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  1. So even with all the back story and lore in the game, 90% of the population in the world are just living in a modern day melting pot and anyone who judges your character is racist? Makes sense, hard to be a lone adventure in the main story if you NEED a clan to survive.
  2. So no harm in being an independent progressive modern Seeker. Thank you!
  3. I've read all about the difference in culture and appearance between Seekers of the sun and Keepers of the moon. But has it ever been explained why? If I choose to be a seeker who was adopted and raised by a keeper, or vise versa, would she be just a tanned keeper, or are there biological reasons why they behave more one way vs another?
  4. You've given me alot to Google about. Thank you!
  5. So is there a reason NOT to join one of the star special low pop world's? I can get the xp boost and socialize on the other world's when I want to. Is there something I'll regret later on from not choosing a more populated space (assuming the star world's never catch up population wise)?
  6. So there really is no difference? I can start on any server in the crystal, then just visit another world if I want to rp or socialize on the streets? Thanks for the help! Good to know theres no real pressure to pick the wrong server.
  7. Hello, and thank you for having this wonderful community! I'm a new) returning player. I purchased the game when it came out (2012 ish), mad a character, played till level 12, then life got in the way as I stopped. I recently decided to come back and play again. I created a new char on Mateus to learn the basics of the game. I still am new, but I'm new-comfortable and have a better idea of how I want to play as a character. I also found out that my old first character from way back when is on Balmung, a server so popular it's closed. Is it a good idea to play there? I don't want to pass up the opportunity to play and rp on the top to server, but I'm worried that since it's been closed for so long there won't be many new characters like myself playing the low levels. On Mateus, I have some duties that start after 2 min, and some where I've waited almost 10min. Will starting (again) on a closed server be a disaster for a new player like myself or should I take advantage of being able to play?
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