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  1. [align=center]https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/118570467962388481/385719839932809216/clover-and-rhemmy-title.png[/img] A n E o r z e a n T a l e https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/118570467962388481/385719845980733440/eorzea-1.png[/img] “What about Peddler’s Bend,” the woman ventures, affronted. Her eyes are already beginning to glaze from the thick alcohol coursing through her blood. Her tongue stumbles through language and her voice grows increasingly belligerent. Her companion’s ears lay flat against his skull: he can already see how this one will end. He
  2. Here's my disgraced, Ishgardian knight, Gaetan Sorel:
  3. Eeeeee, thank you so much Mossycoats that means the world to me coming from you! Also, I look forward to hearing from you, Charce!! <3
  4. Haha, eyyyyyy! He's a mix of sneering and sadcat lately these days, but I appreciate the vote of confidence. :3
  5. Omg Roveeeeeella you are forever too sweet. ;-; What a pleasant surprise to see you here, I super especially appreciate this post and I'm glad to have your continual support. >///< You da best.
  6. Just did a huge overhaul on this making connections thread and his RPC profile. Ja'rhem's all adrift! Just coming back to FF14 and looking to maybe stretch my legs with some delightful folks! :> Feel free to contact me via PM's, Discord, or in-game! :bouncy:
  7. Haha omg hi there that's totally fine I'll get to it ASAP!! Thanks a lot for giving some resurgent interest! :3
  8. Just coasting along. I'm sticking to BDO as well a little because I'm pretty much in love with the lore I've created there, but I wanted to try something more light-hearted out. Nice to see an old face and I'll definitely take you up on that offer. :3 edit: not that this shit above is light-hearted at all, but the general atmosphere.
  9. We dropped off the face of the earth there for awhile, but I just went through this post and took a hacksaw to it, nixing this, lifting that, stretching taut these pieces and have this concept much more fleshed-out, well-rounded, and better written. There's a lot more lore that I'm choosing not to add at the moment because this seems like it's a perfect amount to digest to get a feel for it! Please feel free to contact me at the various places listed in the final section of the opening post if you're at all interested in getting involved as an actual member of the tribe or someone we can assoc
  10. In the words of our Holy Father, Ernest Hemingway "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." When that doesn't work, 8tracks is pretty nice.
  11. That's good to hear! I look forward to interacting with yours, friend! :3 It sounds super exciting!
  12. Aaaaaaah, exciiiiting! It sounds like I have a counterpart soul in you. :3 I look forward to the PM! We are always happily accepting people who want to make members of the tribe or just get involved in any way!
  13. [align=center][/align] The night terrors and fever dreams of Othard’s western steppes conjure tales of witchmen who in their hubris offered up their hearts and souls in service to a great devil. Now in darkened yurts, mystics and warriors alike commit themselves to rituals both strange and hideous. These are the heathen children of the Qiri-aab (“Crowfather”), a clan contrived from smoke and murder and brought forth through war. In piety, their foreign and eerie tongues fill the night sky with screams and the howling of beasts in the name of their strange father-god. He is a ferryman of s
  14. Omg, yiiiiis. I will snag you as soon as I see you in game, friend. I'd love to be given some jobs. And naturally, more contacts in general for Rhemmy are great.
  15. Always looking for some guttertrash to mingle with! I'll send you a PM! :3 Do you recommend any of his works? The description you gave of his stuff very much tickles the pickle. Anyway, I think it'd be fantastic for him and Nara to meet. She's a hunter and we could have him steal her spoils or something. That, and maybe she could employ him to dig up some dirt on people. Snagged and done! I look forward to this RP a-brewing! :3 As an aside, thanks for all the love on the thread, guys! Keep it coming, I'm ravenous and these teeth are made for chompin'!
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