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  1. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Week 11 saw Jebei Dotharl rise above the competition to claim victory. Congratulations, Jebei![/align] [align=right]Mavis Ackerman was nowhere to be found during the event. He has until next week to defend. [/align]
  2. [align=center] Week 10 saw Mavis Ackerman rise above all to dethrone the former Champion 3-1 with a winning roll of 8. [/align] [align=center]Congratulations, Mavis! [/align]
  3. [align=center] Week 9 concludes with Lucerna Sainahs overcoming great obstacles to retain her place as Invitational Champion! Congratulations, Lucerna![/align]
  4. [align=center] Week 8 saw Lucerna Sainahs climb her way up to claim Champion status! Congratulations![/align]
  5. [align=justify]For all of my characters, durability is chalked up to their class, their experiences and their backstory. Regarding Akeno, taking a bullet is a pretty big deal depending on where she takes that bullet. A nick to the arm? Probably not a huge deal aside from stinging and some blood. A full-on bullet through the midsection, now that's a bit more of a problem. That being said, Akeno does have a protection spell on constantly -- it is weaved into all of her robes and generally is role-play as being a ripple of glitters when touched/activated. However, I consider it to more mitigate damage than fully protect from it. A punch or rough grabbing is likely to still cause some bruising, but the degree of pain inflicted is going to be muted. With other characters, their abilities have a pretty wide range and I do have an alt which is completely defenseless. They aren't very adept at magics and would very likely cry if they were shot at or stabbed. They've never seen the battlefield and are more civilian-types who don't go out chasing down bandits on the regular. Thankfully, these characters don't see too much role-play and have yet to engage in anything which might lead them down the road of danger, danger. Now speaking to battlefield engagement, depending on the situation (and character involved) I do believe it's entirely possible to cast a "shield" of aether which would completely negate any incoming damage from an outside force. Bullets fired off from outside of the shield would likely it it and disintegrate or be slowed to a point of just dropping to the ground without harming another individual. The use of aether is something I feel is quite open as far as role-play goes and how it is "shown" in character. Perhaps that is just me, but given the genre of fantasy I feel there's a lot that can be done with manifested aether; just depends on the characters development and purpose. [/align]
  6. [align=justify]So, I've been watching this thread grow; reading responses and making some minor adjustments to my approach on the subject. I'd like to say that I genuinely appreciate the amount of feedback this has gotten, as it's a topic which is vital to my main character. There have been some things which I disagree with wholeheartedly, as I am of the mindset that when role-playing in public (such as popular hubs like Ul'dah, Gridania and Free Company hosted events) anyone can overhear or intentionally listen in on a conversation. Majority of the time, there isn't too much to be "gained" from eavesdropping on conversations in these hubs and events: I can promise you, a lot of topics are idle chatter and getting to know one another. And this is the type of information I've been gathering on my main. I've learned loads about former sex slaves and girls who are too shy to "make the first move". I've also learned (as stated here in the threads) that not everyone is super okay with their conversation being listened to; I've been spotted behind pillars, crates and even from behind (I was behind the person, near a plant). This is going to happen regardless of intention. I have accepted it. I was a little surprised at the amount of people who spoke up for OOC communication when in a public setting. I can understand certain settings and the reason behind it, but it intrigues me greatly. I do feel that this thread has gone off to the whole "doing wrong in public" direction and the truth is, most of what I've gathered is far from "dangerous dealings". The most exciting conversation I've listened in on, I was told to "please stop listening to us. This is private." and it was a possible assassination on some character I've never heard of. I can accept that the conversation did take place in a more seclusive place of Ul'dah, I just happened to be walking about taking in the holiday decor in-character (which was emoted) when Akeno overheard something akin to, "Are you sure that poison will work?" Forgive me if this was one of your characters and you feel outed, but I needed an example. When it comes to private role-play done in a public setting, I'm desperate to understand why people insist on using public channels such as /em or /say as opposed to a party-channel; which is a question that is a little off-topic as it dives into a whole new area of conversation. Again, I appreciate all the feedback. It's actually made me a little hopeful seeing that some of the bigger names on Balmung share a similar mindset to myself when it comes to public conversations. It renews my faith in finding the kind of role-play I want on a closed server. ^^;[/align]
  7. [align=center] [/align] [align=justify]Just in time for the Holiday season, Shenhu brings to you its Starlight Spectacular! With the Magus Invitational currently postponed, the people here at Shenhu would like to extend an invitation to those within our community this Holiday season to still come out to Fresca's Wash for a bit of fun, magic and prizes. Similar to the Magus Invitational, the Starlight Spectacular is a role-play tournament based around Mages. The rules are fairly simple (and will be announced prior to the start of the event). [/align] [align=center]• Rules of the Game • [/align] [align=justify][align=center]Number One This is a magic-only tournament. Physical contact between characters is not allowed. Number Two [/align] [align=center] In order to advance to the next round, participants must accumulate three successful hits on their opponents. Number Three [/align] [/align] [align=center] Injuries can and likely will happen -- this rule is very much the same from the Invitational. [align=center]• Spectacular Prizes • Grand Prize [/align] [/align] [align=justify][align=center] 100,000 gil 1st Runner-Up [/align] [align=center]50,000 gil 2nd Runner-Up [/align] [/align] [align=center]25,000 gil Participation [/align] [align=center] 10,000 gil • Date & Time • Sunday, December 24th 2017 8pm @ Fresca's Wash [align=right]Note: There will be several party finders up and running the day of the event. Have questions? Feel free to contact me via in-game (Akeno Asukai) or Discord (KiraKitsune#8883).[/align] [/align]
  8. [align=center]Special Announcement[/align] [align=center] Due to the Holiday Season, week 8 of the Invitational will be postponed until January 7. For those within the community who will be around during the evenings, we've prepared a couple of very special tournaments to celebrate Christmas Eve. [/align] [align=center]Starlight Spectacular Please remember that these events are completely separate from the Invitational and any wins garnered here are one-time-only. For individual rules, guidelines and prize listings, please click the appropriate links above. [/align]
  9. [align=center] Congratulations to Jebei Dotharl -- our Week 7 Champion! This was Jebei's first week of defending and what a shut-out. 3-0 win to retain his place at the top of the food chain.[/align]
  10. Woo. Welcome to the Coalition. ^^; In other news, I absolutely sent you a friend request on Discord. Akeno would be very interested in meeting Mana; so here's hoping to the schedules aligning.
  11. [align=justify]So, I've been keeping up in silence on this thread -- reading the responses, tilting my head and thinking of all the semi-useless information I've gathered in the last few days of hanging around in the Quicksand. Yes, the Quicksand. It's a pretty solid hot spot for people boasting about their accomplishments. [/align] [align=justify]Now, what I'm getting from the community thus far is that it is still pretty divided however, it would appear (to me at least) that a good portion of the community shares my thoughts: if you're in a public hot spot, using /say and my character is clearly within a reasonable range -- your information is mine. It also seems that while people here aren't necessarily against someone listening in, they do feel that even in public, eavesdropping warrants a response -- whether it be an out of character whisper or an emote directed to the person(s) being watched. Some points have been brushed over -- such as people being "picky" when it comes to walk-up role-play and it does lead me back to my concerns (which have already happened on Balmung) regarding people who intentionally change their behavior when they know someone is watching them. I'm willing to chalk this up to a bad experience, but when it's someone who is considered by others (who were close to my character at the time) to be a "major player" and a little unavoidable unless I cut ties in-character with the people specifically linked to this bad experience. How, exactly, does the majority of the community handle this kind of... situation? Do you just abandon the whole eavesdropping on this person? Do you respect their decision and continue to make attempts at eavesdropping on semi-public and public scenarios? I am genuinely curious as to how people prefer to handle these situations -- especially since I have some very public, very unsettling outcomes to this kind of seclusion behavior on other platforms. [/align]
  12. [align=justify]Now, I know this is a topic which has popped up in a number of circles and games -- as espionage, spying and gossip are often pretty popular around role-play communities. With this topic, comes the "time-old question" of: how should one proceed to eavesdrop on a public conversation? I've had several interactions with characters I've spied on in the past as well as characters spying on myself. In some other games -- such as WoW -- the issue is generally resolved with simple game mechanics such as Stealth; unfortunately, XIV does not offer much for a "true" stealth and I've encountered loads of people who will still see you. My inquiry is in regards to what people consider proper etiquette for spying on someone in a public venue. I've had several instances where people have altered their conversation/behavior when alerted OOCly to my eavesdropping as well as ICly to an emote stating that I am eavesdropping. This has caused me to often disregard this when faced with public settings however, I will walk closer to targets or simply move to stand nearby -- so as to give a more reasonable hearing range. What I am curious about is how this community feels about eavesdropping without emoting or whispering directly that a character is doing such? How does one feel about eavesdropping with an emote only and no whisper? How about with a direct OOC whisper regarding the eavesdropping? I'd also like to hear if others have had successful run-ins with people not altering their behavior once they are alerted to someone listening in? [/align]
  13. [align=center] With the reigning Champion nowhere to be found, Jebei Dotharl claims victory over all other Challengers in Week Six of the Invitational![/align]
  14. [align=center] Congratulations to our new Champion: Rygart Nekros! (apologies for the delayed responses: real life has been hectic af.) [/align]
  15. [align=center] This one was a nail-biter, but Neru Featherstride remains unstoppable in the Magus Invitational; defeating the Week Four Challenger 3-2 to retain her title as Invitational Champion. [/align]
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