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  1. Vesper Bay, within the Sultana’s Revenge A gentle melody was woven together within the captain's quarters, its sole instrument being the voice of a humming seeker examining oneself in front of a mirror. The old desk which she used was completely bereft of objects, most of them packed together within the large backpack sitting by the door. She would miss that desk, she said to herself on an errant thought. Commanding an entire ship was never her thing, but she would miss being able to boss people around. A long sigh interrupts the flow of Leanne’s voice and mind as she turns around to rega
  2. Beaches of Gloam The sound of her feet sinking into the soft sand coupled with the breaking waves of the sea were a peaceful and serene metronome, thought Leanne in a moment of errant thought, as she walked along the shoreline, eyes vacantly staring towards the horizon. Where in many other places that would be an uplifting, beautiful vista to her, symbolizing the possibilities of the future ahead, the grey and blue clouds forever tormenting the little island made sure it was gloomy, mostly devoid of color, and marred with uncertainties. “Right or wrong.” Leanne asked herself as sever
  3. Vesper Bay, within the Sultana’s Revenge “You’re fired.” The voice of a girl thundered within a room. Despite the natural softness of it, the authority and resolve behind the words was more than felt, like an echo that installed itself in the back of one’s mind. “What…?” said a hyur, eyes bulging out in surprise. “But for what?!” Leanne was sat behind a desk within the captain’s quarters, flanked by a tall, tanned highlander of brown eyes and long, messy, unkempt hair, whose beard seemed to stop growing after a while, destined to stand as a stubble until the end of days. The see
  4. Okay, I'd like to go, if it is not an issue.
  5. I dooon't think I have much choice here except see whoever is calling Leanne!
  6. Gulp, gulp, gulp. Within the Drowning Wench, on the top of an old, battered wood surface, an half-empty mug of rum were to be found. "Is this the price we had to pay to save a man's life?" The redhaired seeker groaned deeply, her hand clutching onto the handle of the mug with a death grip. She never tried to disguise the anger she was left with by the revelations and events that happened in the two grueling long days of trial now past her. Everyone, against all odds imposed, saved Dominic Morris. They managed to bring him into the gentle hands of mercy, away from the claws of da
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