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  1. So I'm not to keen on the Ninja Lore. However one of my characters on my server, is a shinobi. My question is, how long do Mudras take to master? I'd imagine they'd take quite a long time. Years maybe? Decades? I doubt it'd take months or so to master ALL mudras. Learning and then obviously practicing, wouldn't take long. However completely mastering the whole art? I feel like it'd take a long time. Anyways, my question is, how long does it take to master all Mudras?
  2. Thinking about making my character a Dark Knight. I just want to know a lot more about the lore however. I know it's like much of an emotional class and whatnot. My character is kind of a sociopath, so would that even work? Also, how would one rp as a Dark Knight?
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