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  1. Hey there! Thanks for clicking on my thread! I am returning after a very long hiatus and am looking to get back into the swing of things. I have two characters I roleplay and was looking to find some friends (or even enemies) for both. First, there is Ari Kagon: Ari is a very kind and gentle Kagon Au Ra. She is very intelligent and spends most of her time with her nose buried in books. Despite her book-smarts, she can be very oblivious when it comes to certain social norms and is somewhat deficient in street-smarts. She clings to tradition and is resistant to change which can make her a little stubborn at times. Overall, she's pretty fun and quirky. Next, we have Erel (aka Gloria Wilde): Almost no one knows Gloria as "Erel". Only those who take some time to develop a story-line with her will come to know her as such (and for good reason I won't go into here). She is very secretive and manipulative, going to extremes to meet her own personal goals without much regard for others. She can be very charming though if it suits the situation. *Note: This character is generally for people who prefer a darker story-line and are okay with suggestive content ((Not ERP, but still suggestive)). Both my characters are connected through a story (though either would be a blast to play on their own). I really hope to find people to have a good time with, whichever spectrum of RP is preferred. If anyone is interested, I am on during the week and would be willing to do stuff then. Also, I am in the market for an FC which would align with either or both characters!
  2. A while ago, I had a couple commissions done by Aegir and I wanted to share the ultimate finished product. I made a published book of my very close friend's IC character and his brother who carried a little journal around. I would like to thank Aegir SO VERY MUCH for his time and work to make this project possible. My friend's jaw was literally on the floor when he got it and he thanks you as well! ~Ari~
  3. Ari seems to forget personal boundaries when intoxicated.
  4. Just had an insanely fun RP session where I got the ever loving Sugar Honey Iced Tea beat out of my character due to bad dice rolls. This pretty much summed up the luck (or lack of) I was having. How would you describe your biggest defeat (or biggest victory) at the hands of RNG??
  5. ...I'll just go and think about what I've done now...
  6. As cool as that sounds, it's not the one I was looking for. It was a LS comprised of both Voidsent RPers and Voidsent Hunters, this one seems to be dedicated to just the hunters. I am fairly sure it was pretty new, I saw the recruitment for it in Shout and joined. I also checked the Linkshells to see if any sounded like it but none seemed to fit. Thanks for the help anyway!
  7. I recently joined a LS for Voidsent and Voidsent Hunters, as well as a separate LS for Voidsent RPers but I had to be offline for a few days due to a move. I was sure to communicate this to one of the leaders of the LS before I would be offline, but it seems I have been removed while gone due to inactivity. I don't really remember the name of the person(s) running the LS so, hopefully someone sees this who knows what/ who I'm talking about. I was really looking forward to being apart of this and would like to rejoin. If anyone can help me out, it would be most appreciated.
  8. [align=center]You mean that isn't a watermelon? [/align] I LOVE the Watermelezen!
  9. 1. Wind-up Shiva 2. Plush cushion Minion 3. Wind- up Leviathan 4. Stuffed Mandragora Queen 5. Orchestron 6. Tox box 7. Extortioner's Set (Female) 8. High House Cloche You guys are awesome for putting this together every month!
  10. Somehow I feel like you and my boyfriend would get along really well...
  11. As someone who worked their hands to the bone for months grinding enough gil to help buy an FC home, (especially with the insane amount of money people are asking to relinquish plots), I fully support this. Everyone has a right and should have the privilege of having their own little place to call home. Please be kind to one another. If you have a place already, think of those who work so hard just to enjoy that aspect of the game.
  12. is this still a thing? If so, I'd love to be apart of it!
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