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  1. Hey folks! I'll try to keep this brief since it's always better to learn through RP! I am returning after quite a long break. I am hoping to rekindle some connections and make new ones. Veteran RPCers may remember Desmond as the inspector chasing after the masked vigilante, Viper. The latter is one who operates outside the law to execute criminals of heinous crimes. I'm sure if you search the IC sections you can find some old posts for context. At any rate, Desmond is an investigator who specializes in sex crimes, human trafficking, kidnapping, and heinous domestic altercations. The Viper is also a character I play and can be involved in avenging loved ones or the like. Desmond is a pretty sociable hyur so it shouldn't be too difficult to find a way for characters to meet. You can message me on here if you'd like to set something up! Thank you for your time! ~ Desmond
  2. From The Shadows He Comes ~B.H. Tyler Months have passed by without a word, not even an action from the shadows. Despite a copycat being apprehended, many wondered if the man in black, if Viper was indeed dead. The period of silence had confirmed that. That is, until now. Multiple sources have confirmed that a man in black waits and lingers in the shadows of alleys. When people are victimized in such areas then seemingly out of nowhere a man dressed in complete black makes a victim out of the perpetrators. One such perpetrator was found this morning. Emund Lander was found dead in alley near the Mist residential area in La Noscea. Edmund is a known felon who was released after fifteen years. Investigators believe he was in the area searching for his next target. His crimes include multiple counts of sexual assault. This is the Viper's mode of operation. Combine a felon like that with the markings on the body: two puncture wounds on the cheek and an entry wound on his left ribs. A familiar face is also investigating this: Inspector Paul Desmond. This certainly suggests that Viper or someone like him is cleaning the scum off the streets. While the methods are extreme, who can complain about having to worry about one less offender?
  3. I would recommend making RP hooks. Here's what that means: In real life I'm not going to walk up to a stranger and hold a conversation. But sadly for me my work requires me to do that. So think of something that would require your character to socialize or speak to a stranger even if he/she doesn't want to.
  4. The FC I'm a part of is recruiting. You can find information about them in the link below. The themes are chosen in order to include as many character types as possible. We use Discord for social stuff and just incorporated an RP channel. Maybe it will be a fit! ;-) http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=18357
  5. Desmond arrived for just one reason: to find his lost wife. Though he couldn't remember her due to seriously traumatizing events there were still residual feelings in his heart that drew him to Eorzea. His subconscious worked to find her until his mind could piece together his past and regain his purpose.
  6. I checked it out on Amazon; made the purchase day of release. I figured the anime was good so this couldn't be a bad purchase. Boy did I underestimate this movie. I'll definitely be watching it again and now I'm curious if the digital release has that post-credits scene. I also didn't pick up on the references to other Final Fantasies, or maybe I forget... So I'll have to watch again just for that alone.
  7. I'll be playing some ReCore and also plotting how I can take over La Noscea with my Maelstrom squadron. -maniacal cackle-
  8. I mostly RP on skype, and you and I have unfinished business! ;-) Send me your info pleeeeeeease!
  9. I inspire some additional ninjutsu from what we have in real world stories and myths. Or combining two types to form a tactic. For example a water spell and disguise can blend one in with a nearby body of water for infiltration and stealth practices. A favorite dirty trick of mine is loading the sheath to a katana with light powder that if inhaled is temporarily debilitating. A blowgun is a fun way to deliver ninjutsu-altered projectiles.
  10. Two things for Kellach: The recent news in your wiki: very interesting. Curiosity is piqued! Also, your character is a farm boy. This made me think instantly of The Princess Bride so... you win all sorts of points!
  11. I simply walk-up to players who are standing/sitting there alone. I've met some really great RPers like this and fun characters. Yeah you could meet some creeps or you could be rejected. It's a lot like fishing, though. You don't always catch something desirable. But the more often you do it the more success you'll have. I don't need anything at all to initiate conversation or a hook; my character is a hook. Try me some time ;-)
  12. Slave Traffic Ring Exposed. Nine Dead; Dozen More Rescued ~B.H. Tyler In recent days four young girls had been taken into custody on charges of underage prostitution. After exhausted efforts, a joint effort with Inspector Desmond’s team saw these girls returned to their families. In doing so a slave traffic ring was exposed. Eye-witnesses in Gridania claim to have seen a man and woman taking one of the young girls, Jasmine, out into the Shroud. Later, authorities located the man and woman, identified as Jurmin and Esrith Lander in an abandoned Gelmorran cavern. Seven others were found there along with a dozen girls waiting to be sold to the highest bidder. This was the plan except all seven buyers as well as Jurmin and Esrith were found dead at the scene. Reports state the captive girls saw a man in black confronting a man whose description matches that of Jurmin. It seemed Jurmin was under the impression this man in black was dead. The phrase “Hell sent me back for you” was heard and caused fear in many of the girls. However, the reports are clear. This man in black disposed of vicious people, rescued a dozen girls, including Jasmine, from further heinous victimization. This leads to the question on everyone’s mind. Is this a copycat vigilante or our man in black?
  13. I'd be happy to RP with you sometime, or anytime! Sending me a message here might be the best current way to coordinate a time. Don't hesitate! =)
  14. I could say nice stuff about Nebbs all day. I'll never regret our paths crossing ;-)
  15. The closest thing we have is tribunals in the game, unless I have missed something (and very well could have). Here is an interesting read, however. http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=4304
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