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  1. Act 2: As Above, So Below Chapter 3 Yawn Wide, the Ever Hungering Void (Sunday, September 15th, 2018, 7pm EST) A leveplate reads: The last group of adventurers we sent out somehow managed to open a voidgate in the middle of the Shroud. We are doing all we can to contain it, but any specialists capable of closing such a thing are required as soon as possible. -Hearer Faucher 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  2. Act 2: As Above, So Below Chapter 2 To Chase the Stars (Saturday, August 31st, 2018, 7pm EST) A leveplate reads: We have been tracking a number of aetherial anomalies across the Shroud. They seem to have been making a path towards Mor Dhona, making it likely that someone or something is causing it. We would like to charge a group of adventurers to investigate what is causing this and put it to rights. -Hearer Faucher 1. Yjmir 2. Renaea 3. An 4. Khena 5. Orrin
  3. Act 2: As Above, So Below Chapter 1 Monster (Saturday, June 15th, 2018, 7pm EST) A leveplate reads: While our main front against Garlemald has rested at the Ghimlyt Dark, there’s been several ancillary points on our borders that we have kept an eye on. The terrain is generally too rough or unfavorable in some way for Garlemald to launch a serious assault through there, but we still wished to make sure that nothing was snuck through. One in particular, a fortified research facility of some sort that the Ala Mhigan Resistance had investigated several months ago, had it’s alarms begin going off but a few hours ago. We need adventurers to get in there quickly and find out what’s going on. Find out if this is an opportunity to push back Garlemald. -Alliance Commander Aelbert Dyster 1. Anstarra Silverain 2. Renaea Algiernis 3. Angelise Reiter 4. Kal Qestir 5. Khira Lhizahla
  4. Much delayed, but the finale for Act 1 is here, with Act 2 soon to follow. Act 1: As Without, So Within Chapter 7 The Black Rot (Saturday, June 1st, 2018, 7pm EST) A leveplate reads: Undeterred by injury, the great J’alles Balsamo has rallied in studying the affliction that has plagued the Twelveswood and helped trace it to its source. No longer will Wood Wailers have to work to simply contain this rot, for now we can strike at it directly. -J’alles Balsamo 1. Renaea Algiernis 2. Kal Qestir 3. Anstarra Silverrain 4. Kasado Misado 5. Angelise Reiter
  5. Somnnus Aurelis Turns for Act I, Chapter 6 Last Updated: July 23rd New Turns for PCs: 20 New Turns for NPCs: 15 Player Turns: 20 / 20 Remaining NPC Turns: 15 / 15 Remaining
  6. Act 1: As Without, So Within Chapter 6 a) Eft That (Sunday, July 1st, 2018, 6pm EST) A leveplate reads: The Efts north of Ul’dah have been showing strange mutations as of late. I think it’s time for the lab members of the Future Alchemical Research Team to gather and investigate this strange occurance! -Renowned Alchemist J’alles Balsamo Scribbled in near the bottom: Any adventurers not associated with the lab are welcome too, just keep that idiot safe. 1. Virara Wakuwa 2. Cassidy Thorne 3. Lycheria Itazura 4. Uzuki Katakura b) Signs and Sigils (Sunday, July 2nd, 2018, 7pm EST) A leveplate reads: Several Wood Wailers have reported suspicious cloaked individuals roaming in the Shroud. With the spreading disease, we can’t afford to not look into something like this. I’d like a team of adventurers to help track down this group. -Jacques Delacroix 1. Khena Ridah 2. Anstarra Silverrain 3. Renaea Algiernis 4. Kasado Misado
  7. I'll sign Artoria up for Friday's event.
  8. Act 1: As Without, So Within Chapter 5 a) Wonder Anew at the Wonders of J’alles Balsamo (Wednesday, May 9th, 2018, 8pm EST) An Advertisement Reads: Come one, come all! The famed Alchemist, J’alles Balsamo plans to reveal his latest (and greatest) invention! Don’t be left out and make you way down to the Gold Court to get your chance at this latest bit of history in the making! 1. Renaea Algiernis 2. Jana Ridah 3. U'jakata (Anstarra) 4. Reis Okeya b) The Fugitive (Saturday, May 12th, 2018, 7pm EST) A leveplate reads: After the murder of Doctor Falafu a few weeks ago, we’ve been searching for individuals matching the description that eyewitnesses provided. Once such individual was recently spotted headed South East. We suspect they’re trying to make a break for the Sagolii. Stop them and bring them in! -The Brass Blades 1. Kal Qestir 2. Turere Ture 3. Cassidy Thorne 4. Lycheria Itazura 5. Silmeria Langford
  9. Somnnus Aurelis Turns for Act I, Chapter 4 Last Updated: April 21st New Turns for PCs: 20 New Turns for NPCs: 15 Player Turns: 20 / 20 Remaining NPC Turns: 15 / 15 Remaining
  10. Act 1: As Without, So Within Chapter 4 a) The Most Dangerous Game (Friday, April 20th, 2018, 8pm EST) Help wanted: Several adventurers to hunt and capture a particular beast. A infected wolf that causes instant necrosis and needs to be brought back alive for analysis. Tracking and trapping experience preferred but not required. Familiarity with the shroud is also desired. -Ri’nji Solstan 1. Lycheria Itazura 2. Kasado Misado (Khira) 3. Kal Qestir 4. Khena Ridah (Jana) b) No Country for Old Garleans (Saturday, April 21st, 2018, 8pm EST) Help Wanted: A few adventurers to infiltrate and capture a Garlean scientist. Two individuals in good health to cause a distraction at the gate and another pair to infiltrate a small castrum. Individuals should be able to work under pressure as well as handle the possibility of capture and excruciating torture. A bonus will be provided for the difficulty and for swift completion of objectives. -Ri’nji Solstan 1. Akiko Nomura 2. Cassidy Thorne (Spahro) 3. Anstarra Silverrain 4. S'imba Tia Reserve: 1. 2.
  11. Somnnus Aurelis Turns for Act I, Chapter 3 Last Updated: April 3rd New Turns for PCs: 20 New Turns for NPCs: 15 Player Turns: 14 / 20 Remaining Anstarra Silverrain -- Get More Info from that Castrum. (2) Ri'nji Solstan -- Decode the stolen documents. (2) Anstarra Silverrain -- Interrogate a Bandit. (2) NPC Turns: 8 / 15 Remaining J'alles Balsamo -- Working on his greatest invention to date! (2) Jacques Delacroix -- Working to cure the illness. (2) H'liata -- Robbing Caravans with the Gang. (3)
  12. Act 1: As Without, So Within Chapter 3 a) The Wild Bunch (Saturday, March 31st, 2018, 7pm EST) A leveplate reads: “We’re running a supply caravan out towards Revenant’s Toll, but most of our long term guards have let their contracts lapse. We need another four adventurers to fill the gap in the short term. Compensation will be standard for this type of job.” -Jajariku Nanariku, Merchant 1. Ture 2. Anstarra 3. Lycheria 4. X'bree Ares b) A Simple Task (Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018, 8pm EST) A leveplate reads: “A doctor friend of mine in Ul’dah is preparing a delivery for me. It’s small enough that transportation shouldn’t be an issue, but it can’t be brought through the aethernet, so you’ll have to deliver it by foot.” -Ishgardian Priest, Jacques Delacroix 1. S'imba 2. Chachanji 3. Nexxa 4. Cassidy Thorne (Spahro) Reserve: 1. 2.
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