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  1. Hello hello everyone, recently did a revamp and a rework of my main FFXIV character and figured I should make a post to get him out there and hopefully craft some new stories and developments! I am seeking contacts both short-term and long term for my character Grant, whom is a baker whom sells bread at day and a wandering knight by night. More details can be found on his carrd here: https://grantffxiv.carrd.co/ But to summarize some hooks! -Bakery: He currently runs a moogle-themed bakery in the Mists (Ward 8 Plot 39) for the purpose of funding his travels. The bakery is open for business and manned by a sole employee so far: a ‘moogle’ butler. The butler would probably appreciate some more employees and coworkers. Those interested are directed to inquire at the ‘Forgotten Moogle’ bakery. -A Mercenary by another name: Before he had opened the bakery and when bread isn't selling well enough, he lends his skills and services towards mercenary work, only taking contracts that involve hunting troublesome monsters or protection details. Perhaps you or your company could hire him in such a venture? Or perhaps your caravan needs some extra defending? He's your man! -A knight for the People: Being a self proclaimed knight adhering himself to a creed of 'knighthood', Grant journeys throughout Eorzea and beyond in order to help those whom require his assistance. As of late he patrols around the La Noscea and Black Shroud regions quite frequently so if your character is active in those areas, perhaps they could run into this errant knight? And some relevant additional details.... -Friends, contacts, and more! And in particular perhaps someone whom could have ties to his past. Currently Grant struggles to remember his full past, only knowing that he was from Ishgard and that he had taken up an oath of knighthood (though it is that of a Dark Knight), perhaps someone whom grew up in Ishgard would be able to recognize him? -Okay with more lighthearted themes or more mature and darker themes. -I am A-okay with both short term casual contacts and long term contacts! Though I am currently in the look out for more long term contacts for story development! -I am in the PST (GMT-7) timezone. -I also PVE in the game too, so if there's any content you want to run too, do let me know! Looking for in game friends as well! That said, I do endgame raiding as well so please do understand my schedule might be busier during large content updates (particularly when new savage tiers are out.) -I can do both in-game and discord RP. And relevant to in game, I'm on the Crystal Data Center (Balmung) -Discord will be shared on request, feel free to send me a message! And..I think that's about it. Thank you so much for reading and I hope everyone has fun and pleasant RP experiences! Hope to hear from some of you!
  2. Finally got to making Grant's RPC! Making another bump as well! Still looking and eager for more RP!
  3. Thanks so much for the responses everyone. Please feel free to add me on discord . I'd love to get in contact with you all and set some adventures up!
  4. Welcome to the FFXIV Roleplay Community! I've RPed though an mmo medium for almost about ten years now and I can safely say that FFXIV has one of the best, most friendly, and dedicated communities around so you really can't go wrong! There's plenty of fun and opportunity to be had . If you're feeling lost about the game or just have any questions about character concepts, do feel free to message me here or on discord (Grant Yaeger#5713). I love chatting about characters as well! Regardless hope you have an awesome time in FFXIV!
  5. Name: Hei Fukuto Age: 25 Race: Hingan Hyur Midlander Birthplace: Kugane Occupation: Wandering Samurai and wouldbe hero! Alignment: Neutral Good. Orientation: Heterosexual - though he firmly believes he will get a 'death flag' by entering into any romantic relationship. Appearance: A somewhat tall Hingan man with a physique of a swordsman and a rather goofy (perhaps punchable) and unflinching smile upon his face. His posture seems to almost constantly radiate a positive energy of excitement. He has a full head of messy black hair and bright green eyes as well as scar running across his face. Personality: A very outgoing, confident, and determined individual. He is a man dedicated to making others smile! A constantly cheerful soul, he can be a bit naive but nevertheless, he is often the first to charge into an adventure or a perilous situation if it means he can help others smile. Smiles seem to be the man's defining trait as he will often speak of it while having an almost constant bright smile of his own adorning his expression. He thinks little of his own needs, almost always ending up giving most of his earned gil towards beggars or other unfortunates that he deems could use the gil better than himself. Despite this leaving the man in near pereptual poverty, his smile and cheeriness never falters! Hey there guys! Just making a connections post for a character I have recently made in Mateus. As I have pretty much gone into Mateus blind without any contacts save for a few from Balmung. I'm looking to connect and perhaps have some stories/adventurers going with other RPers! Hooks/What I am looking for: -Contacts! And more contacts! More specifically seeking a network of friends or individuals of which he could help as well as get to know. -Jobs. Being ever the drifter and wanderer, he will take any job (that doesn't involve shady dealings) and any task in order to make ends meet. And he will do it all with a smile! -Adventures. Adventurers. Companions! Looking for people to travel with and have many (hopefully) smile inducing adventures along the way. -Long term story development (Whether it be friends, lovers, enemies, and more!). This one should be self explanatory but looking for people to connect with long term and develop characters through interactions. -And of course any other ideas people might have! Some Disclaimers I will not... ERP. Sexual themes are fine provided they are developed naturally but if it comes to it, I would firmly prefer 'fade to black'. RP out scenes that harm or otherwise inappropriate abuse minors. I am on board with most mature and adult themes however onscreen violence against children are something I would firmly prefer to avoid. If anyone is interested in meeting a smiling and gullible idiot, please feel free to contact me here or add me on discord (Grant Yaeger#5713). Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a pleasant and fun RP experience!
  6. Definitely will consider it! Though currently he is looking more to assist others rather than make gil for himself. If he ran into one of the treasure hunters however. He would definitely help out should they ask!
  7. Bump! Made some changes here and there to the description and pictures! Still looking!
  8. Do excuse the bump. Still looking and eager to get some more RP!
  9. Made some minor changes and cleaned things up. And also a BUMP!
  10. Letter II -Another letter would be found, somewhat close to the first one,lying seemingly abandoned in the streets of Kugane without a recipient listed.- To whomever this parchment may reach. Have you ever asked yourself, why do we do certain actions? Why we form certain attachments? Isuppose those are questions I should be asking myself given that I am writing these ridiculous letters with this very parchment likely being lost at sea or thrown away as trash. Only my mission, my purpose, my goal should matter yet here I am, once again having picked up my quill, writing as though a sentimental fool. It sickens me to some degree how foolish I am acting but I suppose even something as idiotic as this is necessary. Who am I? Ultimately someone so insignificant. What am I? A blade in the end. What do I do? I tell myself I use my blade to protect the innocent, to slay those that would oppress them. But, isn't a murder, even without supposedly ill intent, still a murder? Once your hand is stained with the blood of another, it can never be cleaned, in fact, I would daresay it readily becomes a favoured solution. I had been less of a fool once. I had thought that the blade's true purpose was to protect, to be a shield at which the innocent could hide behind. But 'twas never that simple, one can only be a shield should they possess the strength to not break. I had longed to become a shield since the days in which I barely reached a few fulms, I suppose I was inspired in a sense by my father. He was a Knight of some renown within the hypocrisy that is Ishgard. Always virtuous, polite, and a pillar of strength and confidence. I sought to attain even a fraction of the strength that he possessed, yet, I could not become the shield that he was and was instead cursed to become a mere blade, a simpleton that only knows how to strike and kill and not defend his fellows as he should. A loathsome existence. But alas, 'tis something that I deserve for I lacked the strength to remain sturdy. To remain standing at one's side until the very end. No. I've failed in that regard and so, I am fated to wander. To be a blade without a purpose. To be wielded by whomever I pledge myself to at the time before then drifting and moving to the next one to be helped. Wherever I am, that will not change, even in these foreign lands, a master-less blade such as I can only offer himself to be used, to fight for the sake of another and never my own. Regardless. I must say, Kugane is a beautiful city indeed. A more vibrant architecture than Ul'dah or Ishgard that is for sure. Yet, there is a certain hollowness within these gilded lights. Perhaps you could see them too, perhaps not. Regardless, I have my own path to follow and I am sure you do as well. Even if I might see these distortions, you may not. It matters not in the end because I am a blade and so. I can only fight.
  11. -A letter would be found, written in Eorzean common, on the streets of Kugane, neatly placed into an envelope that does not seem to be addressed to anyone in particular.- Letter I: To whomever this parchment may reach, this is the beginning I suppose of the ramblings of a fool whom walks upon unfamiliar lands. Truth be told, I am not sure why my hand even bothers to grab upon the quill that etches these words in ink. Who am I, you might ask? The answer to that question is irrelevant, if you have this letter clutched in your palms, all I ask is that you listen to my tale. First of all, if it is not obvious from the words that I etch upon this paper. I am not from these lands, or rather this city, Kugane, as they call it. Why am I here? The answer is a simple one: because the world is distorted. Twisted. No matter where you go and where you travel, no matter the language, the culture...The distortion remains the same: oppression is everywhere. There those who rule and those who are ruled and abused. There are those that wound others simply for greed or the disgusting need to witness pain. There are those who discriminate those whom impose gross prejudices based upon the most trivial of reasons...There are those whom force the hands of innocents to shed blood, betray kin, and countless other atrocities. Why is it that there are those whom seek so insatiably to corrupt the world? To oppress the innocent that inhabit it? Why is it that the world lives with these prejudices, these hypocritical conflicts? Yet they struggle. Despite the distortion, people continue to struggle. They continue to fight to live in this twisted world. What lets hope thrive in the hearts and minds of the people? What causes them to truly change the world? Ishgard had been irrevocably changed this past year. Once a wretched hive full of persecution, prejudice, blasphemy, and war now fighting to secure a long lasting peace. Of course it is not entirely perfect. My own observations in the Brume confirm it, but at the very least the people of Ishgard are recovering and continuing towards a new hope. I seek to understand this hope and I suppose, protect it from those that would distort it. I suppose that is why I am here in Kugane in these foreign lands. Though I may speak a different tongue, it is obvious enough that land is rife with strife and conflict, greed overcomes empathy and the victims are forced to fend for themselves in the sea of beasts. And that brings me to my purpose, my goal. I aim to slay and destroy these distortions, these corruptions that threaten to oppress the innocent. That which plots to remove choice from others, I will break with blade in hand. I will fight and fight, even if it makes little difference in the end, for that is all I can do to contribute to this small spark of hope. I will fight..With blade by my side. With 'Warheit' by my side. I will fight.
  12. Shameless bump. But made some major edits to the post in order to focus on one character for the time being. Second character might possibly be reintroduced in the future!
  13. Ah! I recently changed it to Grant Yaeger#5713 instead of the Nameless one if that's the one youv'e been trying. Sorry about the confusion!
  14. Thank you for the kind words! Syranelle was very interesting too . Hope to see you around more events!
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