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  1. Hello everyone, good to see you all again. I'm back from a Hiatus and am shocked to see how many new things this game has! I'm very intrigued by the Fellowship system. My friend says it isn't very useful, but I think it has some potential. Maybe it could be a good idea to make a HRPC fellowship where people can advertise RP FCs, RP LSs, look for RP, and announce events. Of course I know all these things are already on here, but I'm positive that there's also people who don't know of this community yet, or simply don't feel like coming on an external site as they play. W
  2. I'm one month late but I feel the urge to share my impressions..
  3. Grats on your FC house, but I'll say I actually died laughing by that house name and the description. Thank you It's going to have an actual name when it is eventually claimed IC. Right now it's just a nameless abandoned thing in the distance, not even a real part of the residential area (that's why we chose this plot in particular: it's the furthest away from any other house). And I would agree on the 1 house per server limit, though I feel all alts on that server should be made automatic tenants to it. As far as I am concerned, I am boicotting Personal Housing the way i
  4. Thank you We plan to make it a public event, I'll post on this site's section when we're ready. It will be lots of fun! Hard work, getting to know friendly people willing to help, and of course, a barbeque in the yard is due to keep everyone's spirits high!
  5. This is probably going to come off as bragging, but it's really not. I just wanted to share this pretty silver lining with everyone. I know what it feels like to miss the chance to get a house. Two years ago I basically stopped playing anything else in FFXIV to do nothing but craft to make the money and get my FC a nice home fitting our IC purposes. I had no high level crafts to sell Star recipes. I had no raid parties with whom to sell wins. I had not the bravery to do fundraising RP events. I had absolutely no other means to make money. All I did was craft lv1-40ish HQ gear everyday. It
  6. It's at 1:29:40 or something close to that. It's the blue wyvern taken by FFXI's dragoon pet model. EDIT: (Granted, I still think FFXI's cuter. But that's the FFXI-DRG-main in me talking). IT'S EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED IN LIFE OH MY GOD The first time I ever saw the baby dragons in Anyx Trine I literally, actually cried. I was so excited to see them there doing all the same animations and everything. (I played XI too and I like XIV's better, but only because their slightly different design is more cohesive with the other dragons in the game) I need, like
  7. It's at 1:29:40 or something close to that. It's the blue wyvern taken by FFXI's dragoon pet model. EDIT: (Granted, I still think FFXI's cuter. But that's the FFXI-DRG-main in me talking).
  8. For those who want to immediately see the glamour prints, it's at 1:36:00. The Vath costume's scarf and headgear are interesting, I hope it's not all one piece. Also cowboy hat, wyvern minion, flying Fenrir and other things. Not much said on Housing, but they showed flowerpots (you can change the flowers' colors?) and you can make hair decors out of the flowers, which is something my mom would've killed me for even trying (nooo touching her flowers!).
  9. Whatever the apartments or Ishgard area come to be, I really hope we get some options for worn-out/old/poor looking housing. Everything right now, from the houses up to the furnitures, looks brand-new, luxurious, and Barbie-style. I'd like something a bit more relatable. Carbuncle couches are okay, but some old-fashioned things like a worn-leather couch would be great, too. I think the best would be a dye that automatically adds flaws and worn-out details to anything. Tiled floor becomes broken tiled floor, wooden wall becomes splintered wooden wall, etcetera. That'd be a damn blast.
  10. I don't think we've reached the point where server transfer must be locked. Just last week, all newbie areas were swarmed with fresh new bots, who had been created without any maintenance necessary. I'm pretty positive of this because I reported over 50 of them in a hour <_
  11. I'm so happy, I don't even know what to say. I've been crafting for two years (twoooo years of neglecting everything else the game had to offer, gaaaah! Not even a relic weapon takes this long!) to get my FC a house... finally hit 80M the other day with the help of Mae. The idea of finally being able to give us the Mansion we wanted is making me burst. I hope it doesn't all fade away with an error 3102 when the servers go up.. I'll never need Personal Housing if I can get my FC a Large house >_<
  12. Thanks! These tidbits were actually missing. I've added them to the main post. However, I've omitted Tutumoko's name, as the fella is now a grown Sultansworn and has little to share of his pre-Calamity times. His line was added to Anaoc's. Thanks again for all your research, I truly appreciate the help.
  13. Updated the Red Rooster Stead entry, to include a map and info on level requirements to reach the location.
  14. The Red Rooster Stead: Personal Experience When the Althaea's Orphanage still resided in the Mists, the orphans and refugees living there had lots of opportunities to come work at the Red Rooster Stead, particularly in the busy harvest season. It was a great learning opportunity for the young Yesui Hotgo, but nonetheless, the place had its dangers. Of particular note was the episode in which Aki Hitoame and Kiku Okeya, doman refugees working at the Stead, wandered too far while trying to catch escaped Dodos, and ending up being ambushed by the pirates of the Black Talons in the outs
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