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  1. All those hours where you aren't logged in the game? They are taking care of those NPC burdens and the time you spend RPing is after they got it all sorted and tucked them to sleep. Problem solved.
  2. Koro Dotharl

    Au'ra Physiology: Limbral Rings (What are they?)

    They don't glow afaik. If you get in a dark area you wont see it. They just lack shading so they get very prominent in color.
  3. Koro Dotharl

    Runestone/Invitational/Magic Tournaments in general

    No. Sidurgu was NOT in the holy see. He was a victim of it. And a Dark Knight.
  4. Koro Dotharl

    Runestone/Invitational/Magic Tournaments in general

    "You don't pay muh sub" is not an argument that makes you immune from criticism. If you play an Au Ra that was part of the holy see you are effectively ruining the time of everyone around you so yeah they should be limited to their own bubble instead of making events difficult to attend. If you are hosting an open events at the gates of Ul'dah where people are summoning the void and white magic at the very least they should be raided by the authorities and hunted down by the WoL. Common sense etc. But no common sense doesn't apply here. For the sake of political correctness we just let other people ruin themselves for I'm pretty sure letting them do whatever is a disservice to them. If you explain to them why an Au Ra in the holy see is completely bonkers then you'd probably help them make a character that fit the setting and can actually get into FCs and be involved. But no let them run themselves into a dead end character. Having standards is not a crime. And wishing to RP in the setting accurately is not an exception or a minority. You shouldn't be made to be alienated from public spaces when they are the ones breaking the rules and not you. And this goes back to the organizers just either not caring about providing a good, accurate RP or not having the courage to do what an admin does. Provided they aren't lore-breakers themselves that ban you for pointing out that no you can't be half-dragon and half-cat.
  5. Koro Dotharl

    Runestone/Invitational/Magic Tournaments in general

    Grindstone have been the only tournament I've enjoyed cause all others I've been into had people that destroyed the lore. Half-Dragons, White mages and whatnot. Complete disregard. The problem is also the organizer's reaction to criticism. Not gonna say any names but the general reaction is that people that do not enjoy the event just stay silent and leave, and those that ruined it compliments it with their enjoyment. Result is the people pointing out lore violations are dismissed as a minority. Really bad. Taking criticism and acting on it is a skill. One that takes people far in life. And we as a community need to grow the balls to give it, too (within respect). Only then people will finally enjoy living in this setting in a public space.
  6. Koro Dotharl

    Partyfinder: Roleplay Advertisement - Would you?

    No I don't use it. There's a lot that can go wrong and I don't want to deal with that. I often completely forget it even exist unless I want to run content so I miss a lot of ads. Most events are on the Balmung calendar anyway.
  7. Koro Dotharl

    Emotional distress from RP

    If it consoles you any, OP. All RPers goes through this at some point. In some shape or form. As much as we all want to separate ourselves from the scene, RP is still an emotional investment and a plot you invested a lot of time in will inevitably get you worked up if it goes to shit all of sudden. OOC communication is key to avoid making things awkward, which is what malfunctioned here. I'm really sorry that you had to go through this trial as a first experience.
  8. Koro Dotharl

    Albino Xaela?

    There are no proofs in lore but I don't see why you couldn't be. Just be ready for some heavy racism from the other Xaela who are probably going to think their mother had an affair with a Raen or worse, were cursed by whatever superstition.
  9. After a few years closed off in my own communities, I am doing a leap of faith in an attempt to meet new people. My character's name is Koro Dotharl, she trained as a Dark Knight throughout an RP plot with a mentor actually roleplayed by a player. This could represent a possible hook as she is sure to share many common traits that many Dark Knights have. Being a distaste for injustice and the unique possibility to discuss the dark arts. She is also available for tribal hooks. Either from the same tribe or from rival ones that were wronged by the Dotharli. She is nostalgic of home although she will not admit it, so RP in the steppes is a personal favorite. Koro also never lost her mercenary habits and will help your character for coin if you need a bodyguard or someone martially inclined to take care of difficult situations. Although she will never hurt innocent people, she can sometimes still be involved with the more shady sorts so long as they don't collide with her interests and personal beliefs. Koro's backstory is only accessible through IC means but personality wise, she is grumpy, serious and stoic with a soft side only accessible to those that put some effort into knowing her. My character is extrovert and social so you do not need to have that much in common with her at all. I am especially interested in people that are different and that can teach new perspectives to Koro. If your character leans more on the schoalry type, she can narrate all sort of facts and stories about the steppes and Xaela culture. She can also offer some insight into the dark arts. You can find my player directory here. What am I looking for Mostly allies and friends. Although rivals and enemies are welcome it would be on the shorter term as Koro just straight up do not seek people she hates. Unless they need to die. People that play often. More than a few times a week. Lore-savvy roleplayers that can apply more than a little effort to be a part of the established setting. I do welcome creative liberties and a little bend here and there but not if it goes to extreme lengths or if the concept stretches loopholes to the point of breaking. Romance can happen but only as a natural result of ongoing events. As I am stubbornly against pre-arranged romances, this cannot be the only reason you contact me. A back-and-forth in the amount of RP and content provided. I will do my absolute best to entertain you with as many topics and actions as possible and I expect my partners to do the same. OOC communication. This is important to make sure the RP remains fun to both of us in case something needs to be clarified.
  10. Koro Dotharl

    balmung Koro Dotharl

    ~Updates~ My first update after over an year and half! Koro is now to teach the way of the greatsword at The Bladed Pinion free company and is also part of a caravan that hunts and secure dangerous artifacts. Small updates to Koro's wiki.
  11. Koro Dotharl

    The tricky subject of Rp and Spelling

    When I first started RPing my english was barely beyond school level. Could barely spell to save my life and I had this one accident where I thought 'punching' and 'fisting' had the same meaning. That was uhm awkward to say the least. Yet I was lucky enough to be in a group of patient people that were decent enough to correct my mistakes politely without ever making me feel unwelcome or patronized. Slowly over time they helped me improve my english and my RP in turn. Now, I am not saying that I'm as good as a native and I still slip-up but I am certainly a lot better than others. All thanks to people that did not think of themselves as superior to others. The english I developed through RP also allowed me to consider living abroad. So yeah learn from your mistakes and improve. Eventually you'll be better than the elitists themselves.
  12. Koro Dotharl

    discussion Can people eat voidsent meat?

    Why would you eat Voidsent meat?
  13. Koro Dotharl

    My impression on fxiv and the rp community

    As far as this game is concerned I never hada good experience with random RP. Ever. I have the luck of beign in a good LS and an inclusive FC but outside of that it's been garbage. It's not just you having an hard time. I've been told not to RP my character, harassed on the forum\tumblr etc by some very bad people. And out there it's mostly fetish characters that somehow decided to take time off the quicksand to give me some grief. My advice is to find a small bubble of the community that accepts you andstick with them.
  14. If cultural exchange was the main focus I would host one in Eorzea, then. Characters that dont know much about xaela culture likely wont cross the continent for a few hours of brawls, but if the event comes to them there will be more foreigners to check it out, spawn an interest to trade oversea etc. ICly speaking I think it works best for that purpose. Xaela turnament on the xaela lands..Xaela audience. My character was there to reconnect with her origins but got confused at all the Domans, Gridanians and whatnot partecipating and beating the natives. I'm talking about a purely IC perspective ofc. Not saying what you should or should not do. Just a different perspective.
  15. It's a great initiative but there were a few things that struck me as thematically incoherent: The MSQ really presses on the fact that Xaela tribes (especially thoss that care of tradition) do not trust outsiders very much and a whole plotline is dedicated to earn that trust. And while the deeds of the WoL did inspire some progressiveness I still think that they would hesitate to include outsiders in an event like this unless they prooved themselves worthy of beign warriors of the steppes. Moreover, the survival of the fittest mentality that steppes xaela have in lore seems to discourage a loser's bracket. Once defeated, you are bested and you'll be ztronger next time. I don't sse it as beign mean to people but it's just hos the theme of the race is presented. Just my two cents, of course. If this community is to host a fully fledged Nadaam, staying true to the lore and the culture or each tribe should be a priority over appeasing to everyone. Outsiders could still make some sort of trial or even go through the same process the NPCs did to proove themselves to the tribes, so long as it's acknowledged that events like this are a big deal for each xaela. Just my personal feedback, of course. I can still see why people prefered to not have it be race-specific and include everyone. Still a fun event. PS. Typos because I'm on the phone.