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  1. Thank you so much! I figured it must be strange territory rping Warriors of Light, but if Echos are ok and also separate from the Warriors of Light thing, that's very good to know. Also that Fantasia is contentious in RP canon is ALSO good to know--I might want to look into his past self having some kind of access to questionable alchemy, as opposed to pre-supposing Fantasia exists, if I plan on keeping that part of his plot. I think exploring the drastic shift of being welcomed into spaces he'd be rejected from is a fun angle to explore for both character and culture, but I don't want to reac
  2. Hey guys! Brand new RPer and even brand new to all MMO on Zalera. I have a lovely FC of friends, but I wanted to directly say hi to the RP forums! As someone who's very very new the the Final Fantasy AND MMO scene but have done a few laps around the forum rp block, I wanted to do a check in and see if I'm starting off on steady ground. I have a character set up I want to run by people native to the RP server, as well as FF14/MMO specific rp tips and tricks? A few of the threads based on questions I really wanted to know (In character Fantasia usage, Playing the Warrior of Light, ect) don't see
  3. Hey there Lulu! I'm also new to FF roleplay, but I've been around a couple blocks when it comes to online rping. I'm not quite sure how different MMO rp is from forum rp, but I bet some core rp rules remain the same. The first and most important thing is to remember that you're roleplaying with other people. Mainly that means respecting everyone else's rights to play just as important a character as you--which means not deciding what other players do for them (known as 'godmodding'), asking out of character (Usually specified by ((double parentheses)) but it might be different for
  4. Hey there, new Zalera rper/MMOer here! For someone who's never rp'ed in an MMO before, what are good ways to find/connect with other rpers on the Zalera server? And what kind of stories/styles/overarching things a new RPer should know about the Zalera rp scene or story? Themes, plots, currently existing group dynamics, groups known for being into RP..?
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