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  1. Don't post often but been trying to expand some contacts, you seem to be also friends with two of my friends! ( Yav and Jin). So If your char maybe is looking for a certain book of sorts, let me know! Ty is around most days. You can pm me or discord if Ty seems like a solid contact for ya.
  2. Shado is such a kind spirit, and a great roleplayer! Her art is great,And to add to that she is always just wanting to help!
  3. Charce is great oocly and icly, highly suggested!
  4. Someone in need of elezen guys? Tynos the dusk in his snazzy new coat. http://i.imgur.com/igMq6W8.jpg[/img]
  5. Heartwood will come up! We will have our champ decided by the end of the week <3
  6. I know it is not an FC estate, but you should talk to Reiner, I know he was trying to sell his Large House in the goblet, and was looking for a mist house as well.
  7. Tynos is not open about his involvement with such things, but due to an irp event, The adders witnessed something akin to black magic or what they assumed was, He has a library on the edge of the beds at the heartwood house, where he helps manage. Feel free to have em pop up, It is mostly rumors, and might be a bit defensive but eh.. Feel free to stop by or leave me a message on here!
  8. I waited a year once. Bad mistake. She ended up refunding me only half, and was rude as hell about it. Was kind of sad was my first commy, thought it just took that long. I would try to contact one more time then refund.
  9. BURN THE TECHNOWITCH Technowitch sounds like a killer band name..
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