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  1. [align=center]The Wayward Ishgardian[/align] Because of my character's backstory, she left Ishgard ten years ago to escape circumstances surrounding her that she didn't wish to be a part of. During that time she did a lot of traveling and joined a lot of random groups to help ferry her across the various continents of Hydaelyn: pirates (of the sea and the sky), self-exiled Garleans, Confederacy, Hingan traders, Thavnairian troupes, etc. You get the gist! Basically she's been part of or in close proximity to a various amount of different people. As such, she's become rather interested in the various cultures offered by Hydaelyn and its far corners - even if she can seem a tad dismissive of some. [align=center]What I'm looking for:[/align] RP hooks, of course! More specifically however, I am looking for people she may have met on her journey. Pirates, Domans, Thavnairians, and Xaela all included! While I won't shy away from any new friends, either, I am more interested in establishing connections with people who have established histories with which to work from. Romance, violence, rivalries (friendly or not) - I'm willing to play them all, though I should mention specifically for the romance portion: this is my main and, as such, I will not pair her with an alt. She does have interest in both sexes, so that shouldn't be an issue at all but she is not inclined to romance - at first. Feel free to reach out to me here or via Discord: SinfulChurro#9825! In-game name is Astrelle De'bayle!
  2. I've seen you around the Quicksand once or twice! If you're still looking, maybe we can chat some. Feel free to PM me here or on Discord.
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