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  1. Might want to include a slash somewhere in the topic title, so people won't be disappointed when they discover they're not actually fighting in a bar, their dreams of breaking a pool table or bar stool over someone's head crushed.
  2. Imagine if someone did the same thing you're about to do to you. If it'd make you think "Wow, what a prick." or "Oh piss off would you?", or anything in that vein, don't do it. Or do, if you don't mind being seen as a bit of a knob-jockey.
  3. Art looks great and you seem like a decent bloke. Unfortunately I'm on filthy Balmung, so I can't poke you in-game or set something up there, and I'm admittedly terrible at Discord RP. I've got some placeholder characters on Mateus, but I don't have the attention span, time, or effort required to flesh them out enough to RP with. ^^; Good luck with the search though mate, I hope you find someone to RP with who won't end up being a prat.
  4. FFVI is the best, not VII. Anyone who disagrees can cash me outside, behind the Tescos on a Saturday at around 2pm, I'll be holding a stale breadstick. Anyway, one thing to keep in mind with the outfits is that a lot of them, especially higher leveled gear, are restricted to a certain class, and you can't cross-class glamour, as far as I know. They're adding new glamour stuff that I'm too lazy to read though, so this might be changing. There are also some big differences in appearance for some gear depending on the race. For example, a Hempen Undershirt on a Midlander man looks like a simple tank top. On a Highlander man, it's a few strips of fabric across his chest that doesn't even cover his nipples. So... there's a couple things to consider. As for the lore, luckily for you mate two places have just been freed of the main bad guys being in charge of them. If you want a quick and easy way to get into RPing in FFXIV, you could always just read up briefly on the lore of one of these places (Ala Mhigo/Gyr Abania, and Doma), and be a foreigner who came to the older city states. Then it'd be reasonable for you to not know much. Alternatively, you could just be the 18727th character with amnesia. Whatever works, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Plenty of things you could come up with as an excuse for you not knowing much. It's not as if education is too common in Eorzia. If you actually want to read the lore though, Sounsyy and their resources are top notch.
  5. Hmmm, it seems my plan to lure people in with pizza and make contacts out of them is failing, and instead it's either making them hungry or only accomplishing the first part. Ah well, can't win them all! Sounds good to me! I skimmed through her RPC page, and she seems like an interesting character. I'll definitely have to poke you on Discord and we can see about setting something up.
  6. I figured I'd post a little update here that can act as a bump as well b̶e̶c̶a̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶I̶ ̶c̶o̶u̶l̶d̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶c̶o̶n̶v̶i̶n̶c̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶b̶u̶m̶p̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶m̶e̶. I've met some really cool new people, including a couple alchemists, a whole FC that I somehow got in to, a few of the usual shady/violent types, and a couple linkshells as well. That being said, I HUNGER FOR MORE! I am looking for a few specific connections, because letting NPCs take care of things is bleh. Other than the ones listed though, I'm up for interacting with anyone, so hit me up if you're interested! Healers! Violence is unfortunately a part of Edric's work, and as tough as he is, he's not invincible and could do with knowing as many people who could patch him up as possible. Sparring buddies! The poor old training dummies outside Scorpion Crossing aren't the best opponents to train hand-to-hand against. They're not great at fighting back, they don't make for good conversation afterwards, and they tend to break. So if there's any fist-fighters out there that want to spar and possibly learn a few new tricks in the process, hit me up! Mercenaries/Thugs/Ne'er-Do-Wells! Does your character hurt people for money? Pawned off their moral compass for 12 gil years ago? Perfect! Not all jobs can be done alone, and as much as I like the quote I used for his RPC page, he does need help from fellow violence-enthusiasts every now and then, and giving that role to an NPC is a waste. Merchants! The less violent half of Edric's business is investing money in places where he thinks he'll be able to profit from it. All that money he gets from jobs has to go somewhere, right? No, he's not a loan shark, Mr. Brass Blade, he just lends people money and encourages them to pay him back when they can. He makes a new, useful contact, they get some easy gil and have access to Ed and anyone connected to him. Sounds good, right? Like I said, these are only some specific examples, so feel free to pop me a message on Discord. I also have a tumblr now, but it confuses me and I'm terrible at it.
  7. Edric W.

    Hello again!

    I think Mateus is your best bet mate, seems like a lot of people are either starting there or moving from Balmung to that server.
  8. There's good and bad sides of every community mate, RP or not. Mateus is a relatively new one though, so if you want to try and get involved, that's probably the place to go. I'd whack a Making Connections thread on this website, and see if anyone else has a schedule that lines up with yours. Outside of that, I'm sure there's plenty of nice people who'd help you out. All that said, I have a question about your hobby of getting dressed up in metal and smacking your mates with sticks. Is grappling a viable tactic when you're in full plate? I always imagined if you could get a bloke in armour to the ground, you could slip a knife in his visor or whatever and do him in.
  9. Missing an eye also makes depth perception harder, from what I've heard. Distancing is one of the most important factors of a fight, so that could be a big disadvantage if you want to go that route. I honestly agree with what everyone else said, find more personal flaws specific to who they are rather than what they are. That being said though, Lalafell probably have a few obvious flaws, mainly physical. The world is built for people bigger than them. He might have trouble reaching things in daily life. Little legs that they have, I imagine they have to put in a lot more energy to move as fast as, for example, an Elezen who can just stride along. If they fight, they need to be a lot smarter than a Xaela or Roegadyn who can only rely on their strength or weight, respectively, and still do well. He'd also need to take in to account that a hit from one of the larger races will probably do more damage to him than one of his will do to them. Continuing on the vein of the last bullet point, I imagine being a Lalafell Brass Blade, soldier, etc. must be a lot harder than being a Highlander and doing those jobs. I imagine they'd need to train a lot harder, not being as naturally physically gifted. Honestly, I've always thought of Lalafell (either folk) as being one of the more intelligent and quick-witted races. All of the things I've listed here probably can, and are, overcome by them fairly easily if they put their mind to it. I'd go with what everyone else suggested mate.
  10. The way I see it, they're all relatively equal in terms of fighting. Any pros they have are countered by cons that come with them and vice versa. These is just my thoughts, and I'm sure someone will correct me or disagree. Take everyone's favourite race, for example. Lalafell are physically the weakest, but I imagine they're pretty crafty when they have to be. The ones with good hearing would be able to hear any ambushes or charges coming from a while away, so surprises wouldn't really work on them. I imagine trying to hit a moving Lalafell with a bow or spell would be near impossible as well, so if they had something like a crossbow (probably couldn't get a very high draw strength on a bow that small) and a lot of cover, they could do very well with guerilla tactics. Even just in a one-on-one fight though, if they had pretty much any weapon they could hit someone in the shins, break their toes, slip through their legs and put a rapier/spear through a major artery in the legs, or just smack a male opponent in the pills. Defensively, it would be hard to hit them if they were agile enough and had good reaction times, larger weapons being a hindrance when they get close, and smaller ones/fists possibly not being able to reach them even when they're at your feet.
  11. The Warrior of Light is an Alternate Universe Forest Gump. He's dumb to the point of not being able to speak most of the time, but luckily he got through life by being really good at charades and having thick plot armour. The scions and other groups make him do all their quests and chores for them to make him feel useful.
  12. I realise that the topic of the 'reigning champion' isn't what's up for discussion here, but I'd like to touch on it briefly just from the perspective of someone competing. If you want to skip this, just head to the cactuar emote. Sometimes the brackets don't work out perfectly in a tournament/competition and a person gets a bye, where they don't fight in the first round. Sometimes someone might even get two byes, so by the time they finally fight, the other person has already been through two fights before them. This is just how these things work sometimes, so you have to be prepared to fight someone fresh when you've got a couple rounds in you. However, at the end of a tournament, you're at a massive disadvantage when it comes to the state of you vs your opponent, just in terms of exhaustion. Just food for thought, if nothing else. :cactuar: As for the second-place prize question, I think it depends on the type of tournament you're aiming to run. If it's for fun, a little practice thing for people to keep their eye in, sure, give participation prizes out. If it's a professional tournament that's intended to be a chance for someone to make money from their skills, go ahead and give second place a little consolation prize to keep them afloat. From what I've seen however (and I could well be wrong here), that's not what it's about. It's about entertaining an audience, and giving the participants a chance to show off. Carrying on with that train of thought, that entertainment and publicity are the main purposes of the tournament, I don't think a prize for the losers, no matter how well they've done before losing, is in line with the spirit of the competition. What's more entertaining? People competing for the one and only grand prize, second place just missing out and being painted as the underdog for the next time they compete, or a tournament where you get prize money just for doing well, even if you're ultimately a loser? Obviously that's subjective, but I'd argue the former would be the more entertaining to watch, if not compete in. Outside of monetary rewards, the second place contestant doesn't exactly come out of the tournament without reward. ICly, they've demonstrated their skills to an audience, which could lead to business opportunities, be an ice-breaker for people who want to talk to them, or just simply feed their ego. OOCly, they've hopefully had a great time participating in the fun event you're running, and they might've met some people they can RP with in the future, more so than people eliminated earlier because they've been 'forced' to interact with more characters than them. It would also mean your FC has to cash out additional gil, or they'd have to take some of the gil away from the champion's prize money. Either option isn't very good, at least in my opinion. Finally, I'll echo Tessariel's point as relates to giving in to people's whining. If someone cries loud enough and you change the image of your event, it'll not lead to anything good. At the end of the day, there are plenty of RP events in a similar vein with different rules that people can go to if they don't like yours, and the only legitimate reason I can see for any complaints is that they only participated for the OOC gil. Perhaps you could give second place a really crappy IC prize? Like the Eorzia equivalent of an 80's toaster?
  13. [align=center][/align] This guy, from Lion King, is the closest I can think of. Does bad things to try and make his life better, he's a bit odd-looking, and he lives somewhere dark and dirty. He even has the eyebrows!
  14. I got wasted one night, logged into the RP server of TERA and accidentally wandered into an RP event. I was just talking normally, but they must've thought I was RPing. Made a friend there, and she got me into it.
  15. I'll give a response to the people who've commented, but I thought I'd just put the place I found the recipe here as well. It has pictures, but honestly I don't know how they made it look that good. One thing to note is that for some reason the bottom of the pizza never cooked properly for me, so I had to put it on the hob for a while so the bottom wasn't raw dough. Here you go: easy pizza. (You can use one of those cheap cake tins where the sides come off if you struggle to get the pizza out of the skillet once it's done, or just don't have one.)
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