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  1. Hello everyone, I have an army of characters which I use to play way more with friends rather than randomly in quicksands, as I'm more plot-driven and motivated by characters building. As a matter of fact, I'm looking for connections for these characters to have new stories to play. My alts' BG can also be adapted to your plots needs when there is no wikipage for them (you may read these in my signature at the end of this post if interested). I also have 2-3 characters whitout BG yet marked as "TBD", so they could totally be used to support your BG construction should you need some IC relation. Here is the list. They are all in Balmung and I sometimes use the aesthetician to modify the features of the same avatar for more alts! [align=center]Main Characters[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=left] [/align] [align=left] [/align] [align=center]Alt Characters[/align] Please do not hesitate to send me PMs and contact me on La Pacificatrice or La' Pacificatrice. I also have skype if you have a hard time finding me online. Thank you, looking forward to meet you IG!
  2. Hello everyone, My friend Aelfred and I were planning on organizing an IC RP wedding for our characters. The thing is...it's A GARLEAN WEDDING !
  3. Hello everyone, I'd like to make a quick survey on the game's usability for personnal review! May you help me by sharing your experience and opinion on the game's gameplay? :love: Negative feedback Did you experienced any difficulties when you started playing the game? Is it still the case with your experience so far? Why? Did you have (and still have) troubles to handle some things specifically? Is there something you would have never understand at all if people would not have told you? Positive feedback What do you find useful in your experience of the game? Why? Is there something you can think of which helps you a great deal in your activities and/or is very comfortable to have? Are there things you find particularly intuitive and quick to handle? Just one example among these questions is already great! Thank you all!
  4. I would be more interested by a RP LS (not an OOC LS) to get in touch with garlean players and try to connect PCs for plots, but maybe that's just me I hope I'll be able to meet you guys at some point. I plan to stay online all night today to be available in your time-zone, so feel free to throw an invite!
  5. Hello there, Maybe my character, Meifeng, could fit in what you're looking for, as she is -loyal- but not because she truly believes in Garlemald, more because she thinks she has no choice left but submit to their will, being an othardian "refugee". Although she hates how she is treated and the Empire's means, she is torn apart between her loyalty towards her people, who were unfortunately labeled as rebel sympathizers, and her desire to see a world at peace in which she earned her freedom. It's her 6th year of service so she's not a citizen yet, and works as a spy/assassin for Garlemald. I'm currently looking for more garlean connections, as so far I only been a contrasted antagonist for people fighting the Empire. I also created a Garlean NPC if that can help but I'm not yet comfortable lore-wise to play an officer for PC plots. Might take some time. Oh and, by the way, I love playing with Koharu, so maybe we could figure out something
  6. Unfortunately, no, the LS has been deleted. But I'm still evil by heart, don't hesitate to poke me IG for dark themes rps anytime : ) I've got several villains charas for several different type of evil adventures
  7. I currently play a garlean shadow (Mei') who could work either on getting her back into the Empire or trying to prevent her miraculous freedom to be taken over once more, depending on the relationship she could have with your chara and the context of the situation, or the orders she could receive to prevent a garlean who served for 15 years to give information to the enemy. All up to you! Don't hesitate to contact me by PM or IG for furthermore details : )
  8. Meifeng As the person leaned towards her, the woman slightly turned her face to give the impression she would seek her lips, looking straight into her eyes with an enthralling confidence. Like an ice queen, her features remained steeled, narrowing her eyes as her lips get closer, only to prevent them to actually lend the unwanted kiss. The person would feel the cold embrace of metal on her throat, sharp blade slightly cutting the skin just enough to make some blood pearls and runs over it. "I think you might want to reconsider..." Mei' would whisper with a cold yet amused tone. Ophelia The kid eyes sparkled when receiving the kiss. Although her cheeks felt cold for the person, the illusion of blushing was perfect! The little blonde-haired girl suddenly clapped both her hand on her cheeks, embrassed and nervous. "HAAA!" she cried, blinking, pinching her lips, before shyly smiling at the person. "I-I..." she throws herself into the person's arms and nestles against her. "I want to be your friend forever too!" Aesmir As the person kissed her, the blind woman suddenly felt her cheeks turned red. That was highly unexpected. Feelings she never experienced left her a bit shaken as she pondered on what just happened and why. This was very embarassing...especially that she had no idea who just kissed her. "Er..I...I am truly..honoured but...w-why would you do that..?" she asked, completly taken aback. Vayne (If male) As the person suddenly reached for her cheek, the self-confident and arrogant pirate froze, her words dying on her lips like joy drained into the Void. Silence. And then it was like a thunderstorm exploding in a clear sky. Clenching on the person's clothes, her fist was quick to find its way into her face. If nothing stopped her she would punch, again, and again, and again, features torned with hatred and disgust, no stopping untill her clothes would be tainted with blood, no matter how hard the person will try to fight back, no matter how loud she would scream. That disgusting pig has to be wiped off her life. (If female) As the person reached for her cheek, the pirate blinked, freezing. She diverted a cold gaze on the person, as if she was about to rip her heart off her chest. After a moment of silence, looking up the person, she would pull her closer, fingers slowly reaching for the person's chin, looking in her eyes intently. "I will give you what you want." ____ But in any case, OOC I would think that rather cute in most of the occasions, funny in some other ones considering the characters I play, and completly diabolical depending on who does it and why Had much fun reading your charas reactions anyway : )
  9. Hello Alion, One of my alt, Mei', is working for a centurion as a spy/assassin. It was never her choice to end up like this, as she was borned in Othard and faced the consequences of the rebellion. Although she learnt the values of Garlemald, and can understand their reasons, she hates their methods. Being the victim of a terrible pressure, she has spent enough years under garlean control to lose hope of being "free" and follows orders submissively. She could be a contact for your imperial, if you have ideas in mind. Considering she cannot be seen as a citizen of the Empire, she would be under his authority (as long as it does not go against her current superior's orders). Don't hesitate to contact me on [La Pacificatrice] if interested : )
  10. I have a dark knight alt (Aesmir) who could act as an antagonist for your character, maybe. She is a blind traveller and thinks it is her duty to help people as best as possible wherever she goes, so she could try to stop his criminal activities with hope to guide him on a "better path".
  11. Bumping, as I came back from holidays =D @KoharuIyashi: You turned off PM reception, so I could not reply. If you read this, I'm interested, don't hesitate to go back to me here or IG : )
  12. Hello there! If you are still looking for connections, I'm playing an alt linked to the Empire named Meifeng (if you want to avoid spoilers don't read Mei' wiki infos, + it's still wip as I'm digging into lore). She only answers to the orders of a Centurion using her as an assassin/spy for the Empire but could be "borrowed" or forced to work with troopers for a specific mission. Up to you if you want to talk about it and see if Mei' can support your plots. Don't hesitate to send a MP or contact me IG on "La Pacificatrice" :thumbsup:
  13. Hello everyone! I am currently looking for connections for one of my alt, Aesmir Rougelame. You can read her wikipage here (wip, old chara I was playing on another servor, need some changes lore-wise). Short version: > Aesmir is a blind wandering traveller. She grew up in the Brume, became a soldier at a very young age. > She was casted away from the army when she was cursed and became blind when trying to stop a void mage in his madness. > She stood for a fallen paladin named Tergan who saved her life, and somehow avoided him to be executed. She became her apprentice and spent 10 years travelling all over the world with him, untill he died protecting doman refugees. > Just like her master was, she is a dark knight, although this is not something she would openly reveal, hiding the darkness deep within. She's an altruit living only to spread justice in all its forms. What I am looking for Background connections: * People who knew her master, Tergan Kael. Be it ennemies who wanted him to be executed, old paladins, people he saved or people he met in different circumstances. * Void or black mages with a taste for aweful horrifying gory experiments. Maybe even the one who cursed her to be forever blind, and literaly butchered her friends in an insane display. * Ishgardian soldiers she fought with when she was younger (14-17yo, meaning ten years ago). Be it people who despised her because of her lowborn hyur rank, or people who valued her for standing true to her duties in the western highlands. Other connections: * People who would offer shelter and food in exchange for any service she could provide. Aesmir is a hard worker and despite being blind she's quite able to do a lot of jobs: fetching food, hunting, doing laundry, giving food to chocobos, be a housemaid, escorting people, defending them if needed... Almost anything is fine with her. * People who would like to have a dark knight bugging their evil projects. * People who would need help to protect them. * Other dark knights or people seeking help to harness their inner darkness. [align=center]~*~[/align] Importants things you should know: > I'm playing alts on my only one character on Balmung using the magic of aestheticians/ You can contact me anytime IG on La Pacificatrice. [align=justify]> I'm in UTC+2 time-zone and working on week days. Basically, ifyou can't be online before 8 PMEST the only way for me to rp with you would be on week-ends.[/align] > I'm not an english native, Ican make language mistakes and feel free to inform me if I do : ) > I'm always looking for lore coherency andinformation, do not hesitate to teach me a few things, I'm interested. > I'll be away with no internet access untill sunday 08/28. ~*~ Thank you for reading! Feel free to /tell me or PM me to make our characters meet. I'll look forward to it!
  14. I think we bumped into the same persons recently then. It seems there are a lot of drama-trolls making voidsent characters hard to be taken seriously. This saddens me : ( I hope we can go on with our little plot someday o/
  15. I'm playing a 10yo hyur kid (apparently). Let's be friends and bug the grown-up!
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