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  1. If you're looking for a place to really connect with people, the Hub has over a thousand people that are on Mateus right now! The link's in my sig if you want to check it out
  2. (B'rhysla Vaelin) You've slain everyone's favorite pyromaniac bar cat! Whatever she dropped, I hope it was worth it... You obtain: •1 Log of contacts throughout Eorzea. (Alcohol suppliers, scholars, criminal groups... wait what?) •1 small container of black face paint •1 chocobo whistle, labeled "Witcher" •1 wedding band - plus the wrath of an angry elezen man. •1 spare feathered hat •1 rolanberry cheesecake
  3. While I don't know if any of the top of my head, the Discord server has an entire directory full of all kinds of FCs on Mateus. I can't recommend enough just peeking your head in the server to see what we have in stock.
  4. Hi there. https://discord.gg/HPbYNFU That link I just posted is the server I created when I heard Balmung was being locked. I started on Mateus in Dec. 2015 and was originally going to transfer out of want for RP; but, after I heard that, I realized we had a massive opportunity here. Before the Hub, FoxFireStorm and I were collaborating on the RPM, the old server for our smaller community, and here, the Hydaelyn forums. As you can probably tell by my join date, I don't use these much. Lol I wanted to reach a hand out to those who feel like Mateus is an option. I've been on here for years + on the Hub since day one. We've made mistakes, had fights, but in the end, we're human. And now we've grown and created this fantastic community with upcoming events, a Discord server-wide contest (with art prizes!—and another one starting Dec. 5th for Christmas!), RP workshops in the making and an upcoming discord server-wide story arc to try and bring our community together. I encourage you, if you left in the beginning please give us another shot. We have a discord directory (which even includes another smaller hub discord if you don't like ours!) and our way of making the server great has grown with time. (We sorta know what we're doing now! I hope.) Hope to meet you soon. -Rhys, aka B'rhysla Vaelin :chocobo:
  5. Hi, admin of the Hub. In reference to Vash's post above, any issues with banning have been solved. And no, we do not ban without reason. (And if we do, we always have evidence. All you need do is ask.) We welcome anyone and everyone to the Hub that wants to make connections on the server. RP is really important to me, it's why I made the Hub in conjunction with Fox up there! But, yeah. Come to Mateus! We want a bigger RP population! And if you don't like the Hub, there's another server like it run by Rae Naeuru
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