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  1. ~Updates~ This year's update is glad to inform that Koro got married with Sagra Dotharl!
  2. Mateus and Balmung are still the go-to servers for RP
  3. Omega has some presence but it's very small. A lot of EU folks went to NA servers because that's where most of the RP is. If you don't mind a community like that then it might suit you but don't expect the casual RP you can get on Balmung or Mateus. I am EU myself but I'll stay on Balmung even if the schedules can be hard to follow.
  4. Bear in mind that if your character gives in to the darkness, they will be taken over by the darkside and there is no known cure for that. It is the constant struggle every dark knight faces. The battle between their inner self that tells them to kill. you would need some sort of counter balance to not succumb. Or maybe you could just embrace it and play a succumbed DRK. That is possible and fits the sociopath persona. Just bear in mind the darkside is not exactly...A sociable creature.
  5. The quicksand have a bad reputation as an erp nest and a meeting place for people that break the lore. So its only natural that a lot of people will slowly back away. Join an FC and you'll suddenly drown in more RP than you can handle. Because thats how it works in this game. RP is closed off to many private pockets you have to find and get into. Not saying all public events and rp sucks but if you are looking for quality plots? They are unreliable.
  6. If you just roll with whatever randoms force on your character you will find yourself in very awkward, terrible situations. I advice that you protect your character's concepts more next time or you might end up like this again in the future. It's not a bad thing to say no sometimes. People are different and so are their tastes and what they're after. Don't feel bad for protecting your own fun cause the person that changed your race sure doesn't care about that.
  7. It is particularly frustrating when a character explores a zone for the first time yet everyone around them seems to have all the answers as if they read wikipedia. There is a sense of development in slowly working a character out of ignorance through research and exploration please don't ruin it to make your character look smart.
  8. I wouldn't let the pressure of other people make you bin a character. That way you'd prove that their griefing campaign works. Be proud of what you are. Even those that are somewhat detached from their Dotharl culture should not be -made- to hide from themselves. My character always says she's a Dotharl when presenting herself. It's what she is and if people aren't okay with it, it's their problem. Not hers to 'fix'. That isn't to say that the Dotharls didn't do what they did, but you are your own person. Your tribe is just an early influence from which you can branch out or rebel against! So y'all don't get discouraged from some metagamer that shoots you on sight upon noticing your nameplate. If you aren't the kind of person that likes confrontation, just walk off and block them if they send hate mail. You really do not want to deal with such red flags anyway.
  9. RPers that are so shallow to OOC grief people cause of a tribe they don't like on top of metagaming and godmoding aint worth anyone's effort imho.
  10. I generally enjoy getting discriminated IC cause I am aware that the Dortharli did a lot of bad stuff to other tribes that would warrant some grudges. Your case however smells like..OOC blend of some kind of dislike towards the tropes Dotharl RP usually uses? I'd back off and not acknowledge them if they are not fun to play with. Koro is a rather traditional Dotharl, but still wouldn't attack people for no reason. Especially after SB revealed they aren't that bad at all. It's all about your character and what their heritage and culture means to them. If people dismiss that? Fuk'em. A bunch of goons that teams up on a single person aint worth a Dotharl's time! Could also be they be jelly of our cool tribe getting msq focus. Cant' blame them! We are awesome.
  11. All those hours where you aren't logged in the game? They are taking care of those NPC burdens and the time you spend RPing is after they got it all sorted and tucked them to sleep. Problem solved.
  12. They don't glow afaik. If you get in a dark area you wont see it. They just lack shading so they get very prominent in color.
  13. No. Sidurgu was NOT in the holy see. He was a victim of it. And a Dark Knight.
  14. "You don't pay muh sub" is not an argument that makes you immune from criticism. If you play an Au Ra that was part of the holy see you are effectively ruining the time of everyone around you so yeah they should be limited to their own bubble instead of making events difficult to attend. If you are hosting an open events at the gates of Ul'dah where people are summoning the void and white magic at the very least they should be raided by the authorities and hunted down by the WoL. Common sense etc. But no common sense doesn't apply here. For the sake of political correctness we just let other people ruin themselves for I'm pretty sure letting them do whatever is a disservice to them. If you explain to them why an Au Ra in the holy see is completely bonkers then you'd probably help them make a character that fit the setting and can actually get into FCs and be involved. But no let them run themselves into a dead end character. Having standards is not a crime. And wishing to RP in the setting accurately is not an exception or a minority. You shouldn't be made to be alienated from public spaces when they are the ones breaking the rules and not you. And this goes back to the organizers just either not caring about providing a good, accurate RP or not having the courage to do what an admin does. Provided they aren't lore-breakers themselves that ban you for pointing out that no you can't be half-dragon and half-cat.
  15. Grindstone have been the only tournament I've enjoyed cause all others I've been into had people that destroyed the lore. Half-Dragons, White mages and whatnot. Complete disregard. The problem is also the organizer's reaction to criticism. Not gonna say any names but the general reaction is that people that do not enjoy the event just stay silent and leave, and those that ruined it compliments it with their enjoyment. Result is the people pointing out lore violations are dismissed as a minority. Really bad. Taking criticism and acting on it is a skill. One that takes people far in life. And we as a community need to grow the balls to give it, too (within respect). Only then people will finally enjoy living in this setting in a public space.
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