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  1. Hello fellow midgard person. while im not much of a rp'er, i can point you to two FC's that i've seen on the server. One is on the fc fourms on this site, the Moonborn, and another is called the Eorzean Odyssey. Sorry that midgard isnt such a big rp server but there are options. Anyway, hope you like your time playing!:tonberry:
  2. YOU SHOULD TRY IT. :D Maybe someday, when im good and ready:P
  3. Don't see why not as the core tenet of a drk is that they follow their own hearts. You could also say Sidurgu serves a master too or something like that. Also Ser Zephirin from the heaven's ward wields a greatsword and definitely serves a master so as long as your character wants to serve said person then there isnt much a problem.:tonberry:
  4. Just got back and read all this and they were pretty interesting since i had to research all these acronyms. So from what i have gathered from all of the comments is that everyone is more or less drawn to rp because of the love of storytelling even if it is something small like a side story. It is the desire to know more or immerse yourself into the world that is the appeal of rp, from what I've gathered anyway. From my view, getting into this because you wish to improve your writing skill is also a fun and effective way to go about it too. It is difficult to get the background or objective of a character to work with the overall goal or nature of the world, nevermind the reactions to other different characters created and controlled by other people. This was a very fun to read all in all and it was surprisingly informative. I learned new acronyms and found board games I've never heard of. It was also interesting to see how this could improve one's story building and writing. All in all, this was beyond interesting(btw teadrinker, you're gonna have to do a lot better than that if you want me to cringe8-))
  5. Hi, so let me explain cause im not good with wording myself haha... Yeah. Anyway i recently became a little curious bout this sort of thing and i always loved good stories and the like. As you may or not imagine that i was a little curious when i found out what rp means and what you do. So i wanted to ask you peeps what brought you to role-playing out games or why you do so. On a sorta different note, my curiosity is so strong that i bothered to make an account just for this question. This is also my first time posting in anything fourm-like...i think?:moogle:(also, im gonna use these emoji cause they cute. i have no self control).:tonberry:
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