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  1. A few comments: Most RPers do not consider Fantasia potions to exist IC. Not a 100% consensus on that though. Playing as the Warrior of Light is generally strongly frowned upon. Having the Echo is okay though. The Duskwight/Wildwood split among Elezen is a uniquely Gridanian thing. The elezen in Ishgard are technically a third subgroup of elezen in their own right - with some of them looking similar to Duskwights and some similar to Wildwoods. .As far as we know there are no clans of Viera living in Eorzea. Vast majority of them live in and around Dalmasca on the continent of Othard, but individuals can be found in other parts of the world. As for Astrology, there are two branches of that. There is Ishgardian Astrology which focuses on just one star, the Dragon Star, to try to predict the movements of the dragons. Then there is Sharlayan Astrology which is a much broader and more useful discipline. It has recently been introduced to Ishgard, and thus to Eorzea, against strong opposition from people who do not like change. Most of the information about this found in the Astrologer job quests.
  2. Soul Crystals are generally treated as an IC thing. Exactly how they work varies a bit from job to job, but mainly they just help accelerate the learning process. Now as to the question if it is plausible for our characters to IC have one or more of the Jobs - that varies a bit from Job to Job. Some jobs are very restricted as to who can have them for one reason or another, like WHM or BLM. Others, like MCH or PLD are not nearly as restrictive, and are perfectly plausible for characters to have IC. If your character have mastered multiple jobs you can expect other players to look askance at you. Not that it is impossible to have done so, but very few people would have managed to do it.
  3. They can't use the World Visit feature to get onto Omega. After the EU data center expansion Zodiark and Omega ended up in different data centers. The 90-day waiting period may or may not apply. Zodiark was changed from a Preferred server to a Standard server on April 2. Any characters created on Zodiark after that point will not have to deal with any 90-day waiting period.
  4. I rather hope not. There is still plenty of room on Omega, so there is absolutely no need for a second EU rp server currently, and if another was added it would be better to have it in the same datacenter as Omega so people on either could visit with the upcoming world visit system.
  5. As a European I find lots of RP on Omega. Not quite as much as on Mateus or Balmung, but plenty enough. You will want to join the Discord to find it though. (There should be an invite link somewhere else on this site.) I also play some on Mateus and Balmung, and I have not found the extra network latency to be a signficant problem. So to answer your question - no, the game is not dead at all for europeans who enjoy both PvE and RP.
  6. Without a sould crystal you would realistically need many years to master any of the jobs, especially those were there are no real teachers around - like Summoner.
  7. That is very strange since it is an officially congested server which means you are not supposed to be able to transfer there, and indeed it is not possible to select it as a destination in the transfer service. Balmung was open for quite a while, but was declared congested again on Nov. 6.
  8. The window for creating characters isn't all that narrow on either Mateus or Omega. In fact I'd say they are both open more hours per day than they are closed. So no need to waste money just to get a new character into either of those servers. As for Balmung, it is nice and all, but it is CLOSED until further notice. No character creation on Balmung, no character transfers to Balmung.
  9. Of the main RP servers Balmung is currently completely closed, which leave either Mateus or Omega (for Euro players). Both Mateus and Omega do accept new characters, but they may be close for character creation during the busiest prime time hours. Try creating a character during off-peak time - then there should be little problem making a character there. For both Mateus and Omega you will want to join their respective Discord servers as that is where most discussions and announcements happen. You should be able to find invite links elsewhere on this site.
  10. Main purpose of a soul crystal is to let learn your job far more rapidly than you could have otherwise. Doing so in months rather than years. Or years rather than decades. In some cases (Black Mage) having a Soul Crystal also helps by preventing you from killing yourself when trying to learn how to manipulate the magical energies. There is no reason you couldn't learn how to be a Scholar from another Scholar even without a sould crystal. You would learn much slower though, and since you can't have been studying for long due to how recently Scholars were reintroduced in Eorzea, you'd be little more than an apprentice though.
  11. Plenty of RP to be found on Omega. If you are going to play on Omega you will want to join the Discord server where most discussions and announcements happen: https://discord.gg/YMTyhFC Be careful about walking up to random strangers. It is not frowned upon as such, but it is not always appropriate to do it. First of all, make sure they are in-character before you start talking IC to them. Secondly, see if they are engaged in RP where others could concievably walk up to them. That will often be the case, but sometimes people use open-world locations as a stand in for some other place. All in all, it is often best to start with an OOC tell to check if it is okay to start RPing. The exception is when you are at places like an IC tavern or similar, where talking to other people is fairly normal, just like in real world bars. Going to some tavern event is often a good place to meet people and start RPing.
  12. Almost all servers get closed temporarily on occasion for new character creation during busy hours. Mateus is no exception. Try again during off-hours and it should be no problem creating a new character.
  13. Omega is easily the most active EU RP server. It is not as busy as Balmung, but still quite active - but little of that activity shows here. Most discussions/talks/announcements etc. for RP on Omega happens on Discord for some reason. (I think this is true for Mateus as well.) See this post for an invite link to the Discord, as well as some more information. Personally I much prefer playing on Omega over Balmung, simply because the disadvantage of having somewhat less RP to choose between is more than weighed up by the advantage of having all events happen at times at which I am awake.
  14. It did look that way, but later some NPCs say she probably used that spell, instead of more conventional ones, because it was so quick to cast and she was in a hurry.
  15. Near the end of the 2.x MSQ, when the Scions are fleeing Ul'dah - then Y'sthola casts her final spell there without using her wand - unlike her usual spellcasting where she wields the wand in one hand. Granted, that was an ancient spell she cast - so it might not use the same techniques as more modern spells.
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