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  1. I've also debated with this topic myself. I also want to roleplay a rather young character who is a little on the naive side. I'm also having concerns about her age. Personally, I feel since this takes place in a somewhat medieval fantasy world, 17 sounds adequate. I would say you would be considered "adult enough" at age 16 (sometimes even 15). On that topic, does anyone have lore info on the enlistment age for the warriors that fought in the Calamity? I'd imagine they recruited all kinds of ages back then, but maybe we're getting into too realistic details...?
  2. Dearest Mother, I hope this letter finds you full of energy, as always. After spending some time in Gridania and doing odd errands I was finally able to save up enough gil for two airship tickets: one for Limsa Lominsa and another for Ul’Dah. I am writing you this letter from one of the many breezy balconies around Limsa Lominsa. This city feels much bigger than Gridania, with high platforms of beautiful white stone and red banners, long docks full of trading ships of the most varied flags and sizes. And of course, the people! The city is much crowded and full of noisy trading. Alass, it also seems that the shadows hide some less savory folk. Not soon after I left the airship dock and visited the markets for the first time that I found my waist belt lighter and my gil pouch gone. T’was lucky of me to keep my ticket for Ul’Dah in an inside pocket or that might have been taken as well. I spoke to the guards but it seems here is little to do: my gil is gone and I found myself back to doing odd favors for coin, but at least I grew wiser. I have met others who faired the same fate and they gave me sound advice for venturing into these sort of cities. Despite this event, I was able to find much good around the city. I have befriended the local fishermen due of two siblings who constantly compete with one another and they taught me their trade. I am ashamed to say I did not catch much but I thanked them by cooking supper. You always said I had a talent for cooking and they were quick to agree: they urged me to visit the Bismarck, the most popular restaurant in these lands, and speak with the chefs there. T’was wise of me to visit during the middle of afternoon and catch a calm time in the grand kitchens. I was skittish at first but the head cook was very friendly. He gave me a trial to impress and I passed, earning my first apron! He has agreed to teach me some techniques and for now I have earned a place in his kitchen and a portion of gil for my daily work. I will use the opportunity to learn as much as I can and fill my pockets before heading to Ul’Dah. I shall write my next letter to you then. With all my love, Cellestitte
  3. My dearest mother, This early letter might come as a surprise but I wished to write to you as soon as possible. I’ve arrived at Gridania well and good, and was in awe as soon as I stepped out of the traveling caravan. Tis even more beautiful than you had described and even fuller than I imagined. Never in our little village had I seen such a colourful array of people, with so many races, so many colours, so many dialects. I'd only stepped into the inn to start hearing the most exotic stories of faraway lands as adventurers came and went hurryingly. After getting used to the frenetic rhythm of the colours, I went to seek out Mother Miounne, who sees to the newcomers. When I mentioned my hometown and your name, she welcomed me with open arms and asked how you were. Though she had smiled, her eyes held an underlying sadness, the same I see in yours whenever you speak of the past. But she was pleased to know you are well and promised to write you a letter soon, now that she knows where to send it. I told her the reason of my travel, to learn more about my starry dream. She advised me to seek out the advice of E-Sumi-Yan, the master of the Conjurer’s Guild in old Gridania. Alas, after giving him all of the details I had, he couldn’t shine light on the matter. Said twas a very peculiar dream, especially since it’s happened since I was a child. Though discouraged at first, he lifted my spirits by saying I had a great affinity with the elementals and the flowing of aether in the air. After sorting some details, I had agreed to practice the art of conjury under his guild. He is convinced that by honing my skills to attune to the aether I shall find clarity in deciphering my dream. His words put a smile on my face, “Such a persistent dream is bound to have a more profound meaning. I am sure this will be revealed in due time”. Somehow, his words felt right. I believe my travels and adventures will eventually lead me to the right place. I promise to write as often as I can and retell my adventures to you. Your loving daughter, Cellestitte
  4. The following is a collection of letters written by my character Cellestitte Arendell to her adoptive mother Elfene Viebelle. If you are interested, you may read my character's backstory draft in the following thread: This thread is closed for IC but opened to OOC posts from the community. For other details, you can also message me directly. Please enjoy.
  5. Wow, this is very interesting information, I thought there was only one Astrology "school" in the game, which pretained to the job class itself. I'll need to think and read up a bit more in which of the two my character's dream would fit the best. I'd like to mention I really have no plans yet as to what the dream actually means, it's completely open and under construction, mostly because I don't want to write myself into a corner just yet. But since I AM planning of making her a main Astrologian class, perhaps it might be a good idea to start from there and then discover there are yet other paths in astrology to find. This could be a good opportunity for more traveling around.
  6. It was after April 2, so I don't think I got the preferred status on Zodiard (which is good in my case). What I think I'll do is play the game a bit more in Zodiark and enjoy the trial until lv 35, and then activate my game code to unlock the full version. I bought the complete collection pack so I think I might get a 30-day free subscription period with it (still not 100% sure on that, will have to wait and see). Once I have that activated, I'll transfer over to Omega and start roleplaying. I will definitely add you to my friends list, UnidessGaming! All in all the lesson to take is: do some research before creating a character in a payed MMO. XD
  7. Lumy

    Greetings to all

    Thank you for the typing conventions. I have seen people using emotes a lot in the game, seems like a common thing. Can you tell me a bit more on custom emotes? Let me know if you have a good resource link or tutorial.
  8. Thank you all for the lore check. Valence, thanks for the link, I'll read up on the lore on elemental and Gridania. UnidressGaming, thanks for the suggestions, I might include some fluff on Cellestitte's affinity with elemental latter on.
  9. Thank you everyone for the information provided. It seems I'm in a little bit of a predicament, not sure what to do with my account. I really hope I don't have to wait 90 days to make a transfer and I certainly didn't want to star a new character from scratch just to be in Omega. I guess I'll need to think about what to do...
  10. Hello, I'd like to ask a few questions on server transfer. I'm currently on Zodiark, as it was the suggested server presented to me for character creation, but it seems I should have done a bit of searching arou d before creating the character, as Omega seems to be the EU server of choice for RP. So I am wondering if I should transfer my account. A few things to take in notice : 1. I'm currently on a trial version but I have already committed and bought the game, just not activated it yet. Also not sure if I will have to pay the subscription as soon as I activate my game key. 2. I've been hearing something about a free transfer period because of the server expansions. Is this offer still going on this week? Until when will it last? And do I have to a tovate my account to transfer my character? Thank you all in advance for your answers, the help is appreciated.
  11. Greetings all, I've started playing FFXIV a few days ago and while I'm still grasping a few control tweaks I'd like to at least start fleshing out my character and her backstory for when I enter the RP community in the game. As such, I'd like to ask for some help checking a few facts, locations and naming conventions on my character's backstory to make sure I'm not making any serious mistake. I have not read the lore yet, only followed what has been presented to me in the game so far, mostly for fear of spoiling something. So without further ado, here is my character: Name: Cellestitte Arendell Backstory: The one left behind Cellestitte has lived all her life in a small village near the East-side settlement of Hathoeva River, to the south of Gridania. However, how she came to be here isn’t clear. Years ago, a family of rich-looking individuals stopped by the village to rest from their travels. They made a show of drinking and paying everyone in village extremely well, which did rouse a little suspicion on the folk. By morning they were gone in a chocobo, which left running at max speed. It didn’t take them long to find a small Hyur baby wrapped in a warm blanked at the doorstep of one of the rangers whose house was near the wooden gate that led outside the city. The village was still incredibly confused and, seeing as nothing was missing and they were not robbed, they sent out a small but quick searching party to try and catch up to the bizarre couple. They travelled quite a few hours, but managed to find the chocobo, badly shaken and feathers ruffled. Some more searching and they found signs of a scuffle but no blood and no trace of the couple; there wasn’t even a trail to follow. They took the chocobo back to the village and reported their findings; the party still tried to find further clues in the days followed, but alas. When deciding who would be willing to take on the child, the ranger whose doorstep had been the delivery point was the first to step in. And so, with a small little Hyur under her care, the ranger Elezen named Elfene Viebelle found herself gazing into lovely forest green eyes and a whole new advanture ahead. The hearts of stone melts away The village was compromised mainly of a mixed population of Hyur and Elezen, the latter in fewer numbers but who made up most of the hunting and scouting squads. It has been around 3 decades now that Elfene had settled in the village and quickly became one of the best rangers, taking great pride in keeping the community safe and secure. Few are the people who actually know her story though as she hides her heart behind a stone cold wall and keeps a sterns and logical approach to her daily tasks. But it’s clear that something happened to her back in Gridania all those years ago, as whenever Cellestitte mentions the place or tries to ask questions about Elfene’s past, the grows quiet and her eyes grow moist with retained sorrow. She once confined with the tavern keeper that she wanted to leave the continent, put water in between her and Gridania, but the forest always pulled her back. When she adopted the child, she named her Cellestitte Arendell and although she never told her why she chose the name it seems the mineral reminds her of something important in her old life, as does the name “Arendell”. Cellestitte proved to do wonders for her and brought forth a deeply motherly facet she didn’t know she had. The happiest child Cellestitte was always a truly happy child. She was nice to everyone, loved to play around the forest and run with the animals and her giggles sounded like a bubbling happy river, crossing the soft pebbles. She retains a great curiosity for things she sees for the first time and has a relaxed attitude towards life. Since she was a child, she has had a recurring dream: she sits on a field of tall luscious grass and looks at the dark sky which is illuminated with beautiful shining stars, the likes of which she has never seen either in such abundance or shine in the village skies. She dreams it every so often and just as she had forgotten about it, she has another dream to remind her. She tried asking Elfene what it would mean since the dream doesn’t go away and nothing really happen on it, just star gazing. But alas, the Elezen is as puzzled as she is. When Cellestitte was deemed “of age old enough to travel alone” by Elfene (who had grown a tad overprotective), Cellestitte told her she wanted to find more about her dream. Elfene was surprised that when she asked Cellestitte if she wanted to find what happened to her birth parents, she shrugged and told her that she had no desire to search them out, as Elfene was her real mother and the village her family, as far as she was concerned. With that weight lifted off her shoulders and a tear at the edge of her eye, Elfene advised Cellestittle to travel to Gridania and seek the advice of the conjurer’s guild, who might have some clues as to her dream. And off she went, bidding goodbye to the whole village (which in itself took almost a day) and she set off on her first travel. Speaking with E-Sumi-Yan provided little clue however, as he was more delightfully puzzled at this enigmatic dream than anything else. However, he did provide some advice in the arcane arts as Cellestitte had a great attunement to the flowing aether. On his advice, she is pursuing knowledge and practice of the arcane arts, in the hopes she might one day discover a clue to her dreams. Personality: Cellestitte is quite happy-go-lucky, with a charming smile and a gentle demeanor. She possesses great curiosity of the world, not knowing much outside of the stories of the village. She also loves to eat delicious feed and hopes to perfect her culinary arts one day. While she has some experience with a bow, everyone is quick to agree that it’s not her forte (especially Elfete, who was rather disappointed) and she’s quite pleased with an ornate cane or wand at any time. ************** I went for a simple backstory that would allow some flexibility as the story progresses. From a gameplay point of view, I'm thinking of having my main class as astrologian, which inspired me for the strange dream Cellestitte keeps having. Hopefully, practicing astrology will her her decipher this, we'll see. Comments, suggestions and anything else if very much appreciated. Than you for taking the time to read!
  12. Hello one and all, my name around here is Lumy and I just joined the site. It's been quite a long time since I picked up an MMO or even roleplayed; I used to do a few sessions of D&D and Pathfinder back in the day (one-of adventures that we run in modules) and I do miss it terribly. I also spent most of my teenage years in a written collaborative roleplay site, where we weaved storied together in various settings. I've decided to finally pick up FFXIV after a few interesting videos of dungeoning adventures sparked my interest. I was even more surprised when I found out that there is indeed an RP community within the game. It's been a long time since I got into these shoes, so please be patient with me. I've been playing the game to get used to the controls, etc. I'm getting confident enought that I won't make a complete fool of myself when I join this community in-game, but once again please be patient with me. :) I'll be posting some character information and background soon and I'll be looking for some friends in the comming days. I'll leave you with a question regarding the roleplay aspect itself: do you usually type dialogue? If so, what are the different conventions for different actions? Like current speech, mind thoughts, expression actions, etc? Perhaps you could point me to some sort of guide on typing for roleplay withing FFXIV chat windows? Thank you all and happy to meet you!
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