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  1. I'm a bit of an oddball here since I don't RP, I merely am an aspiring writer and I want to give some extra life to my character and my friend's characters as well. Since my stories have a lot of comic relief and will verge between serious and parody, I'm not too concerned with stretching some lore to it's limits. However, I still want to do things right, and I need some help for extra research. These particular questions are regarding me and my wife's characters: a Roegadyn Sea Wolf male and a Viera Rava female. If we marry, (if we even are able to marry) and have children, can these children be born as Roegadyn OR Viera, with some minor features inherited but no actual half-breed features? If so, of what clan would they be considered? Also, is it possible for both of our characters to have lived most of our lives in Rabanastre and Dalmasca, and not in Eorzea? If so, would we be affected by the Calamity? I also assume that a Roegadyn in Rabanastre would not be a very common sight. I'm also aware that half-breeds are not generally well-liked in Eorzea. Thanks in advance for helping me, and sorry if you've heard these questions a million times before, I searched a bit on the forums and in Sounsyy's Lore Compilations Index and couldn't find direct answers for this.
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    Thank you for the welcome and encouragement!
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    Hello everyone, this is Ricky, born and raised in Lisbon and high-level English is still not something I mastered so I accept any corrections for my language mistakes. I would be interested to join in the forums for discussion and what-not, but I have a question, I don't currently play on a RP realm and I don't really think it's feasible to do so because of time constraints and I enjoy playing with the friends for my server, but I'm interested in storytelling and writing, and I would like to share and create stories related to my characters. Is it still acceptable that I use your forums and wiki to do so? If not, there's no worry, I'll still be part of the community somehow. Looking forward to meet you all. Peace.
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