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  1. Hello everyone! A question popped into my head that I don't really have an answer for, and I can't seem to find anything on the forums here (I might just be blind). I'd love to have your thoughts on the matter: How is raiding viewed in terms of RP or in the game's canon itself? The game's story itself seems somewhat wishy-washy on the topic. In some cases, characters mention that "Maybe the warrior of light has some friends that will help out", such as before Susano, but never really touching why these random adventurers have the gift of Hydaelyn or whatnot (understandably. Kinda tough to explain that in a lore-friendly way). Sometimes the game seems to imply that the warrior of light does it themselves. While this is a fun question, and one I'd love to hear more information on if it's out there, it's not exactly what I'm touching on. In terms of RP, I know many RPers like to raid as well as do their RP activities. Is there anyone that ties raiding into their RP in a lore-friendly way? The challenge seems to be trying to explain a fight that is a significant challenge, sometimes has big lore implications (like a major character dying), and worst of all, often needs to be repeated multiple times? Is there an explanation that makes it reasonable, like: "adventurers have been a part of expeditions on Titania's castle aimed at limiting the power of the once-lightbringer known as the Pixie King Titania. While the king was defeated by the Warrior of Light proper, efforts still need to be made by skilled adventurers to limit the power that Titania is desperately trying to reclaim, even as we speak. With every victory, Titania grows weaker, and with all hope, will never be able to reclaim the King's Throne. As a reward for these heroic deeds, the successful adventurers are rewarded with trophies proclaiming their victories." Whew. That even felt somewhat contrived to type, but I feel like it at least somewhat works? Not really though, because the Lightwarden's gone, as evidenced by the sky not being blinding, and Feo Ul is still the Fae King... Or is "raiding" just stuck with being a meta concept that is avoided in the (heavier?) world of RP, like the Warrior of Light itself, major character comparisons, and whatnot, just because it is too hard to explain in a lore-friendly way? A penny for your thoughts!
  2. The character is a Raen variant of the Au Ra - I haven't brought that up yet because I haven't had the opportunity to read about the Raen or even the Au Ra very much at all, so there's likely going to be more changes once I learn about their lore and adapt the character mold to it. Interesting to hear that names aren't too big of a deal - I figured that would be a basic auto-disqualification from any heavier RP just as a lore violation. What could be some potential ideas for explaining significant name variances like that (especially when the name doesn't seem to match ANY race's naming convention)?
  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback, and definitely thank you Valence for the more detailed history of Eorzea's wars! That was going to be another follow up question that I was going to ask in a different forum, but I think that lore summary will give me everything I need to know, at least for now. I'm not looking to go the route of Fantasia potion, seems a bit too risque for my case. Definitely good to know that I can slide into history a bit however! Alright, I'm going to try to tack on a lore question, even though this is the wrong forum for it (I'm definitely willing to make a new thread in the proper subforum if I'm straying too far off of forum etiquette): My current PC in ffxiv is an Au'Ra, so it makes the most sense to tie the character back into Doma somehow. Problem: My character's current name "Altheria Zhandri" is uh...definitely not Doman. At all. Whoops. Answer?: The name fits somewhat with Garlemalean naming schemes (though missing a middle title), and I believe we've already seen Garlemald take in members from the civilizations they've conquered and "uplifting" them (though I can't remember the uplifted changing names). Regardless, though contrived, I think I might be able to explain that problem away: Taken from family at early age, given new name, defected once grown, wanted to drop the middle title. Contrived, but not technically lore-breaking, as far as I'm aware. Question: ...did Garlemald even know of Doma's existence prior to their invasion 6 years ago, or have any interest in them whatsoever? It would be hard to use that as an explanation if Garlemald had never... been there before that point, lol. Is this getting too contrived at this point? Does the name/country of origin matter that much? Is a name change to something more Doman just significantly easier? Again everyone, thanks for your help!
  4. Hello everyone! Sorry if my questions are out of place or silly, I'm still learning when it comes to character design/RP. I've been fishing around for ways to design (or re-design) characters to fit more in the realms of FFXIV lore. I've started to read up on the (surprisingly vast) lore of FFXIV, and while I still have a long way to go in that regard, I've stumbled on a potential problem that I'd like to ask how RPers who have more experience then me (spoiler warning: it's everyone here lol). So I'm looking at making a character with a Martial background - but I feel like that runs into a potential problem: For a character to have experience in warfare, they have to have been in a war. Served in an army. Have superiors, possibly even subordinates. This seems hard to make friendly in terms of an existing universe. If the character has any notable power at all (like, for example, any of the Disciples of War jobs), I would find it hard to imagine that they'd just be ignored on the battlefield. Not to mention that existing characters, other soldiers, etc never mentioning them would be unusual. "So you're telling me 'x' person served under 'x' general and fought in 'x' war and did 'x' notable thing and nobody ever heard about it? They commanded people that never mentioned them again? That general doesn't even seem to remember them anymore?" TLDR: How do you give someone a backstory involving war when war seems to be fairly well documented in this universe? How can one explain the absence in history of a character with notable abilities without them just being outcasts or something?
  5. Hello everyone! Sorry in advance if this one is slightly longer then some, I have a habit for writing essays on forums, whoops. How's it goin? I'm Arigaaz. I've spent a fair amount of time previously playing World of Warcraft, and just recently got into FFXIV. I was looking for a MMO with a better story then WoW has, or at least one that was I was more interested in. I felt like playing WoW was starting to feel like "going through the motions" - I found it hard to care about much in the game because it all just felt like routine. Do your dailies, kill your bosses, go to sleep, do it again. Exploring the game had lost it's fun. So I tried playing something new - went to RIFT, Wildstar, ESO, Blade and Soul, and a few others. I got the same feelings from all of them - it was just going through the same motions in a different world. I felt like one of the reasons I couldn't get into them was because I didn't have a reason to care, or any immersion to speak of. I was never into the stories, and I was always just playing the character and race combinations that was the most effective, rather then something I actually liked or cared about. So I tried out FFXIV, which I heard had a better story - but why stop there, I thought? If I'm going to care about my character in a RPG, it better be a character that I know the personality of, a character that I've played in D&D before. During every story interaction, I'd think "What would this character say to these people? How would they respond? Would the actions that are occurring in the story still be happening if it was my character here rather then this voiceless protagonist?" And you know what? It did the trick. I was fully immersed in the story and cared about how my character was going to progress in it. It took the same things that I've done in other MMOs and made me think "Should I take up goldsmithing? What would <character> do?", which was a lot of fun for me. This begged the question for me: "Well? If roleplaying this character made the game more enjoyable, why not explore the idea further"...so here I am. Never RPed outside of a game of D&D before, but I'm curious. Maybe, just maybe, it'd be something I can enjoy, rather then something that I've dodged when people have asked me about it before. Here's some brief answers to the template (I'll shut up soon I promise) MMORPG background Played RIFT, ESO, Blade and Soul, Wildstar, and others that only kinda count like PoE, D3, D2, etc. Most of my experience is in WoW - I was indirectly involved in a server first raid, more directly involved in a number of horde first raids during LK and Cata on my (admittedly not great) server. RP experience Very, VERY little. I've played D&D before, and designed a world (which I always preferred to making shorter campaigns) and a number of characters for it. Thaaat's about it. Other people I know online were somewhat into ERP, which is a pretty hard pass for me. Might have been what scared me off of it for so long. Character ideas/info The characters from my D&D campaign that I spent the most time on were a set of characters that I think in hindsight were based on portions of my own personality, extended into their own characters and given stories from there. There are a number of them I could theoretically expand on and RP as, if necessary. The character that I currently am playing in FFXIV represents my character "Altheria" - I'll try to summarize (I feel like I'm presenting my grade school project to professors, haha) - Daughter of a well-known warlord who didn't have the same blood thirst, even though she was expected and trained to follow in her father's footsteps. Quickly labeled as a weakling and a disgrace to her clan, she found refuge in the church, having a surprising natural affinity for healing magics. She admired what the church did in terms of helping the less fortunate, and took her warrior training and combined it with her newfound talent to become a Paladin and fight for the other 'weaklings' that the world cast down before they could show who they truly are... I feel like I could write a ton of backstory on this particular character. No promises that it wouldn't suck, but I mean, I'm not an author, haha. How did you learn about the coalition? Googled "FFXIV RP". You guys are one of the first that comes up - nice SEO. What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) Probably "light", based on what I've read on other threads here on the forum. While I definitely like the idea of exploring what my character does in between adventures, raids, dungeons, whatnot, and the interactions with other adventurers (which kinda teases the day-to-day life thing), I'd probably like to keep my roleplay rooted in the game itself...I think. Never done it before, so I don't know for sure! I couldn't imagine quitting raiding or disregarding my character's in-game class, however, which was listed as characteristics of heavier RP. Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) I'm sure I've talked your ears off already, so I won't go on too much further. Uh, I play Magic the Gathering and work as a Sysadmin? So uh...any questions? I'm curious to see if there are FCs out there that have a focus on raiding, but maybe have a RP subfocus, or have a tolerance for the more light RP/experimentation that I'd bring. Any questions or tips for me, or direction on where I should go next?
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