :cactuar:
  2. Is there any NPC, side character or the like you guys would deem as your favorite character? Would your character ever meet this NPC? How would it go? Me: Wilred http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-lr1kus5j7D0/VUUHfzF_3DI/AAAAAAAAB38/ijtp2i4ySHg/s1600/ffxiv_04272015_192311.png[/img] You probably remember him, the Ala Mhigan lad who thought summoning Rhalgr would be an excellent idea. I think Hely would probably meet him in Ul'dah before he is picked by the WoL to join the Crystal Braves. Hely would have a crush on him >///< What about you guys?
  3. (I see! I will really enjoy it if he shares the contents of the well of his knowledge <3 ) To be honest I'm not so sure the Sharlayans don't worship Thaliak in a literal way. I picture the Egyptians who had a very extensive knowledge of everything and still were as zealous with their gods as possible. On the major pursuits of someone who worships him, it sounded very similar to D&d 3.5 God Boccob. Would they then be similar deities on philosophy and methods of worship?
  4. Thank you for the link. By the way, who would Sounsyy be?
  5. As we know, its very clear how the clerical body of Halonic worship functions in Ishgard. Nophica worship is quite well represented, albeit a little too open to headcanon interpretation is still good enough to allow one to imagine how it works. Rhalgr worship is sure to be much more developed now in Stormblood and Ul'dah, mainly on 1.0, already laid an awesome foundation of how one woships Nald'thal. Oschon's sigil can be seem on Nymian ruins and we know Lominsans worship Llymlaen and mention her frequently. Now, some deities seem to be rather bizarre or obscure on their worship. My character, as someone who is deeply interested in studies is bound to be attuned to Thaliak the Scholar. What do we know of his cult? How does it work? What are his values? On Althyk its mostly a curiosity thing, since he is god of time, I'd like to have it a little more expanded if possible. Can you guys help me?
  6. Liadan's answer was close, but not quite that way. We use an authorization bridge to connect forum accounts into the wiki. So when you go to login on the wiki, it authenticates with forum credentials. BUT!! The wiki automatically converts all spaces in usernames into underscores. And assumes the forums do this too. (They don't.) So "test_user" and "test user" are assumed to be the same person to the wiki, even though both could exist on the forums separately. In RPC's case, it explodes on underscores. If you either edit your username to remove the underscore or replace it with a space, you should be able to login. IT WORKED! Thank you so much! Now I can add a page for my little Hely there too <3 May Thaliak bless you all with His Wisdom!
  7. The RPC Wiki, https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com, whenever I try to log in it it always says: [align=center]There is no user by the name "". Check your spelling.[/align] Anyone could help me? I never logged in it before and I'd like to make my character page. I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong place but I'm unsure where to put this...
  8. Is Lamia really that unattractive server to RP as it seems? D:
  9. Hely has a Page 63 he obtained during an expedition to the Great Gubal Library. It has become his sentient journal ever since. It normally writes all Hely sees, details on archicteture and all using its book-mark hand to hold a quill
  10. Hely never was physically strong and, due to the way he grew up, he always had to rely on his wits and intelligence to battle. When he goes to a battle he likes to study his opponent. If he is fighting a X creature he'll first begin opening the many compendiums and bestiary he owns in his personal library to know exactly what approach to take and plan accordingly. He isn't the "taking risks" type. If he has to take a risk, he'll do whatever he can to minimize risks. On actual battle, since he doesn't know much about Nymian magic he developed along Garlond Ironworks what he calls "Aethercells" - small tubes he may fill with Aether that already contain inscriptions in Nymian along the Arcane Geometries linked to whatever spell they contain. That way he only has to spark them with a little Aether from inside to release the spell. For this reason he also doesn't know the proper name of many spells (thus calling "Sacred Soil" an "Aether Shield"). He does own a fairy thanks to a Soulstone he obtained during an expedition to Wanderer's Palace. However, he is still unsure about how sentient the creature is. Without a grimoire and/or his Aethercells he is nearly helpless. He always carries tied to his belt three or four poisonous concoctions of sleep or blindness he prepares himself but that's only to allow him to retreat should all else fails.
  11. Yep, just like the title says. How do you guys feel about roleplaying as an inspector of the likes of Hildibrand Manderville? You know saying your character solves crimes and whatnot, being a detective...
  12. I'd like to expand a bit on this last part; It is a known fact that Conjury can actually use the other 3 elements we usually associate with Thaumaturgy and to a certain extent Black Magic. However, in-game we don't see any Conjurer/White Mage flinging a fire ball at enemies due to mere balance choices taken during the production of A Realm Reborn. But, lorewise, just like there are elementals and sprites for Earth, Water and Wind there are those for Fire (as seen in Thanalan), Lightning (as seen in Mor Dhona) and Ice (found all over Coerthas). Thus, a Conjurer would be able to "borrow" Aether from those elements and conjure those aspects of nature. It is also valuable to know that there are more "classes" over Hydaelin than there are available to the player. Take a look at the Chirurgeons found among Ishgardian spellcasters. Effectively they are Conjurers, but they take a completely different approach to their magic since they are trained at the Scholasticate under the watchful eye of the Church. And, depending on how similar to traditional Gridanian conjury and Ishgardian chirurgy are to each other, I like to imagine they are attuned to the element of ice instead of water, for example. In the end, magic is basically Aether being focused or aspected under an element to achieve a desired goal (read: blast one's enemies into oblivion). While exotic, I see no reason why one couldn't call winds of gale to blow an enemy away with Thaumaturgy. The only reason we use the present spells is because we are trained by the Order of Nald'thal who, in their duality philosophy, employ the use of Umbral and Astral properties in magic while the elements of ice, fire and lightning, naturally chosen for funeral rites, are focused for battle properties (and the Thaumaturges are also undertakers and part of the clergy body of the Order of Nald'thal). Using the same principle we have people such as Ser Hermenost the Thunderous, who wields an axe on the battlefield but he is also a skilled mage who devised an unique method of combat that involves imbuing his axe with lightning. An element of Thaumaturgy not being using thaumaturgy-ly. What brings us back to Arcanima. It is obvious an Arcanist can reproduce elemental magic with their arcane geometries. They merely choose to apply them into their familiars instead of using directly on their magic (probably a fossil of their Allagan summoning roots, now long forgotten). But now, if one Arcanist decided to draw a certain shape in their grimoire that happens to aspect Aether into fire, yes they certainly would be fully able to launch flames.
  13. The average person probably hasn't seen a primal and lived to tell about it, but there are people that know what they look like. The Immortal Flames send parties out to fight Ifrit that don't include the WoL, which is how Tristan and his brother encountered Ifrit. People do know that Bahamut is a primal. NPCs refer to him as an elder primal several times in the MSQ. Remember that the average person still thinks that primals are literally old gods in the flesh, and not aether ghosts. I'm fairly sure that Garleans see even Midgardsormr as an eikon. So even if they don't know who summoned him, or how he was summoned at all, a person seeing a massive dragon god pop out of a moon are going to assume he's a primal anyway. Fair enough.
  14. Interesting character concept. I just wonder about how much does she know about Primals? For example, most people don't know what a Primal even looks like. Even their "native" Primals. During the SMN quest line, you see, Ul'dahn people show that they clearly cannot recognize the Egi as being Ifrit or related to Ifrit. This leads me to believe knowledge of even the appearance of the Primals to not be public knowledge. What takes us to her desire to practice summoning. Sure she may be passionate about the Lord of Dragons, but do people really know Bahamut to be a Primal? Also, how did she came upon learning Arcanima? Did she visit Limsa Lominsa and learned there or she learnt with someone else? I think it would be a good idea to develop better on how a Blacksmith came to begin wielding mathematics magic, you see.
  15. She lives in Limsa Lominsa, learnt from old books and a lot of experience, is an actual physician... Honestly, wouldn't Arcanima be a more fitting practice for her instead of Conjury? I mean, the Arcanists Guild is already inside Limsa Lominsa and their magic is more... medicinal than the Conjury's shamanic-esque nature. Virus, Bios 1 and 2, Physick... Even the fact she spent a long time studying alchemy (formulae, calculating amounts of this to mix with that...) leads me to imagine her being more attuned to a mathematics based form of magic. I understand she isn't casting spells very often, but Conjurers require a quite strict training to attune themselves to the Elements so that they don't end up draining their own Aether when casting spells - what could lead to death. I cannot see much how she would fit in time for that kind of training when she is also studying alchemy, fishing or later on acting as a nurse. In the other hand, such dedication is not required when working with Arcane Geometries. At least that's how I felt from reading her backstory, at least...
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