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  1. Just one hour left before it's time for us to open our doors! Hope all of our prospective guests are hype for the opening ♥
  2. You spy a short red-headed Seeker doing... something. She spends an inordinately long time inspecting a wall before bursting into a sudden flurry of motion, slapping a currant-purple poster squarely onto the wall with rather more force than necessary. She gives it a satisfied nod and whirls around, wearing a huge toothy grin. "Oooh, are you interested? Here, I've got some spare flyers! The Host Club is AMAZING and you should really go to it because there are just not that many better ways to spend a few hours! Are you gonna be there? "Oh. I should explain it, shouldn't I? It's a lot lik
  3. For all of his life Gagaroda Yayaroda had believed that the desert was his home. He was dunesfolk, born and bred for the blowing sands and the burning sun, but he was now realizing that he was mistaken. Somehow he had gotten lost and was now farther south in the Sagolii than he had ever been before. His world was split evenly at the horizon between the coarse brown sand below and the azure blue cloudless sky above. A man could see forever out here, but there was no sign of any life whatsoever, much less the mining camp he was supposed to be delivering supplies to. His chocobo w
  4. Flurries of snow drifted down the cold cobbles of an Ishgardian plaza until the breeze reached an imposing stone building and pushed the ice up along the wall. From a single window, the faint light of an oil lamp tried to fight its way through the layers of frost and fog that extended from the corners of each pane of glass, slowly working towards the center. Inside was a small office; a young woman worked against an endless stack of papers. Lyssa sighed, scrubbing her hand across her face. The day had ended, but the work had not. The flickering shadows of her inkwell and pens stret
  5. The girl did not know for how long she had been running, but she had begun when no light had filtered down through the heavy canopy above at all and her steps had been unsure and often painful as her bare limbs met the hidden dangers of fallen branches and caught in ruts in the ground that threatened to snap delicate ankles. Now the cool of the dark had turned to the warmth of the dim, and though there was still nothing to see beyond the leaves and vines above every once in a while a stray beam of light snuck down to the ground for the flicker of an instant; a glimmer of something beyond the
  6. We're one single hour away from the Rendezvous Host Club opening its doors! Don't be a sad cactuar! :cactuar:
  7. Past midnight, it's officially Friday. That means tomorrow is Saturday, and so tomorrow is Host Club! I'm excited (and a bit anxious) ♥
  8. Hey everyone! Just wanted to remind everyone that this month someone new is running the Host Club. Maia has put this together so many times and it's finally her chance to participate as a guest or hostess. We need to make sure she has a great time, so lets make sure tons of people show up! <3
  9. [align=center] [/align] [align=center]A curious Keeper with fiery red hair walks the piers of Limsa Lominsa, hanging up fliers on the various flat surfaces he passes. As he places one at the height of your average Lalafell, he looks up...[/align] [align=center]"So, tired of the humdrum are you? Quite curious what a night away from the usual day can bring? You're not alone. Far too many like you out there, who wish a night of being treated like a king, or perhaps just matching wits with an interesting character. We've many such characters, all fit for our stage, you see."[/align]
  10. The event tomorrow is being pushed back one week in anticipation of heavy server congestion.
  11. Host club in less than an hour! Be there or... be somewhere else.... But really, being there is a great choice!
  12. It was pointed out to me that the sixteenth is early access. that event will be rescheduled soon
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