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  1. Alright, so I've more or less adapted the whole tumblr post to put it in the actual post instead of having to click, that was dumb on my part. I've also added a link to a profile I had made of her a while ago, if you want to know more about the character. I know this website is not the best resource for the wonderful Mateus server, but there you have it, if you have nay questions, do let me know! I am also open to all kinds of RP, so if your character does not fit what I have set up here, do reach out to me.
  2. [align=center]GAL KAMILLE, [/align] [align=center]SKY PIRATE EXTRAORDINAIRE SEEKS PARTNER IN CRIME[/align] [align=center][/align] What I am looking for? I am looking for a partner in crime for my Sky pirate character. She is my main character, I really enjoy playing her, I really enjoy Mateus RP, and I’m just looking for something very specific. I am looking for partners in crime, a dynamic duo. If you are familiar with Final Fantasy XII, I am trying to recreate the Balthier & Fran partnership. My character, Gal, fits the role of Fran quite naturally. I am looking to go on adventures with said partner, but also interact with all manners of people and join any other RPers and bigger things. Someone to attend events with. To somehow build a reputation for the both of us as badass, kickass, twerkass sky pirates, or smugglers, or even perhaps bounty hunters? Our characters would not be purely evil, think chaotic goods. Yes, we still from the rich, we line our pockets, but we wouldn’t murder because we can, we wouldn’t take whatever just because we can. I personally do not see this relationship as romantic, more of a partnership build on equality, adventuring and awesomeness. A character reaching out to me for this role should be male, be some sort of pirate/smuggler/bounty hunter/etc…, should fit the bill when it comes to the general description of Balthier(found below). Should be active on the character. I am not looking for you to throw one of your alts at me. My character would be incredibly invested in this duo, so should you.I am not looking to recreate EXACTLY what Balthier and Fran have, for one, vieras aren’t in FFXIV! We can make it our own thing, that’s part of the fun. [align=center][/align] Who are Balthier and Fran? This duo of Sky Pirates are part of the main cast of Final Fantasy XII. Balthier is a dashing, leading man with a troubled past, who does what sky pirates does, while Fran is his viera sidekick. She takes care of all things mechanic on the Strahl, is powerful with magicks, and is all around badass While Balthier is more charming, fun-loving, yet always serious when it comes to a job or gil, Fran is his more silent, serious partner. Both are partners in crime, though it is never made clear if they are in a serious relationship, it believes their partnership is based on friendship and professionalism. Think of Han Solo and Chewbacca(if Chewbacca was a sexy rabbit girl with an Icelandic accent and could talk to the forest and do magical stuff). [align=center][/align] Who is Gal Kamille? Gal is a Duskwight with a mysterious past that she has never really openly talked about. With a thick exotic accent one can’t quite place, Gal is a striking woman, in height rivaling any male highlander and usually towering over Miqo’te’s and Midlanders. Personality wise, Gal is usually serious but with a small penchant for having fun when not on a job. Sometimes confused with customs of Eorzea, she has begun learning and adapting to life on the surface. Gal is quite efficient when it comes to battle. Master at arcanima, adept at thaumaturgy, comfortable with hand to hand combat she is incredibly competent when it comes to jobs.Her true power comes from being a summoner, and she has dabbled in the ways of the scholars of Nym, though she can claim to be at their level in her own right. She knows her way around an airship, is definitely comfortable with writing and reading, and keeps far more than spells in her grimoire. [align=center]I made a profile for her a while ago:[/align] [align=center]CLICK HERE[/align] [align=center][/align]
  3. I've chosen Mateus as my server, and I'm really glad I did. I've found only fun RP and great roleplayers. Even if Balmung would reopen I would probably stay in Mateus. There are SO MANY EVENTS TO ATTEND.
  4. Thank you everyone for all of your comments! Very, very nice I believe I have actually found what I was looking for. I would still love to roleplay thought with any who have shown interest. And that Sky Pirate title will be mine!
  5. Now that the topic about the caves is closed, I'd love for the main focus of my initial post to return to the forefront of this thread. But thank you for your two cents people.
  6. Well thank you for your constructive comment, I simply based myself on the actual information in the character creator, the second paragraph says that their cave-dwelling ways persist...:
  7. [align=center]Meet:[/align] [align=center]Gal Kamille[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]What I am looking for:[/align] Quite simply, what I am looking for, is to recreate more or less the Balthier/Fran(from Final Fantsy XII) dynamic but in FF XIV. Balthier, the dashing sky pirate, and Fran, his exotic, magical partner in crime. My character, Gal, would take the role of Fran. Powerful in magics, is an Duskwight exile, banished from the caverns of her people, she's roamed the land, somewhat lost, until she finds you, dashing, handsome(or not), smuggler/pirate/thief/criminal/mercenary(?). Both our characters bond, at first, a friendship and partnership. Your talents, Gal's magic, together, a life of crime, fun and action ahead of them. I do not want romance to be in the cards, if it comes, so be it. Perhaps it would even be healthier if their romances are outside of the partnership with other people. But our characters would be a duo(perhaps trio?) of misfits, slowly building themselves a reputation! Gal would fit the role of the mage of the duo. Of a few words, usually is a second thought, an accessory to the leading man. Of course, most know that without her, the dashing man would be incredibly weakened. In the OOC side of things, I've only just begun playing the game, I'm at level 18, but really enjoying what I have been doing. Anyone who would be apprehensive about my level know that I tend to become fiercely loyal to my MMOs when I start them. I want my character to succeed, both in and out of RP, and I want to do everything that FF XIV offers, so I will be playing the game as much as I will be RPing. If whoever answers this ad is knowledgeable in all things FF XIV, that would definitely be a bonus, but it is definitely not a prerequisite. Gal is very much my main character, my only character that I am actively playing. If you want to be her partner in crime, I would rather the character you use be your own main character. I'm ready to invest a lot, hopefully my future partner is as well. I will gladly answer any question any of y'all would have.
  8. I've just begun seriously playing the game, and I'm a big MMO RPer. I joined Mateus and was instantly given the Mateus Discord. It's made things a lot easier, people there seem nice and helpful, and there's a very useful channel about server events, so I know I'll be attending an event tonight and Sunday just throw that! As for activity, I've only been around Limsa Lominsa for now and I think I've only ran into RP twice, both times at the Drowning Wench(is that the name?). I'm super excited about playing on Mateus personally and I think the RP community is pretty active/nice. This is in the opinion of someone who's just joined!
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