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  1. Hey everyone! So, I've on and off been returning to FF14--I have 8 characters on Balmung, most of whom have RP established, etc. But I've found very little time to actually play the game for the extended periods of time that I used to (I can't afford 10+ hours a night to RP anymore >.<). While I am mainly a Balmung player, I was actually looking to see if there's anyone who was interested in primarily tumblr/discord RP... https://charcenoir.tumblr.com/Rules These are my general rules for RP and myself and what I'm okay with. I tend to RP more gritty/dark themes...so keep that in mind, if possible ^^ I have two mains but am looking to expand on some alts/new character ideas, including 1 Garlean (villain) and 1 character located in Hingashi/Kugane. I have a few anti-heroes I'd like to try out too! I am kinda busy with work and some other stuff so most of the RP I would do would be out of the game and maybe monday/tuesdays when I am free. I know this is a strange request, way of coming back to FF14 RP but this is the best I could think of for what I want to do.
  2. I've got two spies/thieves that could work. Elezen and Au Ra. I'll try to send you a pm later when I'm home from work.
  3. I used to have an alt that would've worked. I love sky pirate RP >.< I am on Balmung though...
  4. There were still Shirogane apartments on Balmung when I logged out yesterday too.
  5. I got my medium house at 206 in queue on a PS4. It really is all about luck (though I heard some PC people were using log in scripts?) >.< I gave my alt's FC mansion away to my FC since they didn't get their house, so it all worked out. Honestly, the more I think about it I'm not sure what SE can do. I held on to a mansion because I couldn't sell it back to the server and didn't want to sell it to a player and risk getting in trouble (Plus I didn't care for the gil). They have a system that's like...once you have it, you have it. The timers are down too. But they can't just take everyone's housing away either. I don't think it's really about SE ignoring people. At this point in the game, I think there's little they can do except maybe change the way housing can be relinquished and limiting how many one person can have. Hopefully next time will be your chance! Also, just a note...when the timer goes back up, wait 45 days and see what happens. Last time they shut the timer down and it went back up, a bunch of houses were freed up. So that will be another chance.
  6. Could you elaborate a lil more on this one? I'm not sure I quite understand it fully. I often go IC and just park wherever and RP sometimes picks up around me. Sometimes I read it, but usually I'm scouting around to see potential walkups or if anyone's interested in doing the same with my character. Not trying to creep on anyone specifically , Ul'dah just has a lot of RP'ers lol. I think they mean intentionally creeping on one of their partner's one-on-one or group RPs but not participating/involved in that scene at all. I know someone who does this. It's really off-putting. People I know felt like they couldn't RP in certain locations anymore 'cause that person would always be there watching them.
  7. I'm curious why you think that is powerplaying in RP? If I am doing non-roll combat that was plotted OOCly with both people agreeing on the outcome, I give options for attacks and openings by denoting things with "would" or "would try to" since I can't control what the other person is doing with their character. Most of the time I see this, the people are always attempting to one-up the other instead of actually worrying about honest god-modding. Or it is "Rose would say, "Hello!" in which the case is more of a preference. As I said, it tends to be the former which just tells me that it's not going to be fun and there is no give and take. It's just a contest of "I teleported behind you!" Ah, I see. Yeah. I guess in that case it could be annoying. My characters aren't really meant to be combat characters, but it's strange to me when someone's character is constantly trying to be like...one-upping your own constantly? Like... /em waves hello, and sits down. /em would do aggressive thing. /em is some calm thing... /em would do an even more aggressive thing. /em still some calm thing... /em would do an EVEN MORE aggressive thing. Like...pushing that sort of "would try to" constantly for no good reason is weird. It kind of gives off the thing that that person doesn't know how to RP anything but one-upping everyone they interact with, even when the situation doesn't call for it. Also, in that case I'd rather they just god mod instead of constantly try to intimidate my character Let me have a reason to pull the plug sooner xPP
  8. I'm curious why you think that is powerplaying in RP? If I am doing non-roll combat that was plotted OOCly with both people agreeing on the outcome, I give options for attacks and openings by denoting things with "would" or "would try to" since I can't control what the other person is doing with their character. Counterpoint: Does "/em would..." actually add anything to a post that couldn't be conveyed otherwise? There is a difference between painting intentions and using "would" as a means for it. Concession: I see regular events and "/em would" is one of the things that always pricks my immersion bubble. I think it's most appropriate in situations when you are attempting something that needs to be countered via rolls or in open combat. "Would try to"/ "would attempt to." I wouldn't call that a red flag in RP for someone is potentially problematic? It's just a personal preference.
  9. I'm curious why you think that is powerplaying in RP? If I am doing non-roll combat that was plotted OOCly with both people agreeing on the outcome, I give options for attacks and openings by denoting things with "would" or "would try to" since I can't control what the other person is doing with their character.
  10. For my, it's always mostly been about the separation of IC and OOC. There's been a number of people now I had to dump because that line was crossed. And it wasn't just someone developing romantic feelings for me. I had my character call another character an idiot and that person felt personally insulted that my character said that to them. Also...not respecting OOC boundaries is another thing. Like I know someone who had to deal with not feeling comfortable about something happening ICly and the person got mad at them for that. Intentional meta-gaming is a HUGE pet peeve of mine...accidentally remembering something said OOCly as IC is one thing. But like...controlling my character, consistently using OOCly known info, etc. It's just...bleh Another thing that actually kind of annoys me, just because I'm so OCD about scheduling my time, is setting up a time to RP and it constantly being deferred or "Ten more minutes" for hours until ten more minutes becomes the next day and that becomes the next week, etc. Like...unable to keep plans made with you and I'm not talking about for IRL reasons. I'm talking about they decide to RP with someone else instead or decide that POTD is what they are gonna do instead. I'm also not talking about it happening like one time. But consistently blowing you off...I donno. I feel like my time is more valuable than to wait around for someone else constantly? Another reason I became iffy about someone was because of their attitude OOCly...like bad mouthing my friends to me as though I would casually side with them?? Also like...if you're a racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic, etc, etc, etc piece of crap OOCly, I'll drop you like a sack of bricks off the side of a mountain. Another personal thing would also be not feeling like a person is matching the effort I'm putting in to something? I am a paragraph RPer. I can post 6-8 posts no problem (and none of it is internal thoughts). For most situations, I cut it down to two-to-four when it's one-on-one unless I KNOW the person I'm RPing with is up for that kind of other RP. But when it's one-on-one and I'm seriously trying, typing up those two-to-four posts and giving a person a lot to work with and I get like a two word response...it's not something I want to put up with. I know some people have things against becoming friendly with their RP partners OOCly and consider that a red flag, but I think it helps to be at least amicable/on talking terms with them. You gotta plot and at least be agreeable with them, right? If you both are friends OOCly, it makes working through RP a lot easier than someone you treat like a stranger. I wouldn't call that mixing OOC and IC even. Most of my RP partners are set up to be enemies even. I've found that being friends or at least friendly with those people makes discussing and working through potential problems or roadblocks in RP a lot easier. Quick Edit: One thing I'd also add is people who put in their LFRP posts stuff like "looking for a relationship." But that's also just me...people who do this tend to be the types of OOCly get too attached/possessive and/or are RPing for different reasons than myself. Pre-planned romance is hella boring in my opinion
  11. Sent you a friend request on Discord. I'm at work right now, but I'll give you some extra info on my two guys later. This link here has a ton of info with links to stuff about some of my characters and myself as an RPer.
  12. Ah! I recently changed it to Grant Yaeger#5713 instead of the Nameless one if that's the one youv'e been trying. Sorry about the confusion! No problem. I think that's the one I had and was like...completely writing it wrong
  13. Bumping this... I updated my Elezen's RPC/majorly changed. I'm mostly looking for connections on him at the moment.
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