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  1. We RP in a number of different ways in Cerberus Solutions. Our main method we do together is in game RP in FF XIV, typically with FC events happening on Saturdays or Sundays. Usually around 5pm CST. We do use the /random command to roll for various actions when needed to keep things interesting as we believe there should always be a chance to fail at the things we do. Failure makes for great, and often entertaining, character growth opportunities. And when you plan something crazy and the dice gods smile on you it just feels so much better in the end. We also play using discord for longer more leisurely events. While our ingame events are typically 3-4, maybe even 5 hour long sessions the discord ones are play as you can and typically last days if not a week or more. We do this for those who find themselves just too busy to play the game but want to stay connected and having fun with the rest of us. Plus for -some- of us the character limit helps keeps things shorter... if marginally so <.< We also use forums to organize our larger events such as our current first big plot, "The Hard Goodbye", dealing with the aftermath of a botched job and treachery and the sudden arrival of a larger more powerful syndicate out for our blood. You can read the first few posts here: https://cerberussolutions.enjin.com/forum/m/50652328/viewthread/32791568-hard-goodbye/post/137783352#p137783352 As we do events, in game or on discord the logs are recorded here to keep track of it all and give members who couldn't participate a chance to catch up on things. We will also be posting a job board on the forums in tandem with the main plot to give members a chance to take on jobs and help the group whittle down the opponents various operations. Lastly we are big about personal stories being a driving force of CS and as such we have a RP method created to give players the chance to grow their own criminal enterprises and deal with the things that come along with that in "Business is war, and business is good." Players are given some very basic information on people in the different kinds of criminal rackets within the city who they can choose to take on with the goal of either eliminating them or taking over their operations. How they do this is completely up to them as the point of this is to give them the option to make the kind of content they would like, with the officers (storytellers) creating and playing the characters and running things to see how it all plays out. While our main plots are community based and rely on group storytelling these are smaller more one on one (or whoever you choose to bring with) to let members explore the content they want to do but might not normally get too in a group. You can read more about it here: https://cerberussolutions.enjin.com/forum/m/50652328/viewthread/32539420-business-war-good/post/137782571#p137782571
  2. We are launching the first part of our first major plot arc, A Hard Goodbye, dealing with the fallout of the last botched job and betrayal the group suffered. Banding together they are looking to topple a new group that is quickly establishing itself within the city and trying to secure their patron a place at the table among the high ups of Ul'dah society. The group is going to try and target his captains and their operations, disrupting his business and weakening his position, hoping to ultimately force an error and maneuver him into a position where they can deal with him directly in some form or another. But his resources are vast and it will take time, cunning, and teamwork to bring him down. You can read the start of the thread here: https://cerberussolutions.enjin.com/forum/m/50652328/viewthread/32791568-hard-goodbye/page/1 We are also launching the start of our player driven story content "Business is war, and Business is good" which gives players the chance to live out their criminal fantasies and grow their business and resources, and build the new organization from the ground up together. Dossiers on various low level criminals in different fields have been posted and members interested in branching out into a specific area can take the dossier and set up their own jobs and plan to best them however they'd prefer. Whether it's to beat them, seduce them, frame them, or whatever other solution your character would take in dealing with their adversaries and growing their business. We set up the characters and the members decide how they want to do it, and then we run the story for them to see how it all plays out. Details on this can be found here: https://cerberussolutions.enjin.com/forum/m/50652328/viewthread/32539420-business-war-good/post/137782571#p137782571 If any of this sounds interesting to you and the type of group you'd like to play with check out our club page on this site as well as our main enjin page with the links listed in the first post above.
  3. Taken from our website at : https://cerberussolutions.enjin.com/coc Cerberus Solutions requires that all members and applicants abide by our Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct is built on the principles of respect, tolerance, and maturity. We expect all members to be able to demonstrate these principles. Cerberus as a whole encourages and trends towards dark and mature roleplay. Different guilds under the Cerberus umbrella will have different themes and emphases; however, themes of violence, sexuality, psychological horror, and moral ambiguity should be expected. It is your responsibility to know your limits within these themes, and respect the limits of others. The Do's Be nice, respect people, stay active (or tell us if you can't be), stay within legal limits of things, and respect your game's Terms of Service. As a member of CS you are expected to: Be over 18. In addition, all characters MUST be physically and emotionally adults for their species. Respect other people. This includes tolerate people with differing views from your own, and using spoiler / NSFW / trigger warnings as appropriate. Respect people's privacy. This includes getting permission before posting chat logs or conversations, and not asking for personal information, pictures, etc. that isn't volunteered. Be aware of, and encourage, IC/OOC separation. Good RP can often have OOC emotional impact, but it’s your responsibility to manage this. IC conflict is never an excuse for OOC conflict, and vice versa. Avoid drama for the sheer sake of drama, especially OOC. Drama belongs in stories, not in our forums/chat. Be prepared to ask questions if you're unsure about something, and be prepared to say if you see something that is unacceptable Keep active, and log in to the forums/game at least once every few weeks, or alert us that you’ll be absent. Strive to be open, welcoming, and courteous with the wider game communities; your behaviour as a CS member reflects on our entire guild. This includes respecting the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct of whichever games you play. Be responsible with the use of any social media (such as any IC Twitter accounts), and adhere to those services’ Codes of Conduct. The Don'ts As a member of CS, you agree that you will not: Harass, bully or threaten other players in any form.* Use harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language.* Espouse racist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, or other hate-mongering philosophy.* Select a character name that is offensive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable; or that references famous persons, historical figures, or fictional characters. Repost, divulge or otherwise reproduce RP logs, chat logs or similar material without the express permission of those involved. Post adult material, of any kind, to public game spaces, forums, or chat channels. Start or promote conflict with other players just for the sake of it. Use Cerberus or its affiliated guilds as a forum for political, partisan, religious or social justice issues. This is not the place for that. We do have a section on our discord for NSFW that does delve into divisive and nuanced conversations, but all members who participate are expected to treat each other with respect even as they are free to disagree with each other Otherwise bring the guild into disrepute, by word or deed. * There is a difference between OOC and IC actions of threatening, harassment, offensive language, and racism or inflammatory political viewpoints. We roleplay in mature settings, and these things are often part of our characters lives. It is up to you to make clear to others what is IC and what is OOC, to take ownership of the IC consequences of playing an abrasive or abusive character, and to work with and communicate with others to respect their boundaries and limits regarding such play. Consult with leadership if you aren't sure or need advice on how to safely do so. Leadership Responsibilities Cerberus-affiliated guild leadership will: Be active and engaged in the guild that they run. Strive to present decisions that affect their guild in an open, transparent, and inclusive way. Seek consensus on major decisions, wherever possible. Govern and seek to resolve conflicts in a balanced, fair, and compassionate manner. Be open to suggestions for improvement, and offer suggestions to others. Communicate regularly with Cerberus metaguild leadership. Cerberus metaguild leadership will, in addition: Provide mentorship and advice for players and guildleads. Assist in organization and promotion of cross-game activity. Serve as final line of resolution for decisions and conflicts if necessary.
  4. Some of you may recognize our FC name if you've had any experience playing in the Secret World setting. Cerberus Solutions is a group that was founded there in game close to 6 years ago and was even recognized in game by the company as one of the founding groups who made that game what it was. Many of our founding members are still around in some form today, whether its being active on our discord discussing a wide range of things or playing in any one of the various games we enjoy together. We made the decision last year to officially switch from a SWL focus to carrying our long history and legacy into other games we were already playing together to keep our community alive and well even as the game we originally came together around stagnated. While many of us had characters belonging to other FC's we came together earlier this year to form and create Cerberus Solutions in FF XIV and create the first chapter in our planned meta-game community expansion. True to our history we are a FC dedicated to telling compelling and often somewhat darker stories with flawed and complex characters driving our plots forward. In FF XIV our FC focus is on criminal enterprises and exploring the many different reasons people have for choosing a way of life that puts them at odds with so many people. This is not always an easy world, and Ul'dah is a city as rife with corruption as it is with opportunity and prosperity. Ours are the characters who for some reason or another found themselves in a position where they operate outside the boundaries of the law in order to survive and thrive in this city they call home. As our story unfolds and more things are revealed we have plans to expand our themes into new areas offering us the chance to explore even more concepts together. After months of planning and obtaining FC housing, the true endgame, we began the process of establishing our characters and group in game. We recently finished our IC founding event and started our first larger plot and have opened our community to recruitment at this time. While our numbers are still rather limited our focus has always been on quality over quantity and making sure those who are part of our organization are truly involved in both the story and community we have spent the last 6 years developing. A significant key to this success is our thorough application process to ensure that those who join our community are the right fit for us, and equally as important that we are what you are looking for in a FC. This process is one of the reasons we have always had a reputation for low OOC drama and quality roleplay we are proud of to this day. More information about who we are OOC, IC, and our application process can be found here: https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forum/330-topics/ For those who'd like to go straight to our site to look around you can find us on Enjin at: https://cerberussolutions.enjin.com/ So if you are interested in exploring the underworld of FF XIV with compelling player character driven stories where every action has a consequence this is the place consider dropping by our forums and applying. And if you have any questions feel free to post them here or message me privately. We look forward to getting to know you soon!
  5. We are newly formed in game IC’ly and are now opening our doors for recruitment. Part of the key to our communities long history is our careful application and selection process, we want to make sure people are a good fit for us and that we are what you are looking for. Because of this we have a long history of minimal OOC drama that we are proud of, after all the drama is only any fun when it's IC and something we do to our own characters. You can apply at https://cerberussolutions.enjin.com/apply by filling out and submitting an application on our Enjin page. Our membership will read and review the application before voting on whether to move the application along to the next step in the process. From there we will arrange an IC and OOC interview in game to meet and get to know each other a little better and once the interview is complete the group will talk and discuss and vote one final time to accept or decline the applicant. While FF XIV is the first game we are expanding out too the vote is open to all members who are currently involved, included those who do not play the specific game, because joining CS is joining a community that has been around for several years now, and once you are in you belong to all of it, not just our FF XIV community. We are going to be taking it slow at first, building up and incorporating people into our FC and community slowly at first to make sure everyone is fitting in and a part of our story and group. If you aren’t accepted the first time do keep an eye out for when we are opening recruitment again, and consider applying again when we are open. Feel free to message me on these forums if you'd like more information. You can also message me in-game (Steinarr Stormchaser) or on Enjin, my profile is : https://cerberussolutions.enjin.com/profile/18184054 if you have any specific questions. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better!
  6. Ul’dah has always been the place where fortunes are constantly made and lost, and one’s loss is almost always another person’s gain. Recently there have been a new group moving in and throwing their muscle around, disrupting and sometimes outright impeding the efforts of others to go about their normal day to day business. “Join or be squashed” is the message that has been sent, and nobody seems certain who in particular is behind this shadowy group. In the heart of the goblet there is a small pawnshop that has sprung up recently in the last few weeks that seems to cater to a certain type of clientele. Upstairs there are smiling and happy attendants waiting to do business but for those who request an appraisal are taken to a room where they meet privately with the proprietors of the store. There they discuss the value of a particular service, evaluating the risks and costs as well as the reward and settle on a price together as well as a return date. A promissory note is written up and handed to the patron, with a copy going onto a board in the basement. An 'associate' who belongs to the company picks which assignment they want to pursue and then put together a team to get the job done. At the decided upon time the patron returns and submits the slip and is given a package along with a note and in turn they pay the agreed to price. But recently something went wrong, very wrong, and they've now ended up on the radar of this much larger group. The smart thing to do would be to cut and run and set up somewhere else once the dust had settled down but sometimes the only thing to do is fight back. Recognizing they cannot do it alone they have chosen to officially form their own organization, one dedicated to thwarting and subverting the operations of their new Thavnarian friends and seeking to build a true future for themselves together. What that future looks like though isn't clear. There are now posters placed in various parts of the city where those of a certain persuasion are known to do business and gather with a simple message, “Looking for independent operators will to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Wages are on a by commission basis, subject to negotiation. Those looking to enquire should head to the Goblet, Ward 16, plot 26. An interview will be arranged for a demonstration of the applicant’s qualifications. Only the best need apply.”
  7. Cerberus Solutions is a group that has been together for over 5 years now. Founded and ran primarily in Secret World Legends the group was a true-blue Illuminati organization that worked at keeping the peace with the underworld and keeping the pyramid’s interests secure. We have a long and proud history of quality roleplay and members, many of whom have been playing together for over 6 years. Last year we made the decision to turn into a multi-game community seeking to create and carry on our legacy in new games with new people. In FF XIV Cerberus Solutions has been founded as a criminal FC that carries on our tradition of telling dark and compelling stories featuring flawed and complex characters with personal stories and plots that drive our story forward. Our characters are people who for personal reasons have found themselves on the wrong side of the law, some aren’t here by choice while others were born into it. They are not “good” people, but they aren’t villains either, rather they are those trying to do whatever it takes to survive and build some sort of future together. Their struggles, difficult choices, and the consequences of their actions are the focus of our character focused storytelling we work to tell. Our FC was founded IC'ly just recently after months of planning and preparations, and yes, clicking a sign endlessly to obtain FC housing. Our first major FC plot arc has to do with hiding and fighting back from a larger syndicate that has recently moved into Ul'dah from Thavnair after a job that went sideways has planted them firmly in their cross-hairs. Currently they are working on recruiting and growing their organization and identifying the different operations and interests the group is running. You can read the logs for the event here: https://cerberussolutions.enjin.com/forum/m/50652328/viewthread/32762077-wedding-crashers-logs/post/137700977#p137700977 - the first part of the event took place on our discord server over the course of a week while the final part was in game. You can read a more light hearted story about our FC housing acquisition here: https://cerberussolutions.enjin.com/forum/m/50652328/viewthread/32737217-matters-estate-logs/post/137626959#p137626959 -We tell dark and compelling stories but know sometimes you need a little humor and levity too. We also have plans to expand our current themes down the road as plot allows for it. While we are RP’ers first and foremost we are also players who truly love the game and playing it together. We run roulettes every Sunday and run other content on Tuesdays as time and interest permits. Styles of RP: We are primarily and in-game FC but do have a community discord with it's own FF XIV section where we do rp with each other, and members are free to rp with each other and friends in either setting. We use /random from time to time to determine the success or failure of our characters actions as RP is meant to be a living thing we experience together and failure should -always- be an option. We also are firm believers in actions having consequences and plot lines and character choices can and will have long term consequences, whether they be good or bad. We don't discourage players from playing their characters how they want to, and sometimes it can be fun to play the renegade or outsider, but we do stress that such actions will themselves inspire appropriate reactions from other player characters as well as the NPC's the leadership manages. Information on our code of conduct and expectations for members can be found in the Code of Conduct in our club topic section.
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