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  1. I'm one month late but I feel the urge to share my impressions..
  2. Grats on your FC house, but I'll say I actually died laughing by that house name and the description. Thank you It's going to have an actual name when it is eventually claimed IC. Right now it's just a nameless abandoned thing in the distance, not even a real part of the residential area (that's why we chose this plot in particular: it's the furthest away from any other house). And I would agree on the 1 house per server limit, though I feel all alts on that server should be made automatic tenants to it. As far as I am concerned, I am boicotting Personal Housing the way it currently is. Neither I nor any of my FC members have any housing other than our FC home and as far as I've heard, we've pretty content with it. Though, I understand that some other FCs have stricter restrictions to what the members can or can't do with the house, so I'm not surprised that some of them may want their own place. Let us hope we get word of that instanced housing feature soon.
  3. Thank you We plan to make it a public event, I'll post on this site's section when we're ready. It will be lots of fun! Hard work, getting to know friendly people willing to help, and of course, a barbeque in the yard is due to keep everyone's spirits high!
  4. This is probably going to come off as bragging, but it's really not. I just wanted to share this pretty silver lining with everyone. I know what it feels like to miss the chance to get a house. Two years ago I basically stopped playing anything else in FFXIV to do nothing but craft to make the money and get my FC a nice home fitting our IC purposes. I had no high level crafts to sell Star recipes. I had no raid parties with whom to sell wins. I had not the bravery to do fundraising RP events. I had absolutely no other means to make money. All I did was craft lv1-40ish HQ gear everyday. It took me and my FC mates two years to get to 70M gil. Yesterday, at last we were able to get the house everyone wanted (we actually went to check all plots and put a poll to decide). Without paying anyone to relinquish. Without exploiting debatable features of the game. Without donations. Without RMT. It took far longer than it should have, but we made it. We are currently in the process to give it the appearance of an abandoned house, because we plan to set up a big "Raise This Barn" style of event before we make it our home IC. It was something we all looked forward to for a long time and at last it's there. Being homeless in this game sucks, as a roleplayer more than anything. But with patience, hard work and yes, some luck, you will eventually get what you want. Do not give in to other players wishing to exploit your despair.
  5. Blue

    Live Letter XXX Link

    It's at 1:29:40 or something close to that. It's the blue wyvern taken by FFXI's dragoon pet model. EDIT: (Granted, I still think FFXI's cuter. But that's the FFXI-DRG-main in me talking). IT'S EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED IN LIFE OH MY GOD The first time I ever saw the baby dragons in Anyx Trine I literally, actually cried. I was so excited to see them there doing all the same animations and everything. (I played XI too and I like XIV's better, but only because their slightly different design is more cohesive with the other dragons in the game) I need, like, twenty. I suppose they're probably from the new beast tribe quests? Guess I better get to crafting... T_T Yes, I know. I was so upset when one of the quests asked me to fight them The red ones are kinda cute too.
  6. Blue

    Live Letter XXX Link

    It's at 1:29:40 or something close to that. It's the blue wyvern taken by FFXI's dragoon pet model. EDIT: (Granted, I still think FFXI's cuter. But that's the FFXI-DRG-main in me talking).
  7. For those who want to immediately see the glamour prints, it's at 1:36:00. The Vath costume's scarf and headgear are interesting, I hope it's not all one piece. Also cowboy hat, wyvern minion, flying Fenrir and other things. Not much said on Housing, but they showed flowerpots (you can change the flowers' colors?) and you can make hair decors out of the flowers, which is something my mom would've killed me for even trying (nooo touching her flowers!).
  8. Whatever the apartments or Ishgard area come to be, I really hope we get some options for worn-out/old/poor looking housing. Everything right now, from the houses up to the furnitures, looks brand-new, luxurious, and Barbie-style. I'd like something a bit more relatable. Carbuncle couches are okay, but some old-fashioned things like a worn-leather couch would be great, too. I think the best would be a dye that automatically adds flaws and worn-out details to anything. Tiled floor becomes broken tiled floor, wooden wall becomes splintered wooden wall, etcetera. That'd be a damn blast. My pipe dream would be the Ishgardian wards (if there will even be a ward at all) to be inspired to the Brume, or at least to the Forgotten Knight. That inn room is my favorite housing location by far, and it upsets me hard to be unable to get other players in there. I can try replicate it in an FC room but... it's not the same.
  9. I don't think we've reached the point where server transfer must be locked. Just last week, all newbie areas were swarmed with fresh new bots, who had been created without any maintenance necessary. I'm pretty positive of this because I reported over 50 of them in a hour <_
  10. I'm so happy, I don't even know what to say. I've been crafting for two years (twoooo years of neglecting everything else the game had to offer, gaaaah! Not even a relic weapon takes this long!) to get my FC a house... finally hit 80M the other day with the help of Mae. The idea of finally being able to give us the Mansion we wanted is making me burst. I hope it doesn't all fade away with an error 3102 when the servers go up.. I'll never need Personal Housing if I can get my FC a Large house >_<
  11. Thanks! These tidbits were actually missing. I've added them to the main post. However, I've omitted Tutumoko's name, as the fella is now a grown Sultansworn and has little to share of his pre-Calamity times. His line was added to Anaoc's. Thanks again for all your research, I truly appreciate the help.
  12. Updated the Red Rooster Stead entry, to include a map and info on level requirements to reach the location.
  13. The Red Rooster Stead: Personal Experience When the Althaea's Orphanage still resided in the Mists, the orphans and refugees living there had lots of opportunities to come work at the Red Rooster Stead, particularly in the busy harvest season. It was a great learning opportunity for the young Yesui Hotgo, but nonetheless, the place had its dangers. Of particular note was the episode in which Aki Hitoame and Kiku Okeya, doman refugees working at the Stead, wandered too far while trying to catch escaped Dodos, and ending up being ambushed by the pirates of the Black Talons in the outskirts of the Caedarwood. The adventurers protecting the orphanage managed to rescue the two girls, but not without struggle and tensions. My character Aki is sure glad those days are behind her...
  14. The Red Rooster Stead Established by a botanist as an experimental farm, the homestead hosts myriad agricultural undertakings such as the selective breeding of livestock and the research of foreign produce. Its proximity to kobold territory has given the residents no recourse but to turn to pirates for protection. How to Get There: The Red Rooster Stead is located in Lower La Noscea. It has no level requirements for the local Lominsan, but will require lv14 and the "Ul'dahn/Gridanian Envoy" Main Scenario Quest flagged for those who have started in Ul'dah or Gridania. The area is safe and free of any aggressive monsters save for FATEs, and can be traveled to at level 1 from Limsa Lominsa without difficulties. Lore Origin of the Name: Have you heard the tale behind the name of this quaint little place? It all started with the birth of a rooster, feathers as red as wine. Would that the story ended there... See, the farmers laid wagers on this bird being stronger than the others, but the contest grew ugly. Blades were drawn, and both roosters and onlookers were splattered with scarlet shades of blood. Not so quaint now, eh? The Landlord, Anaoc the Youngest Anaoc: Welcome to the Red Rooster Stead. What can I do for ye? The name’s Anaoc, and I run this here farm. I’ve been a botanist for… well, for more seasons than I can count. I’d retire once, before all that nasty business with the Calamity came down. But I can hardly sit idle with all the rebuilding that needs doing, now, can I? I am fortunate enough, however, to have a goodly number of enthusiastic youngsters about the place. With a bit of direction from me, I look forward to seeing what wonders they’ll achieve at the Stead. Yes, life in the fields carries on. There are the good days and the bad, but ye'll not see me grumbling─no, not when there's work to be done. The threat of the occasional kobold raid remains, but fear's not going to keep this old farmer from working this land to the fullest. As long as there are bountiful harvests to be had, there's no place I'd rather be. If I can live out the rest of my days here, I'll die a happy man. Here at the Red Rooster Stead, we don't shy away from giving the latest farming methods a try. And you can see the results just by taking a look around. The crops are bountiful, and we've had to add pens for the extra livestock. The Admiral herself has praised the Stead as the perfect example of her new settlement initiative. If I were to find flaws, it would have to be with our lack of security. Time was that the local pirates would look out for an old farmer like me, but now their whole way of life has been outlawed. There was a time when they farm'd stage cockfights, and pirates from all across the island would come and bet on their favorite bird. Problem was, each cockfight would end up in a pirate fight, no matter which rooster prevailed, so we put an end to the matches for the safety of me and my hands. The Red Rooster Stead boasts the greatest harvests of the biggest and best produce in La Noscea. It needs to be picked and shipped cleanly and quickly so that it reaches market at its freshest. Anything less would be doing the growers an injustice. The Success of the Stead The Admiral herself has seen it fit to dub our stead an exemplary model of her settlement initiative. The Stead botanists attribute their success to unyielding innovation─their willingness to attempt any and all agricultural techniques at least once, no matter how counterintuitive or potentially embarrassing. Wool Production The bulk of wool in Eorzea is shorn either here in La Noscea, or over in Coerthas. La Noscean sheep are renowned for their soft white fleece, which is nothing like that coarse rubbish they peddle up in the highlands. Moegramm (Stead Shepherd): As anyone who's ever raised livestock will tell you, animals feel and show emotions as deep and real as yours or mine. One need only look for the telltale signs: a fetching pose, a come-hither stare, some provocative tail-whipping... My pets never fail to show me the same love I show them. The Dodos Brianna: Ain't naught sweeter then the smell of ripe dodo dung on a clear night - or a cloudy one, for that matter. 'Tis what makes our crops the most sought-after in the land. Why, our produce even lines the larder shelves of the world-renowned Bismarck. The chefs themselves will oft frequent the Stead to select their own vegetables. X'payan: The dodos love the farm-fresh food so much, they're always pecking at the fences! Sometimes they'll even peck themselves free and run about. I suppose the exercise is good for them, but it's certainly not what I need! Roleplaying Tips Things You Can Do here: The Red Rooster stead has a lot of working facilities for the country-type roleplayer. The property includes: - A farmhouse; - Chocobos pen; - Dodos pen; - Sheep pen; - Storehouse; - Various fields that include: lavender, pumpkins, wheat, barley and other products; - Orchards of oranges and grapes. - The nearby Gray Fleet windmills take care of crushing the grains to produce flour. The uniform of the Stead Workers includes: - A bandana, or farmhand hat of light brown color (info missing on material and dyes): - A leather jerkin of green color (info missing on material and dyes); - A pair of vambraces of green color (info missing on material and dyes); - A pair of culottes of green color (info missing on material and dyes); - A pair of mocassins of brown color (info missing on material and dyes). Trivia: The area includes moogle mail service, chocobo porting, and has a resident levemate. The leves include several of the tasks to be performed in the Stead, from pest control, security, sheep herding, and deratization. The Ladybugs. the Leafbleed Blight, and Puks Ladybugs may be classified as vilekin, but they are anything but vile. For they feed upon the foul aphids who suck the lifeblood from our crops here at the Red Rooster Stead, making them more than welcome in our fields. That is, the ones who aren't carrying the terrible leafbleed blight. Rumor states several infected ladybugs hitched a ride on a merchant's vessel carrying fruit from Gridania. Now, not only are they spreading the sickness to the crops, but to healthy La Noscean ladybugs as well. The Stead is looking for adventurers to seek out the carriers of the blight and eliminate them, trying not to harm any of the unaffected ladybugs in the process. Also, the local puks consider the ladybugs a delicacy, and will descend from their rocky nests every morning to feast. The Stead is offering good coin to any adventurer who will travel to the nearby rocky outcroppings, lure out the hungry puks, and slay them. Red Rooster Stead Landlord, Anaoc the Youngest The Rats Every summer, we lose more than a quarter of our yield here at the Red Rooster Stead to a plague of filthy rats who sneak into the fields at night and eat the young vegetables straight off the vine. Every winter, we lose another quarter to the same rats when they chew their way into our storage silos. If the quick-breeding pests are not continuously dealt with, our losses will grow even larger, and I will be forced to abandon the farm. The Stead seeks fleet-footed adventurers to come and chase down the creatures so that my family and I might rest easily. Red Rooster Stead Landlord, Anaoc the Youngest Adventurers for Hire on Securing the Roads We Yellowjackets of the second levy are ordered to patrol the myriad roads of middle and lower La Noscea, ensuring safe passage for the merchants and travelers who frequent them. Unfortunately, since the Calamity, there are simply not enough men and women in our ranks to cover every malm, which is why we seek the assistance of adventurers in slaying those beasts who wander too close to the outlets. 2nd Levy Infantry, Yellowjacket Private Ancreta Ilm The New Sheep Hound Ever since our old sheep hound was mangled by a pair of megalocrabs, his replacement has caused us nothing but trouble. Not only does the flea-ridden mutt run slower than a one-legged stag, but he spends most of the day looking for some tree to mark, when he isn't eating the chickens' feed. Thanks to him, we lose nigh on half a dozen of our flock every day, which is why, until our faithful old hound's legs heal, we require adventurers to find the stray sheep and lead them back to the Stead. They may be a tad overstrung, so a little coercing with your blade may be required before soothing them. Red Rooster Stead Shepherd, Moegramm Sheepsong
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