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  1. Not just bots but plenty of people just making characters on the server to troll others. It has been pretty insane lately.
  2. This. 1000xs..THIS I also tell people to remember . . .You are paying to play a game to have fun. Don't let someone else ruin it for you.
  3. Don't let it boil and don't be afraid of confronting something that makes you feel uncomfortable. If need be, you have full control of your character and can do an ooc intervention stating she will never leave her lover no matter what. No ifs, ands, or buts. Don't even give the idea there is a chance.
  4. They did (9 day bans have always turned in to perm) What happened was players who wanted to use the exploit would use the inspect element function on the Mogstation by changing the codes and whatnot. I won't get in to too much detail but just know SE saw it and even though it was a big loophole they failed to fix, players had to MANUALLY try to do this exploit for it to work; thus, doing it on purpose and not by accident by any means.
  5. Agreed with Silmanos. The server is NOT CLOSED. Not yet anyway. If it was then transfers would be closed as well. You can make characters just like before at early morning hours before people start logging on just like I had to back in 2014 when I woke up for 3 weeks straight around 4am every day to make my first character on Balmung. Also, as Silmanos stated, people abused an exploit in the inspect element on the Mogstation to bypass the restriction and transfer to Balmung. Those people will more then likely be perma banned as they received a 9 day ban which if you ever look at the results, never have been overturned and end up being permanent. So, I'm sure in about 9 days there will be a few more plots opening up of people who bought houses before they got banned. So, keep a eye out.
  6. I'm happy they are lifting it. I see it as a possible: SE discovered not enough people weren't leaving and that we were never going to leave but the economy was crashing and they just weren't going to win People on the forums cried loud enough after Gilgamesh got reopened They updated something backend to handle the load There could be other reasons, these are just the ones that come to mind and I'm fairly certain number 1 has some merit since only like 5,000 people transferred off and we still sit around 20k. Either way, I welcome the new RPers and low level items on the market!
  7. If you ever want a healer or dps for roulettes or anything else pve-wise don't be afraid to hit me up! (can't tell if you are on Balmung or Mateus with this character). I would offer up RP but I'm not too sure our times would meet up very often besides the weekends for it.
  8. SE doesn't have the best track record of just thinking everything through. I foresee those with multiple houses being sent an email about the issue and perhaps they need to choose which one they want to keep. I'm sure the people who want to hoard an entire ward are going to be pissed but in the end the outcome may be best for the customer base. A few grumpy house hoarders verse people finally able to try and get a house a bit more fairly and not having to deal with the house flippers and pay 30mil for a house that is only supposed to be 3-4 mil to buy. I truly do hope they don't grandfather in the current mass house owners. It would still be unfair to the base in general for them to hold on to it and more then likely; they'll flaunt it. (I mean, the guy in the lavender beds has his plot placards saying 'Hey look, I own this house too!' all over)
  9. You have cleansed the Taint. Sorry, I had to!
  10. The models given in game of Pure Blooded Garleans are a mess of Elezen and Hyur (midlander) without the rounded ears of a half breed though most people just use the midlander model thanks to our lovely Cid NPC. The discoloration of skin given what we have seen in game would mean the character would probably not be a pureblood, especially if the Roe model is used as it goes against the normal frame we've seen. Not saying it couldn't work but plenty of people will raise a brow towards it. The third eye isn't truly a third EYE but it is like a sensory organ. There isn't much lore behind it but the idea that has been floating around it is that it is used to sense in a 360 degree angle around the person who has it which some people believe is why Garleans are so great at being Airship pilots since they have a full view of the area around them and the ship. Any Garleans not of pure blood however will not have the eye. So if you want to go with Roe be prepared to explain the reasoning she may be pureblood or you could always say halfbreed so you can use aether. (Note, the lore book says Garleans can use aether but it is very very very very (did I say very?) rare.
  11. EDRIC HUNGERS! If you are a vendor and able to speak then I'm sure he will welcome your wares without issue. Poor guy had not the best salesmanship from Seye when he bought from her.
  12. With the holiday hours starting up for most of my buddies I am going to toss my feelers out there for anyone who may be interested in some RP or even PVE! About me I have been roleplaying for far too long and have fallen in to the category of what many young whipper snappers call 'too old'. I enjoy Para-RP but if need be will mirror those around me to make it easier. I can heal (Main class/WHM), DPS (Bard), or Tank (I'm bad at this one) I enjoy PVE as well and have a 'door' fetish (Aka, I love doing maps) and farming for glam or even just helping someone out through the queue. My hours of availability are: Monday - Friday 5:30pm - 12am EST Saturday - Open (unless out on date night with husband) Saturday - Open (unless out on date night with husband) About Seye Seye is a mute Keeper who has an odd dislike of having to write things down. Her primary mode of communication is often Charades but if she gets annoyed enough she does carry a notepad with her to scribble down what she wants to say. She enjoys the outdoors and oddly enough; always seems happy. She is big on gardening, herbalism and Alchemy. Enjoys lounging around and after surviving on her own for so long she has an odd need to sleep in high places. Further information can be found on her wiki! Are you open to Romance? Seye is straight and single but anyone who may think of pushing down that road will need to work for it. Seye has already turned several people down because she wants someone who can 'understand' her. She dislikes the idea of having to write down romance. Seye is also not very experienced in the department either and is prone to asking odd questions. I am open to Discord RP but I don't want it to be the primary place of RP as I enjoy being able to RP ingame as well! If you have any questions or want to get ahold of me my discord is Seye Qhesu#1707
  13. Welcome back to the dark side! If you ever want to Rp with a mute Keeper, look me up! Seye seems to have become quite interesting to most people just because she tries to use charades to get people to understand what she wants to say. Discord info is on her wiki if you want to ever contact me there!
  14. I just came here for the pizza.... Always up for more contacts for Seye! She is my mute keeper who feels insulted when people don't understand what she is trying to convey. So far, 100% if the roleplay I've gotten on her has been great fun! Especially when someone tries to guess what she is saying and it's way off the beaten path.
  15. Going back to people who whisper emotes... I do what Faye said and post in say to get them out but so many say they are suffering from anxiety and can't handle RP in public and I know not everyone is perfect so I do give them the benefit of the doubt. It has happened a few times. At first, I was like, okay. Fair enough, right? Then the red flag would be how clingy they became or complain if you didn't reply in a few seconds (or spam post at you while in the middle of typing). Then one got angry at me when someone started to RP in say at me and I replied. How dare I!? At this point I just avoid it all together. I get people suffer from anxiety but I shouldn't be forced in to my own attack just from trying to appease you.
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