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  1. Thank you so much! I figured it must be strange territory rping Warriors of Light, but if Echos are ok and also separate from the Warriors of Light thing, that's very good to know. Also that Fantasia is contentious in RP canon is ALSO good to know--I might want to look into his past self having some kind of access to questionable alchemy, as opposed to pre-supposing Fantasia exists, if I plan on keeping that part of his plot. I think exploring the drastic shift of being welcomed into spaces he'd be rejected from is a fun angle to explore for both character and culture, but I don't want to reach TOO far. The Viera note is also really good, thank you. I can talk about it with my friend, but we can possibly work out a way that he wound up on Othard and sought passage back to Eorzea after having identified his clothes and items on his person as Eorzean? Not quite sure how travel to and from Othard might work or why his pre-incident self might have gone there, but I guess the whole reason I even chose to go with such a dead trope was so I could develop that backstory retroactively as I learned more spoiler-sensitive topics about the world. And finally, that's perfect! If my guy was a part of the Ishgardian Astrologians and got headwind of this new Astrology early, taking interest in the new style could put him in a bad position with his peers, prompting him to need to take action to get to safety. I don't want to push things TOO too far, which is a running theme here, but this is all very good material. Thank you again!
  2. Hey guys! Brand new RPer and even brand new to all MMO on Zalera. I have a lovely FC of friends, but I wanted to directly say hi to the RP forums! As someone who's very very new the the Final Fantasy AND MMO scene but have done a few laps around the forum rp block, I wanted to do a check in and see if I'm starting off on steady ground. I have a character set up I want to run by people native to the RP server, as well as FF14/MMO specific rp tips and tricks? A few of the threads based on questions I really wanted to know (In character Fantasia usage, Playing the Warrior of Light, ect) don't seem to exist anymore, so I wanted to make my own topic and ask specific questions about my tentative character set up. --Character Concept below, feel free to ignore if you're not interested in checking the concept and more interested in giving FF14 rp specific tips?-- My character Aelaeis is saddled with the dead horse trope of Amnesia, but I wanted to expand on that meaningfully. I wanted him to start off in his BG as an Ishgardian Darkwight Astrologian. From what I can understand in lore that's not a fun combination to be, and he'd eventually saved up enough to earn a Fantasia to try to switch over to being a less noticeable Wildwood Elezen. But due to a mishap with unstable location/magic/things I haven't specified yet for fear of discovering MSQ spoilers using the Fantasia backfires, and while he does flip over he also causes his mind and body massive magical trauma, landing him with a bad case of retrograde amnesia targeting not only episodic (personal) memories but also semantic (world knowledge) and procedural (skill) memories, leaving him without the memory of even how to read or walk. On top of that, the trauma to the brain has also effected its connection to the rest of his body resulting in episodes of loss of motor control, processing, focusing and a variety of uncontrollable motor tics. Pressure worsens the symptoms, causing him short bouts of anterograde amnesia (inability to create new memories/problems with short term memory translating to long term), and fully freezing up and shutting down physically and mentally. While I had him found and tentatively nursed back to some level of health by a clan of Viera (so that my friend's viera character can get involved), he was still very much unrecovered by the time the clan decided they could no longer afford to shelter him, and he will spend much of if not all of his story recovering, and full recovery may not be possible even if he improves. So his story so far has been ironically finding a home in Gridania as his new Wildwood self, attempting to act like a more confident and put together man than he is while still being fussed over by his party and terribly aware that he hasn't recovered to the point of being nearly as independent as he wants to seem while simultaneously coming into his own as he sees and learns about more and more of Eorzea, occasionally touching on some strangely familiar things as he goes. I'm only level 36 as of this writing, so I'm not quite sure where the plot will lead me as I'm working half blind and also using the characterization to give me an excuse to learn as I go, but still trying to give the set up proper respect. Does this seem like a good start? What might be good ways to work outwards or important things to know about the world that won't spoil me on plot? And how can I get more involved in the FF14 MMO rp community? Thank you for your time and patience!
  3. Hey there Lulu! I'm also new to FF roleplay, but I've been around a couple blocks when it comes to online rping. I'm not quite sure how different MMO rp is from forum rp, but I bet some core rp rules remain the same. The first and most important thing is to remember that you're roleplaying with other people. Mainly that means respecting everyone else's rights to play just as important a character as you--which means not deciding what other players do for them (known as 'godmodding'), asking out of character (Usually specified by ((double parentheses)) but it might be different for FF rp specifically?) before you try to do something major like attack, kill or relocate the other character, and trying not to make a story that would put your character way more important than others (for this reason, most people don't play the backstory the Game's Main Plot gives you--since that makes you, automatically, the most important person in the realm.) As long as you don't try to goad, force or overpower others with your character you can probably res easy. Other than that you're doing one of the best things to do for roleplay--your research! Getting a solid base is important for making engaging and believable characters. As for your wedding an NPC, I'd be careful about that or avoid it outright...tempting tho it may be, thousands of people interact with that NPC every day, so trying to claim relation to them might be seen as passe. You can always make an original character for your backstory to be wed to? But it's also fun leaving yourself open to potential relationships blooming along the way, whatever they may be. Finally, to get you started I suggest putting your character through the Mary Sue Litmus Test https://www.springhole.net/writing/marysue.htm (Mary sues aren't a sin, they're quite fun, but this is a good barometer to see how obtrusive your character might be in a group roleplay situation), and to look at the Roleplay Handbook and Frequently Discussed Subjects for more specific information. From one newbie to another, I hope you connect up to people and have fun!
  4. Hey there, new Zalera rper/MMOer here! For someone who's never rp'ed in an MMO before, what are good ways to find/connect with other rpers on the Zalera server? And what kind of stories/styles/overarching things a new RPer should know about the Zalera rp scene or story? Themes, plots, currently existing group dynamics, groups known for being into RP..?
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