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  1. The greatest son of the Falling Stars, X'zarann Silverall Nunh.. has been slain. Ending at long last his threat to the world. But the story of the Falling Stars tribe does not end here. The tribe lives on, and has entered a new age. Old values are called into question. Growth, where before such was impossible. A questioning of traditions.. not least of all the tradition of isolation, of keeping themselves aloof from the world, hidden and apart. What does the future hold? Many stories, of that there can be no doubt. But this one, Starsfall, has ended.
  2. Sign me up for Flowers In Fall! Though I'll be available for both, so~ In both cases I'll be about 45 minutes late though!
  3. Act V: Falling Star, Rising Sun Scene V: Stars Fall, One Last Time The Finale (Saturday, November 24th) IMPORTANT NOTES: - This event has three time blocs on the same day. - Each bloc is 4 hours long, maximum. - There will be a 1-hour break between the end of a bloc, and the start of a new one. The time has come to face X'zarann Nunh. His power has been undermined, his worshipers made uncertain, his pact with the void broken. What remains is still one of the most devastating warriors the world has produced, deeply empowered by the Radiance - the absorbed power of materia - and supported by several of his mighty lieutenants, the Fallen. X'orri the Redeemed, X'vann of the Leaf, and X'indro, Warlord of the South, will be joined by X'zenn, Herald of the Eight, and those of the Golden Horde who will come.. alongside Flame Captain Maximillian Maximus, leading a special force of Immortal Flames, on grounds of a suspected Primal threat. The Flame Captain, newly deputized member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, intends to see an end to the threat he helped lead the charge against in the sands of Thanalan, what now feels so long ago. The plan is to strike from the Home Sept directly to the Crystal Caves, and seize them; the tight confines favour small forces, and could prove brutal against attackers... yet, according to X'indro, the sacred demesne of the Nuhn is now all but abandoned, virtually undefended. X'zarann has struck out for Azys Lla, using paths unknown but starting with an aetheryte in the Crystal Caves. It is believed he makes for an Allagan Antenna Relay which will allow him to send a telepathic impulse across the entire world.. one which would force everyone to worship him for just a moment, and propel him into divinity. However, numerous such Relays exist in Azys Lla.. the only choice now is to hunt the Nunh down with as much force as can be brought to bear, while he is forced to deal with the ancient floating continent's defenses, standing between him and his goal. For this, three teams are being assembled, the better to wear X'zarann and his allies down, and finally bring them low. "The time's come. No more doubts, no more moralizing, no more delays. He's making his move. We're making ours. Let's finish this." - Anstarra Silverain, aka X'anista Ares, aka Skybreaker. Bloc 1: 12 pm (noon) to 4 pm EST 1. Jana Ridah 2. R'shesha Otharn 3. Zaphir Zurlac 4. 5. Bloc 2: 5 pm to 9 pm EST 1. Orrin Halgren 2. Reis Okeya 3. Seito Moonclaw 4. Virara Wakuwa 5. Bloc 3: 10 pm to 2 am EST 1. S'imba Tia 2. Naoh'a Aznable 3. X'cinna Ares 4. Artoria Aldsan 5. Akiko Nomura Reserve: 1. Renaea Algiernis* 2. S'imba's red mage* 3. Lan* 4. * Alts (or mains) being brought, still valid but mains would get priority~
  4. This looks like so much fun~ Sign me up for Haunted Hot Springs!
  5. Last Turn, Sixth Umbral Moon. 25th Sun. Starlight. X'odan watched. She always watched. She watched the slow drip of water from the stone spar. She watched the way the fire slowly crawled over her arms, her legs, her tail. She watched the drifting of dust motes, through the one beam of sunlight she had found, her treasure. She watched the tired, indifferent movements of the others below. She watched the pool itself, though it never moved, unless they drank from it.. and even then, not much. She watched when the priest spoke. She watched when he hid. She watched the Nunh. He was here, today, at the pool. He never bathed in it, though He must have done so, once. As she had, which was why the fire crawled now and then, and why the claws, and the wings, and the glory. His glory was hidden most of the time, but not now. There was another glory, too, a darker one, also hidden, though X'odan could see it. She watched as He spoke to it, the dark glory. Watched as He spoke to the pool, as He touched the glory hidden in it, drew it out. She watched some of the glory pour out of Him, out of His head and His heart and His loins, and from the dark glory as well, into the pool. Making a shape. Making a body. She watched the body form completely. It was familiar. The Nunh spoke angrily, to the dark glory. It responded. She watched the Nunh stare at the body, His expression gradually returning to stone. Then she watched Him leave. Abandoning the body. Her wings carried her down, and the others drew back. They had drawn closer, but now she was descending. Her glory was strong, and dangerous, and they did not like pain. She watched this body, from up close, this beautiful thing. Dead. Abandoned. The priest had said that on Starlight, there were gifts. Treasures. She took it, and her wings carried her back up. She had another treasure. Dragons should have treasures. Especially on Starlight.
  6. Wish Upon A Starsfall Times and Signups Setting some times and dates! Let's do this~ I'm not making a signup list, whoever wants to participate/advance a given plot point can show up at these times and poke me in Discord. - Which plot point(s) addressed will be dependent upon who shows up. - People can show up late or during, the times shown are only suggestions. - Multiple plot points might be dealt with in a given night if all they require is some light RP and rolls. - I reserve the right to end early if I'm stressed/tired, and might also go later if in the mood. - Essentially, consider these to be office hours in which it's possible for events to take place. Tuesday, September 18, 7 pm EST until 2 am EST Thursday, September 20, 7 pm EST until 2 am EST Saturday, September 22, 7 pm EST until 2 am EST
  7. The Rendezvous Tea House is holding its once-a-moon opening.. come line up, pick a Host or Hostess, and retreat to one of our special hosting booths or chambers for tea, canap├ęs, wine, dessert snacks.. and of course as much lovely discourse with your Host or Hostess as you desire~ See here for more information!
  8. C) Primal Hunter Eorzea! - 07/29/2018 - 09:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST Sign me up!
  9. Sign me up for the July 21st event~ This being said, I'm flexible! If that one fills up and other players can only make it and not the 28th one, they can message me, I'll probably be able to swap ^^ EDIT: Switching to the 28th, giving my spot on the 21st to Zetchryn since she asked in the Discord at 1:48 pm EST
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