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  1. Thank you all. I ended up choosing Mateus in the end because of a friend who I was unaware that played until yesterday. I decided to go with a Xaela Au Ra and the general game experience has thus far been very enjoyable. I'm looking forward to getting into roleplay down the line but at the moment the level grind is my domain.
  2. Would you say Balmung is more difficult to get into because of that? Or are the groups there fairly welcoming to new blood coming into the scene?
  3. Is there any significant difference between the type of roleplay or attitude on Mateus and Balmung? Or is it just sameish?
  4. Hey everybody. I'm Baglen, I only just splurged on the complete edition of FFXIV and I'm completely green to the game and the community. I'm a long-time roleplayer, having close to a decade of experience across various MMOs and other platforms, and I'm excited to involve myself in the community here and sink my teeth into the roleplay. Keeping this short and to-the-point though as less of an introduction and more of an inquiry into the roleplay community, I'm trying to make a decision on which server would be more suited - Balmung or Mateus? I don't want to end up making the wrong choice, so I was hoping you guys would be willing to give me a run-down of the differences between the servers, their roleplay and how the atmosphere differs between as well as any tips and advice in general for someone coming into the roleplay scene on here blind. Thanks in advance!
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